Are you a part of the Thank You Revolution yet? If so, you are part of a dying breed. And also a very noticeable and profitable breed. You stand out…big time.

The Thank You Revolution by Matt McWilliams
If you join the Thank You Revolution, you will stand out. You will reap the rewards. (Tweet That)

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One of my readers, Jana Botkin, recently sent me an article from CBS Local News in Minneapolis entitled, Are Hand-Written Thank You Notes Extinct?

Here is one excerpt that got me really excited:

Temp firm Accountemps did a survey of HR managers and found the most common way they get a thanks for a job interview is email — 62 percent.

Another 23 percent said thank you over the phone. As for a hand-written note, it was 13 percent.

When those same people were asked what is the appropriate way to say thanks, 87 percent said email, 81 percent said phone, 38 percent said hand-written note, 27 percent said social media and 10 percent said text.

Do you know why that got me so excited?

Because it’s great news for Revolutionaries. It’s great news for people who do write them.

The 13%

If you’re in the hunt for a job, you are in the 13% writing notes. That means you have a much greater chance of landing the job.

And it doesn’t just apply to jobs. It applies to potential clients, vendors, and anyone you want to have a positive influence on.

62% only emailed. EMAIL! Seriously, they emailed to say thanks. That is depressing in one sense, but great news for the rest of us. We have a leg up on 62% of the population. They never stand a chance.

Four reasons

Minneapolis etiquette expert Liz Taylor may not have officially joined the Revolution (Liz, if you read this, we’d love to have you!) but she is definitely a Revolutionary at heart.

She loves thank you notes for four reasons:

No. 1, it’s personal. No. 2, it makes people feel good. No. 3, it’s an easy way to make a favorable impression. But, above and beyond anything, it’s common courtesy.

A common courtesy.

Apparently, it’s not so common anymore.

And that is exactly why you…that’s right I’m talking directly to you now…need to join the Revolution if you haven’t already. And if you have, you need to kick it up a notch.

The more I write them, the more powerful they become. The more notes I send, the more my income increases. The more I write, the more thankful I am, which has all sorts of side benefits.

If you join the Revolution, you will stand out. You will reap the rewards. You will achieve more than you ever thought imaginable.

Join today

If you have joined, what has been the biggest benefit so far? How have you stood out?

6 thoughts on “Thank You Notes for Job Interviews

  1. Jon Stolpe says:

    Matt, it’s been like a very slow ripple as the gratitude as spread throughout the “pond” of my office. I think it could take a long time to truly know the impact, but I know it’s making a difference.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Slow ripple is still a ripple. I seem to go in phases. I’ll write a few and see huge results. Then a few more and nothing. Then repeat.

  2. Just did an all day training on recognizing your staff and wish I had this info before. Next time.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Better late than never 🙂

  3. Charly Priest says:

    I can thank you through this comment. You always have some useful advice that I personally can learn from and apply it or try as hard to apply it to my own life. So thank you Mr. Williams.

    P.S. On a side note, if I´m increasing your benefits by saying this I won´t be offended if you shared some of the profits with me.

  4. Tom Dixon says:

    I tell my coaching clients all the time to send that thank-you after the job interview. You can even go one more than that and include a follow up resource or article related to a topic you discussed…yea really, it’s okay to try to solve a problem before you work there. Great stuff, Matt!

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