How it All Began | Failing Forward by Matt McWilliams

Our greatest lessons come from studying our own history.  One year ago today, I launched this blog for exactly that reason. My life, my failures, my successes, my heartaches and my triumphs are all a part of my learning. And I get to share them all with you.


The great thing about present failure is that it leads to future success. (Click to Tweet)

I’ve since learned that my declaration that “I am a failure,” made in that maiden post was wrong. I am not, nor will I ever be a failure. But my life is full of failings. And the great thing about present failure is that it leads to future success.

If you’re new here, this is how it started. This is what my blog is all about:

Beginnings (Or…The Declarations of a Failure)

I am a failure.

And I am not ashamed or discouraged by that fact. I recently learned the art of failing forward. I realized that my life is a textbook, a history book of its own. And much like we learn from studying the history of others, our greatest lessons come from studying our own history.

I am a failure in life. Life is a pretty big deal, you know. And I have repeatedly failed at it.

“It” is not so easily defined but when I looked at what defines a life I came up with only three aspects: influence, impact, and integrity.

Do others follow me? Have I led others in the right direction? How have I used my influence?

Have I inspired those around me? Have I left my mark on the world and am I leaving a legacy? Have I made an impact?

Have I remained honest and faithful to my Creator? Have I stayed true to my beliefs? Have I maintained my integrity, come hell or high water?

I am sure there is more to life than those three things, but for me those are the core of my being and the reason for my existence.

Life, Leadership, and Love. Those are my major areas of experience and failure and the focus of this blog.

I have started three businesses of my own, worked for many others, and even been fired by my own father. I have been to the top, to the bottom, and spent countless hours trying to figure how to get to the one and avoid the other. I have held trophies and awards with the same hands that have been handcuffed.

I am a follower of the One who made me and the One who saved me first, a husband to an infinitely patient and faithful wife second, and a father to an adorable daughter third. Beyond that I am a lover of business, marketing, leadership, and learning. I am enamored with the pursuit of personal growth, influencing others, and changing the world. One business, one husband, one father, one leader at a time.

Welcome to a journey of discovery. Of life. Of leadership. Of love. Learned the hard way.

How have you found success in learning from your failures?

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