The #1 Cause of Student Loan Debt is Bad Parenting says Dave Ramsey

This was a message that I cheered loudly…in my own house. Dave Ramsey’s topic is student loan debt, but the underlying message is all about leadership. His advice can apply to any aspect of leadership, as a parent or in the workplace.

Loving your children sometimes means helping them avoid stupid decisions. (Tweet That) | Share on Facebook

Loving your children or those who work with you means guiding them well. And that means helping them avoid stupid decisions, even when it sometimes means using veto power or giving them a swift kick in the butt.

Massive student loan debt is one of many things which can be classified as life-altering. I cringe when I hear about people who have $200,000 in debt making $35,000 a year. By definition, that’s dumb. (Not you…the decision…and trust me, I’ve made plenty of them myself)

By all means, give your team and your children freedom to make mistakes. Let them fail. Just don’t let them go through fatal failures.

Love them enough to not let them be stupid.

Question: How can you love those you lead better today? What do you need to “get tough about?” You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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