Comedian Bob Smiley recently Tweeted: “Why does Soy Sauce & pancake syrup come in practically the same bottle? Ruined my pancakes & my morning.” He attached the accompanying picture on the right.

Soy Sauce Pancakes
When life gives you soy sauce pancakes, make Moo Shoo Pork.
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I say when life gives you soy sauce pancakes, make Moo Shoo Pork.

When you make a mistake, sometimes you have to run with it my friend. Trying to soak up the soy sauce won’t work. Trying to eat it as is won’t work, but from the mistake, you can make an entirely new creation…and have lunch ready hours in advance.

Sometimes you have to fix your mistake, but often you will find that the mistake just led you down a different path. Some of our greatest inventions and discoveries came from mistakes.

Allow your mistakes to lead you. See where they take you. Don’t be in a rush to correct, but be willing to embrace your mistakes.

Learning from your mistakes is great. Taking advantage of them is even better.

What mistakes have you made that you embraced and led to great outcomes?

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Motivation: Soy Sauce Pancakes

  1. Jon Stolpe says:

    It’s ThankYouThursday! Hope you’re having a great day. Thanks for an amusing post this morning. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in the past. When did one lead to a great outcome? I can’t think of a specific, but I know it’s happened in my culinary world, in my family, and in my job.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Happy Thank You Thursday Jon!

  2. Aaron Nelson says:

    “Learning from your mistakes is great. Taking advantage of them is even better.” That’s a great line!

    Totally agree with you Matt – mistakes should be used whenever possible to fuel you forward. (Not making the same mistake again, hopefully. )

    I recently made a communication mistake – not communicating. This happens to me from time to time – that I get so busy that I forget to reply to someone’s mail or something. Anyway, I recently did this (not on purpose) to a new team member.

    Bad mistake. She thought I was not interested in working with her anymore. (What!?? ) And she even went so far as to offer to resign.

    After kicking myself firmly in the behind, I proceeded to fix my mistake with a heartfelt apology, explanation as to what had really happened, and an invitation: if you notice that I’ve not replied to you, reach out to me again with a reminder.

    How I’m running with my mistake:
    1. I’m showing my team that I’m human and make mistakes. I want them to feel they can approach me for that. (Some of my closest team members still feel shy to do that….so funny.)

    2. I’m working hard to be better by replying as soon as I see a mail from a team member. I think it was Tim Sanders on a Entreleadership podcast who said: replying to e-mails is part of his ministry. Like that.

    Thanks for the post Matt. You rock.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      I love this Aaron. Thank you for sharing!

      Keep up the good work man. And yes it was Tim Sanders (love that guy!)

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