What Our 3-Year Old Taught Me About Speaking Life Into Others

As a parent, I’ve never felt more helpless than I did last Thursday. Sitting in the ER watching the nurses inject the anesthetic into our daughter’s head, trying to do what little I could to comfort her, but there was nothing I could do.

What Our 3-Year Old Taught Me About Speaking Life Into Others

Only an hour before, she’d been playing and enjoying her day. Now, after falling and splitting the back of her head open, she was exposed to a previously unknown level of pain. She reacted like you would expect a three-year old to react: She cried and resisted.

That’s when a kind and gentle nurse named Gina came in. She wasn’t fake as the previous nurse had been. Aracelli can see right through that. But she was genuinely nice and helped Aracelli to calm down. Just moments later, she was all stapled up and ready to go home. What happened next spoke life into Gina.

Leaving the ER

As we were leaving the ER, Aracelli looked over the nurses’ counter and said to the kind, gentle nurse:

“You’re such a nice girl.”

Five simple words. That was all.

“Thank you” would have sufficed. “I appreciate your help” would have worked. But instead she complimented her very character. She spoke life into her.

Gina’s face lit up and so did that of others around her. And as we left, some of the shock of the day wore off. My face, too, lit up.

I believe that something on the inside of that nurse came alive in that moment. I believe that five simple words from a three-year old could be life changing.

Best Day Ever

Just a day earlier, while on a call with my friend, Mark Sieverkropp, Aracelli walked into my office. As is often the case, Aracelli wanted to say hello to Mark. At the end of their brief conversation, she told Mark something that spoke life into him.

Here’s how Mark puts it:

When is the last time you told someone that talking to them made it your best day ever? Or even that it was awesome to talk with them? When is the last time you said that to someone you hardly know?

Losing our Filter

The reason why Aracelli was able to speak life into that nurse and into Mark is that she hasn’t developed the filter that most of us have that says:

  • Don’t say anything weird.
  • I’m not eloquent.
  • I don’t know what to say.
  • Will they think I’m up to something?

Aracelli doesn’t have that filter yet. Lacking that filter is what allows her to speak life into others with powerful, yet simple words.

Resolve today not to let these moments pass you by. Don’t waste those moments when you could speak life into someone. Here are five ways to speak life into others.

5 Ways to Speak Life into Others

  1. When someone serves with excellence, make it a point to genuinely compliment him or her.
  2. When someone helps you, make it a point to share with him exactly how he helped you and what that meant to you.
  3. Take the time to write thank you notes. Go into detail about what that person means to you.
  4. Compliment others freely. Don’t hold anything back.
  5. Offer a genuine smile. (Learn how to smile more)

Don’t hold back.

Don’t give into the filter.

Don’t miss the chance to change someone’s life and ultimately change the world.

Don’t miss the blessing that comes to you and to others.

Speak life into someone today.

Question: How will you speak life into someone else today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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