Interview with Brian Church, Author of Relationship Momentum

What is the secret to making ideas move?

That is the exact question that Brian Church, the author of the book Relationship Momentum, and I discuss in a recent interview I recorded with him. Brian was kind enough to join me for an interview and we covered the basic premises of his book. If you missed his post yesterday, The Secret to Creating Relational Movement for You and Others, it will give you a bit of a preview as well.

You can listen here:




Also, make sure to check out his book. It will change your view of networking forever.

Relationship Momentum by Brian Church on Amazon

Question: What is your biggest struggle with networking?

Secret to Creating Relational Movement for You & Others | Brian Church

When you network, are you building an army of loyal supporters or just collecting cards?

That is the central question that Brian Church asks in his book, Relationship Momentum.

I had the opportunity to talk at length with Brian recently about his book and about how to network better. Brian Church is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the consulting firm Ambassadors International. Brian’s book, Relationship Momentum is about the secret to making ideas and initiatives move. As I told Brian, his book is more in-depth and scientific than most I read (translation: he uses a lot of big words). He agreed. But, I feel like it’s a book that must be read to shift your view of what networking is and isn’t. Stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with Brian that I know you will enjoy and learn from. Subscribe to my RSS feed or get posts via email (and get my free book as a bonus) so you don’t miss it.

Today, I’ve asked Brian to share his secret for creating relational movement with you. Take it away Brian…

Brian Church on Relationship Momentum

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