Episode 088: The 3 Reasons You Can’t Lead Alone

The Myth of the Solitary Leader

When you think of a leader, what do you think of? Do you think of Bill Gates secluding himself in a cabin for a week to think big things. A solitary leader who single-handedly uses his genius to solve every problem, launch every new initiative, and change the world? Well, in today’s episode we’re going to hang up your superman cape and share the 3 reasons that you can’t lead alone.

The 3 Reasons You Can't Lead Alone

Everywhere we look there are leaders being held up as single-handedly taking on the world and fearlessly leading their companies to record profits and accolades. Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Jack Welch, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates. Society tries to tell us that these leaders lead fearlessly and lead alone. But the truth is actually very different.

Who Says We Have to Wait? Gracie Schram “We are the Change”

There are approximately 1,000,000 reasons to wait to change the world. 1,000,000 reasons to wait to go after your dreams. 1,000,000 reasons to stay in a crappy job, wait to write that book, or put off launching your business. And one big reason to do it now.

That one reason is that if you don’t do it now, you likely never will.

The one thing all great leaders have in common

The most common characteristic among every world changing leader throughout history is that they took immediate and decisive action.

It’s not good looks, a great family, wealth, intelligence, connections, or even the ability to focus. They took action.

Sometimes that meant they were wrong. And what did they do? They took another immediate and decisive action. When great leaders make bad decisions, they make another decision.

Personal Growth Means Tough Decisions | Choosing Friends Wisely

When you choose to grow, what becomes of the relationships of the “old you?”

If I know one thing about you, it’s that you are growing. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. And when you choose personal growth, it will mean making tough decisions like:

Who do I hang out with?

Who do I talk to at the water cooler?

What do I talk about at the family reunion?

And the process can be very painful at times. But you will get through it. Let me tell you how.

Tough Decision

I received an email from a friend recently that sparked this post. In fact, it initially sparked my own internal debate that raged inside of me.

Leaders Make Painful Decisions

Sometimes, leadership means making painful decisions. Yesterday I wrote about painful generosity; how great leaders cannot be greedy. Leaders must give even when it hurts. Leaders also make decisions that hurt, when they are the right decisions to make. I recently went to a birthday dinner at a restaurant here in Fort Wayne that resulted […]