The Best Time to Exercise (Or to do Anything Important)

Creating Your Own Routine for Success

What is the best time to exercise? That one question has stopped more people from getting healthy than just about anything else. It’s a question that has such a simple answer, too. And it applies to so much more than exercising. What is the best time to do anything important? That’s today’s topic.

The Best Time to Exercise (Or to do Anything Important)

There is a trend that I’ve noticed lately among fellow bloggers and podcasters involving sharing their morning routine. I appreciate the intention behind this, but it leads to the inherent problem of their readers and listeners trying to copy their routine.

11 Ways to Fight Fatigue and Push Your Limits

It’s that time of year for many of us. We’re trying to hit our year end goals, it’s cold and flu season, the days are darker and colder, and for people like my retail clients and me, it’s just plain busy. So how do you push yourself and not suffer the consequences? I share exactly how to do that in today’s episode.


I pushed myself to the brink of disaster.

I woke up Christmas morning exhausted, sick, and fifteen pounds heavier than I was two months before. I was at the tail end of a seven-week marathon of ninety-hour workweeks and my body and mind were paying the price.

By Christmas morning, I was mentally and physically fatigued. I had a horrible cold that lasted far too long, and my pants didn’t fit very well. I was an absolute mess.

Sometimes you have to push. That is a fact of life. There are times that call for extra effort, extra focus, and extra hours. But when you do, it doesn’t mean that your body has to end up in shambles.

Today I share 11 things I learned during that rough time and what I am doing differently now.

6 Familiar Signs of Fatigue and What to do About Them

Have you ever pushed yourself to the brink of disaster?

You’ve worked so hard for so long. Fatigue takes over. Sickness ensues.

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I’ve been there. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Fourth Quarter

I woke up Christmas morning 2012 completely exhausted. I felt sick, I’d gained fifteen pounds in less than two months and I didn’t want to get out of bed…ever. Was this really how I was supposed to feel on Christmas morning? Our daughter’s second Christmas…she was so excited…and I was a mess.

For the previous seven weeks, I strung together a series of 10 to 12-hour days. Day after day, with (thankfully) only Sundays off. I was now at the end of this nightmare stretch and my mind and body had paid the price.

How to Boost Your Productivity to Uncharted Levels – These 10 Ways

What if you could magically have an extra half hour or more to yourself or with family each day?

And what if you could increase your productivity by as much as 50% at the same time?

Boost Productivity
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Does that sound like something you’d like? I know it sounds unrealistic, but it’s entirely possible. Let me show you how.

Before we go any further, let me make something very clear. Not one of these 10 tips is a magical productivity bullet. There is no such thing.

Let me also be clear that this list comes from my own personal experience struggling to stay focused and meet deadlines. Each of these works for me, but some of them might not be ideal for you. If you implement a good number of them, though, you really can find yourself spending less time at work and getting more done.

10 ways to boost your productivity…today

1. Realize this first

Before you apply any productivity hacks or new routines, first realize and acknowledge to yourself that you will never, I repeat never, accomplish everything in one day that you need to.

How to Retain More of What you Read

Thinking of sitting down with a good book that you want to learn from?

Let me tell you why that may not be a good idea.

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My trainer was running late for our first appointment.

I didn’t want to just sit around and get cold, so I paced my living room and I read Proverbs. The entire book.

And I remembered much of it. I made a mental note that I unfortunately forgot about for the next six years. That mental note said:

We retain more of what we read when we are active.

Fear as a Motivator | Does it Work vs. a Positive Outcome Focus?

Fear can sometimes be a great motivator, but it can often be the great paralyzer.

Fear as a motivator

I recently wrote about fear-based leadership as being one of the three greatest downfalls of a leader. I received comments like this:

One thing I have seen a lot, and have experience with as well, is having the fear of losing your job hanging over your head. Leaders falsely think that it motivates people, but that kind of fear just paralyzes them.

I agree with that statement. Most leaders mistakenly think fear is an effective way to motivate people, and it can be. But only occasionally and only for the short-term. Frequent and long-term fear does paralyze people and nine times out of ten, it leads to the exact opposite of the desired result.

Change Your Mirror | Positive Visualization & Self-Image

What do you see when you look at yourself?

Poor Self-Image

Do you see someone who is successful, talented, and personable?

Do you see someone who is creative, energetic, and attractive?

Do you see yourself as a necessary part of the team? As a necessary part of the world?

Or do you see yourself as unproductive, mediocre, ugly, unneeded, or a myriad of other negative things?

Sometimes what you see in yourself is due only to a poor reflection.