The Gift of Pain

Have you ever suffered from Mental Leprosy?

Have you ever pushed down pain to the point that you could no longer feel? Or pushed fear down to the point where you could no longer conceive of doing what you fear? Or allowed potential discomfort to paralyze you?

I have.

The Gift of Pain and Discomfort - Child Getting Shot

Here are three examples:

Example 1:

I’ve allowed my frustration (pain) with a team member who was constantly late to reach the point where I felt like I could do nothing, that I was stuck with him on the team. It reached the point where I forgot how frustrated I was. I no longer saw his faults. I no longer felt the pain. And my team suffered as a result.

Leaders Make Painful Decisions

Sometimes, leadership means making painful decisions. Yesterday I wrote about painful generosity; how great leaders cannot be greedy. Leaders must give even when it hurts. Leaders also make decisions that hurt, when they are the right decisions to make. I recently went to a birthday dinner at a restaurant here in Fort Wayne that resulted […]