Only Those Who Risk Going Too Far | Quote from T.S. Eliot

Your limits are not naturally defined.

mid-week-motivationYou allow others to define our limits. You live a life controlled by the words of others. By the fears of others. By the abandoned dreams of others.

By your parents.

By your teachers.

By yourself because we never dare to risk going to far.

Most people never find out just how far they can go. And…it’s sad. They live a life of impotence, fear, and unlived dreams.

But there are those few who choose to see how far they can go. They risk comfort. They give up the familiar. They won’t accept mediocre. They go through pain.

They risk going too far.

It is those few who find out how far they can go in this life. It is those few who truly live.

Quote: "Only those who risk going too far: T.S Eilot

Will you be one of those few? Or will you be just another lost soul in the masses relegated to a life of comfort and familiarity, never having known what it was like to truly live your own life?