How do I Get My Life On Track? | Interview with @JonStolpe

Do you ever feel like your life is off track?

Do you even know what on track feels like?

Whatever your position in life, there’s a book by my friend Jon Stolpe that can help you. It’s aptly titled On Track and I was fortunate enough to interview him recently about the book.

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I won’t spoil the interview with too much introduction, but here’s what I had to say about the book (from the back cover):

Jon Stolpe On Track Book Endorsement

So check out the interview below and afterwards, go buy his book. You’ll thank me later.

Thank You! Year to Date Update

Thank you!

That is the first thing that comes to mind when I reflect on the first four months of the year.

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April was another record month by every metric I have. Number of visitors, subscribers, comments, you name it…they all went up for the 19th straight month. Wow!

Best Month Ever! November 2013 Recap

Blog Record Month Matt McWilliams

November was yet another record month.

Thank you for making that happen!

Despite taking the last four days off for the holiday and my expectations of a drop in traffic due to the time of year, our community here still experienced record numbers of:

  • Traffic. Total number of visitors was up more than 15%. Same for unique visitors.
  • Comments. The total number of comments was up more than 15% (25% per post). Engagement is at an all-time high.
  • Subscribers. The number of new subscribers in November was the most ever.
  • Revolutionaries. A record number of new Revolutionaries joined the Thank You Revolution.

Thank You! Another Record Month

Another record month is in the books…and it’s all thanks to you!

Record Blog Traffic

For the fourteenth straight month of it’s existence, our community experienced:

  • A record amount of traffic.
  • A record amount of comments.
  • A record number of new subscribers.
  • A record number of new Revolutionaries joining the Thank You Revolution.

By any measure, this month was the best month ever for the blog.


Most popular posts. My top five posts last month were: