Why Members of the Thank You Revolution Stand Out in 2014

Why do members of the Thank You Revolution stand out so much? This sums it up as well as anything I could write or say:

Seriously, you know the old saying, “a cartoon is worth a thousand words.” (that is the old saying, isn’t it?) In this case, it’s absolutely true.

Stand out. Amaze someone. Make a difference in someone’s life. Join the Revolution.

It’s totally free and you’ll learn all about one of the best ways I know in 2014 to make someone as happy the cartoons on the right are.

Are you in?

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5 thoughts on “Why Members of the Thank You Revolution Stand Out in 2014

  1. I’m in, and the Revolution is spreading at my place of employment. Just this afternoon, a fellow manager leaned over to me in a meeting to inform me that he had sent another thank you note, and he said it felt really good.

    Tomorrow afternoon at my bi-weekly Toastmasters meeting, I will have the opportunity to share about the Thank You Revolution with fellow Toastmasters and honored guests.

    • Good point Jana! (just now getting to this sorry)

      The cool thing about notes is that even if they don’t resonate with me immediately, I am likely to leave them lying around and read them again. Emails get deleted.

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