I’d like you to join me at a very powerful training event that may just turn out to be a pivotal moment in your life. If you’ve ever wondered what it is that separates those people who are living a life of purpose and direction from you, this event is for you.

The 4 Surprising Secrets of People Who’ve Found Their Calling

It’s called The Four Surprising Secrets of People Who’ve Found Their Calling and it will be held at 2pm ET on Tuesday, March 17.

This is going to be powerful – and I really think it’s worth your time to make sure you can attend. Don’t wait.

The free training is being hosted by Jeff Goins, a friend of mine who is also a renowned teacher, speaker, and a best-selling author. Jeff knows all there is to know about pursuing your dream and pursuing your calling.

If you don’t already know Jeff’s success story, it’s pretty impressive.

Here’s the short version. In just a few short years, Jeff rose from relative obscurity to…

  • owning one of the most popular writing blogs on the planet
  • publishing multiple books
  • becoming a full-time writer

And in this free training, Jeff will teach you the very principles he followed to pursue his calling. He’ll also share the surprising secrets he learned from interviewing others who’ve discovered their purpose.

As you can imagine, a guy like Jeff is highly sought-after, and getting time with him like this is pretty rare. Not to mention the fact that this valuable training is being offered completely free.

Register now. This free training will teach you about pushing past status quo, embracing reality, and pursuing your dream.

Register now for this live event: The Four Surprising Secrets of People Who’ve Found Their Calling

When you attend, you’ll also learn how you can get Jeff’s new book almost free (you just pay for shipping) along with $250 in bonuses, so don’t miss this.

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