The First Words You Say | How to Start Your Day Off Right

If you could only eat one thing all day, first thing in the morning, what would it be? Would you feed yourself small amounts of sugar and fat? Or would you overload on the good stuff, greens, fruits, lean proteins, etc.? I sure hope you would say the latter. The same is true with our words.

First thing in the morning

A man’s curses will fall and wrap themselves around him like a cloak. (Tweet That)

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Like a cloak

There is an old proverb that says, “A man’s curses will fall and wrap themselves around him like a cloak.” Imagine that for a moment. Your words…wrapped around you all day long.

The worse the words, the more tightly they grip you, strangling your creativity, your passion, and your peace right from you. The uglier the words, the uglier the garment.

You face a choice first thing in the morning: Speak words of beauty or speak words of ugly. (No, I am not entirely sure that sentence is grammatically correct, but it gets the point across)

A confession

On the morning that I am writing this, I started off with some choice words. The words I said and the manner in which I said them started my day off on the wrong foot. It was nearly four hours later when I finally snapped out of my funk.

What a waste! To allow those two minutes to control the next four hours. I’m sure I managed to accomplish a few things this morning, but not nearly as much as I could have starting it off the right way.

How to start your day off with the right words

Making sure you start your day off with the right words is not rocket surgery. It’s incredibly simple in theory, but very difficult in practice. At least it is for me…and everyone else I’ve ever talked to about it.

Here are five steps to starting off your day with the right words:

  1. Decide. Yes, the first step is to decide to do it. Recognize the importance of doing so and act on that recognition. Once you realize how important it is, resolve to start each day off the right way.
  2. Meet your needs. I can’t tell you what words you need. Only you know your needs. Do you need patience? Wisdom? Energy? Whatever it is you need in general or that specific day, start your day off with the right words for you, not for someone else.
  3. Write them out. Whatever words you decide on, write them out. Of course, they can change over time. I don’t suggest doing anything fancy here. You don’t need to use colored paper, fancy fonts, and then laminate it to work. They just need to be your words, on paper. 
  4. Make the time. You need less than two minutes. That’s it. But if you wake up at 6:30 to make the 7:15 train, your first words probably aren’t going to be what you wrote on your paper. So, in short, get your butt up earlier.
  5. Commit. I believe in the transformative power of our words, but I am also a realist. One day of doing this isn’t going to change your life. It might change your day, but not your life. So keep doing it, day after day, no matter what. Commit to a lifetime of starting your day off right…and being wrapped in beautiful garments for all to see.

Bonus tips: You can find more about positive visualization and other techniques to help you drill in your words in my post Leaders, You Are What You See, Part One.

If number five scares you, try it for thirty days. That’s all. That’s less than one hour of your life speaking the right words into your life first thing in the morning. You’ll see some results that quickly.

What do you say to yourself first thing in the morning?

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