The Problem with Parents Today

“The problem with parents today is _____.”

Let’s stop right there and try a better statement:

The problem(s) with my parenting today is _____.”

The Problem with Parenting Today

There is no “parenting epidemic” in America. There is a personal responsibility epidemic. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Before we go any further though, welcome to day one of Family Leadership Week. If you missed the announcement post two weeks ago, this week is inspired by the book, Parenting the QBQ Way: How to be an Outstanding Parent and Raise Great Kids Using the Power of Personal Accountability by John Miller.

Here is what the rest of the week looks like:

Tuesday, March 5: Book Review of Parenting the QBQ Way

Wednesday, March 6: QBQ Practice. This one should be fun.

Thursday, March 7: Interview with John Miller, Part One

Friday, March 8: Interview with John Miller, Part Two

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OK, so back to today’s topic…

The problem with parents…I mean my parenting today.

Family Leadership Week Matt McWilliamsI don’t know what your specific problems are. But you do. You can name every time you failed as a parent, every time you missed an important event, every time that you spoke harshly to your children (or spouse in front of them), and every time you swore you would never make the same mistakes your parents made…and then made them.

Yet we rarely miss an opportunity to criticize other parents.

We mentally berate the parent who gives in to her tantrum-throwing child in the line at the grocery store. He gets his chocolate bar and we shake our heads and remark about the entitlement mentality that the poor child is going to have when he grows up.

When the latest teenage celebrity is caught up in drugs, we rake their parents over the coals on Facebook.

We are quick to judge the parents of the school bully and quick to scold siblings whose children act up at Thanksgiving. We are secretly judgmental of the parents whose kids run rampant in the store…”Thank God my daughter is not like that. It must be because of my parental awesomeness.” (Or is that just me?)

All of that stops today.

And I mean all of it.

That includes the Christian “judgment in disguise” posts. “We need to pray for [insert celebrity parent],” we write. What we are really saying is, “Wow, that person is a horrible parent. Since we are so much better, let’s pray for them. Perhaps God can pass on some of my awesomeness to her.”

There is no “parenting epidemic” in America.

There is a personal accountability epidemic, of which I am the worst offender (you wouldn’t believe the levels at which I capable of blaming others for my mistakes). There is an epidemic of judging and finger pointing. And there is an epidemic of abdicating parental responsibility to the schools, churches, and television.

But the biggest problem with parents today is me. It’s my parenting.

Today, I take responsibility for our parenting of our daughter. Today, I resolve:

  1. To never again judge another’s parenting abilities or inabilities.
  2. To continually assess my parenting skills and fix what’s broken.
  3. To become a student of parenting and continue to educate myself about parenting at least as much as I educate myself about business.

What about you? Have you ever judged other parents? What do you resolve to do to become a better parent?

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