I have personally never used Kajabi for setting up a course, but we have multiple clients who use it to deliver their courses. In addition, I have taken numerous courses on it. It’s great from the consumer side and our clients seem to like it from their side. One caveat is that it is definitely not for the non-techie.


Ruzuku is a simple, intuitive solution for creating online courses. It’s everything you need to create, sell, and run your course, all in one place. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses who don’t have a lot of technology resources or knowledge and want to be able to just create their courses, without having to figure out a lot of backend integrations. (BEGINNER-LEVEL)


Teachable is the platform we use for many of our courses…and we LOVE using them! More importantly, our students love using them! We’ve been able to implement some really cool tools that get results. Like quizzes, progress reports, timed emails based on where students are in the course, and so much more. We are huge fans of Teachable for building courses!