Read It For Me

On average I read about 2 ½ books every week…We’re talking all the best marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth books on the planet… So how do I do it? I use a service called Read It For Me which summarizes the content and gives you all the GOLD NUGGETS. What would normally take you a few days to read, you get in 15-20 minutes. I’m literally able to get 40-50 times the information in the same amount of time! Steve Cunningham, the founder of Read it For Me, is sharing a special offer just for my followers. Click the button to check it out.

Agathon Hosting

Agathon is the 9th host I’ve used and they are by far THE BEST! We absolutely love them. Their service is unmatched and the downtime is extremely rare. If it sounds like I’m raving, it’s because we love them that much. I’ve never had a host even half as good as Agathon. They are not the cheapest but we’ve paid twice as much for a lot less reliability and quality.

Pretty Link

This is the tool I use to shorten URLs and make them “pretty.” It’s great to creating URLs that you send in emails, mention on podcast interviews, or share out and about. The free version, Pretty Link Lite, works for most people, but there is a paid version.


Simply put, Zapier makes our jobs 10X easier. It’s like plumbing for the internet. Zapier connects all our favorite apps so we can automate tasks in the background. Trigger an action in one app and the results show up in another without us lifting a finger. The robots handle the mundane work so we can focus on what’s most important.

W3 Total Cache

This is the exact plugin I started using three years ago that instantly improved my web site speed by more than 50%! Web site speed is SO important and this simple little plugin does a lot of the work for you. It caches your pages, images, and much more to make it load significantly faster. That means your site ranks better, people stick around and…well, you make more money!


ConvertKit is our new email provider, after switching from MailChimp, who we had major issues with. ConvertKit is an all-in-one source for landing pages, optin forms, and email marketing. Great alternative to using LeadPages and MailChimp separately. Get a 30-day FREE trial using my link!


This is my go-to graphic creation tool. It is super easy to use, even if you have no design skills whatsoever. They have hundreds (maybe thousands) of templates for every type of design you can imagine. ALL of my graphics on my site were done by me in less than 10 minutes using Canva (and I am NOT a professional designer).

Click Funnels

This is one of our newest “toys” and we are absolutely in love with it. To date, we’ve moved nearly half of all of our optin pages to Click Funnels with new ones being added every week. There is simply no better tool for building easy-to-use sales funnels, webinar pages, and so much more!