This is the podcast player we use on my blog. I’ve tried just about every other player and this one, from Pat Flynn, is THE BEST! He created it for his own podcast so you know he’s going to make sure it keeps up with the times. Check out all the features using the button below.


It might seem like you can just host your podcast on your own server…but that is NOT a good idea! There are countless reasons why, but one is that you can host your podcast for only $5-15 on Libsyn, which is reliable and they don’t charge you per download like most regular hosts will. Their stats rock, too!


Audacity is the 100% FREE tool to edit podcasts. I’ve used Audacity for nearly a decade to edit my podcasts and highly recommend if you are on a budget. It has virtually all the tools you could possibly need to edit and export your podcast in high-quality formats.

Auphonix Microphone Pop Filter

If you’ve ever heard a podcast recorded WITHOUT a pop filter, you’ve probably heard the hard “P” and “T” sounds. It can be distracting to the listener and this little tool removes them. The Auphonix is my favorite. It’s only a few bucks more than the cheapest pop filters and worth the extra money.


Windscreens remove a LOT of the background noise from getting through to your mic. They are cheap (usually less than $10 for a 5-pack) but dramatically improve the quality of your sound. Make sure to grab a 5-pack at least as they do wear out over time and it’s nice to have them handy when traveling. They also make a great cover for your phone mic if you are talking on a windy day!

ATR2100 Microphone

This is the microphone I use for most of my podcasting. I also use it for most videos and livestreams. There is simply NO better mic for anywhere close to the price of the ATR2100. It’s usually less than $75 on Amazon (link below) and most mics that are $300+ are no better. Easy plug-and-play USB and works on any computer.