Full Focus Planner

I used to have tasks and notes saved everywhere…legal pads, Asana, sticky notes, you name it. But once I started putting everything in one place and focusing on my daily Big 3 tasks and weekly review, I began to get the clarity I needed to lead my team and grow my business. Michael Hyatt’s system flat out works to help you focus on what really moves the ball forward.

Simple Gmail Notes

We used to a use a paid service ($1,000+ a year) to accomplish what Simple Gmail Notes accomplishes for free, so we switched. This is a very easy-to-use Gmail plugin that allows you to put notes on emails. My customer service team can summarize emails for me to answer, ask questions, and we can easily correspond without having to leave Gmail.


This is just about the only tool my team uses to communicate with each other. No more long email chains, random texts, or forgetting to copy someone. Slack is the go-to communication tool for almost every online business I know. And you don’t need a huge team to get started. I got started with just three of us…for free!


I resisted using a tool like Asana for a long time. But now that we use it as a team, I cannot imagine my work life without it. Asana is by far my favorite project management and task management tool. It’s easy to use and makes collaboration and delegation super easy. You can start with the free version, which has worked for us for more than a year.