Here are my favorite articles and posts from across the web as well as my five most popular posts in November 2012. I consider these to be valuable reading on a variety of topics. I hope that you enjoy them and learn from them as well.

They are in no particular order.

The Danger of Being an Insecure Leader by Dan Black. This is a must-read post for any leader, no matter how secure you are or think you are. I read this shortly after writing this post about insecurity and hiring. I think there was a theme that week for me.

EntreLeader Spotlight: Jeremy Carver. Very cool article on Jeremy Carver (AKA @CabinetDoork), who is a small business owner in Alabama.

6 Tips for Beating the Blank Page by CopyBlogger. Great lessons from Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

What Anne Frank Taught Us About Positive Thinking by Todd Liles. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Todd personally recently and if you are not reading him, you really should be. He is a great businessman with a great message.

Here is another great post from Todd: The Value of Going the Extra Mile

How To Kill Enthusiasm For A Project by Joseph LaLonde. The title says it all. One of many awesome posts from Joseph last month.

We want salt dreams, but instead we get saffron by Jon Acuff. You have to read it to get…and you NEED to read it!


My most popular posts, in order were:

Things For Which I Am Thankful This Year – Among other things, the proliferation and corporate embracing of the word “dude” is surely something for which to be thankful.

Four Ways to Shut Up a Gossip – This is not a post about not spreading gossip. This post is about being a hardcore, militant gossip-stopper.

Greet People Like a Dog! – The best people skills are not found in people, but in dogs.

Leadership Lessons from my Koi Pond – Leaders can learn a lot from a fish. It’s true…I’ll show you.

Language Lessons from Orwell and Luntz – Want to be a better writer? You can’t go wrong with these ten tips

What were your favorite posts of the month? Feel free to share your own.

6 thoughts on “Top Posts of November

  1. Todd Liles says:

    I made the list. Awesome. You are one of my favorites too.

  2. Jon Stolpe says:

    Greet people like a dog! I loved that post.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      That was a fun one to write…and even more fun to try to live out!

      1. Jon Stolpe says:

        I had someone remind me about the “joy” of a new puppy. Our 1 year old puppy used to greet me when I came in the door from work. He would run to the door and proceed to pee on me. Not the most ideal greeting, but it was one that represented pure, uncontrolled joy.

  3. Dan Erickson says:

    Thanks for the link to saffron.

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