The Voices in Your Head

Your internal voices are usually lies.


Lies or truth? Overcoming the voices in your head

Your voices will lie to you. They will distort reality and cause you to live in a state of fear rather than a state of grace. (Click to Tweet)

WARNING: Most of the following is an excerpt from my personal journal and might make you think I am crazy. I can live with that.

Jon Acuff writes in his book Start about his counselor, Al Andrews, who asked him:

What do your voices tell you?

Al states that:

No one has a positive voice.

Well that is a comforting thought.

I am finally realizing how deceptive our voices are. In fact, they might be rooted in the seeds of evil. This is a terrifying thought.

Both sides of the coin

Not only do your voices lie, but they manipulate you, twist the truth, and even make you believe the lies. And the worst thing they do is cause you to live out two opposing lies, eventually believing them both.

That’s what I’ve experienced in my life.

My voice tells me:

You’re only where you are (career, marriage, finances, health) because of dumb luck.

This is the first lie.

The second lie is even more devilish: Publicly I act like I got here all by myself, that I made it to where I am because of hard work, determination, grit, and my own superhuman intelligence. (I never said I was what one might call “humble”)

If my voice says I shouldn’t be here at all, then the only way to counteract that is to claim sole responsibility for making it here.

Both are lies.

How can I live with either of those burdens?

There’s nothing I can do.

It all depends on me.

I am helpless.

What if others find out?

Those are too heavy for anyone to carry.

Not to mention that both extremes are extremely unattractive. Helpless people are a drag and arrogant, know-it-all jerks are…well, jerks.


The reality is I am where I am because of:

God’s blessing.

God’s purpose for me.

Hard work.

The help of others.

All of those are connected and reliant on each other.

Your voices will lie to you. They will distort reality and cause you to live in a state of fear rather than a state of grace.

Overcoming your voices

Acuff has two suggestions to overcome your voices. They are the two that led me to share this.

  1. Put them in writing. Show your fears the light of day. You will quickly realize, as I did, how wrong they are. When you put them on paper, they might make you laugh at their ridiculousness. “You’re too old for this.” “You’re too young for that.” You will see their tricks and find hope in shedding the burdens of their lies.
  2. Share them. Your lying voices hate the positive input of others. As Acuff says, “Fear hates community.” Allow others to speak truth into your life and drown out the voices in your head.

What do your voices say? How can others help?

Share yours below and allow others here to support you as you overcome your negative voices.

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