I stared at the Christmas cookies in a trance. One even called my name (I swear it happened…little sucker sounded so sweet and convincing). Time passed at a glacial pace as the devil and the angel on my shoulders threw down in a battle for the ages. I stood there for what seemed like ten minutes (it was more like twenty seconds), frozen. Until I asked a simple question, “what do you want more?”

What do you want more?
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It’s the central question to every decision we face. What do I want more?

The difficult sale or the comfort of never failing?

The raise or not having a difficult conversation?

Higher performance from my team or being their friend? (These aren’t usually mutually exclusive, we just think they are)

An adventure or guaranteed safety?

Time with my family or _____?

What do you want more?

When I answered that question myself, the cookies no longer looked appealing. In my mind, their sugary bliss morphed into an ugly picture of a family history of diabetes, obesity, and my own personal struggle with my weight and energy levels.

When I compared the temporary pleasure with the long-term consequences, the choice was clear. But it took asking the question, “what do I want more?”

What I want more than cookies is health.

What I want more than cookies is energy to spare when I’m sixty. I want to see my daughter graduate, get married, and hopefully have grandchildren someday. (She is two…that had better be a long time from now!)

It’s not about the cookies. Some people can have cookies. I will choose sometimes to enjoy a dessert with family, but in this moment I chose what I wanted more.

What do you want more of in life?

What great thing are you giving up for temporary satisfaction?

When faced with a challenging decision or taking the easy road, ask yourself, “What do I want more?”

Then act on the answer.

0 thoughts on “What do you want more?

  1. Jana Botkin says:

    Thank you for this post, Matt. I’ve shared your blog with a lifelong friend, and today’s post is what she needed to push her into making the huge decision to move to from California to Idaho. We both appreciate your way of clarifying things!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Well that is pretty cool. Actually remarkable is more the word that came to mind 🙂

      Thanks for sharing Jana!

  2. Mark Sieverkropp says:

    What an awesome question! It frames your seemingly simple choices in a different light! And the thing is, it’s not that there is an exterior right or wrong answer to the question, you just need to answer it and then act accordingly. Doing so will save all sorts of regret, embarrassment, etc. because you consciously chose what you valued more.

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