There are approximately 1,000,000 reasons to wait to change the world. 1,000,000 reasons to wait to go after your dreams. 1,000,000 reasons to stay in a crappy job, wait to write that book, or put off launching your business. And one big reason to do it now.

That one reason is that if you don’t do it now, you likely never will.

The one thing all great leaders have in common

The most common characteristic among every world changing leader throughout history is that they took immediate and decisive action.

It’s not good looks, a great family, wealth, intelligence, connections, or even the ability to focus. They took action.

Sometimes that meant they were wrong. And what did they do? They took another immediate and decisive action. When great leaders make bad decisions, they make another decision.

It truly is that simple.

When great leaders make bad decisions, they make another decision.

What have you been called to do? What have you dreamed about doing? What decision have you put off for so long that it no longer even bothers you?

Decide to decide. Don’t delay. Don’t dilly or dally. Don’t think of the worst case scenario or all of the details. Just decide: “I am going to do this” or “I am not going to do this.”

What’s in your hand?

But I don’t know how I will ever do that, Matt.

Most people don’t.

Moses was completely clueless about how he would be able to lead the people of Israel. “What if,” “What if,” “What if,” he asked. He thought of every conceivable argument as to why he should not do what he was called to do. Every weakness, every obstacle, every fear.

Then God asked him, “What is that in your hand?”

“A staff,” he replied.

A staff. That was it. That staff was used to free a people from slavery and change the world.

So, what is in your hand?

What do you already have that will help you to start that business or the nonprofit you’ve dreamed of? What do you already have that will allow you to write your book or spread your message? What do you already have that will help you to change the world?

The 10-year old who didn’t wait

Gracie Schram was 10 years old when she recorded her first CD.

She did it to raise money to benefit children in Africa and Haiti. She saw a need, she filled a need. She heard a call, she answered the call. She took immediate and decisive action. And she is changing the world.

With that first CD, she raised more than $30,000.

Here she is explaining what she did in a TEDx Talk. Skip to the 3:30 mark if you want to get right to the talk.


Who says we have to wait?

In her song We are the Change, Gracie repeatedly asks the question, “Who says we have to wait?”

Who says you have to wait to change the world? Who says you have to wait to do what you know you should do?

You don’t have to wait. You are the change. So, don’t be like the masses who never answer their call or pursue their dreams. Be like the great ones who take immediate and decisive action.

Don’t wait.

What decision have you put off for too long? What are you deciding to do today?

5 thoughts on “Who Says We Have to Wait? Gracie Schram “We are the Change”

  1. Nick Porter says:

    I’ve put off leaving my job for far too long. I’ve justified it by saying my family depends on me, but they depend on me not hating my job much more. My side business is taking off and it’s time to pull the plug. I shared this post with my wife and we decided that December 15 will be my last day at my job. Then I’m taking the rest of the year off and hitting 2015 hard.

    Thanks Matt!

  2. Heidi Bender says:

    I’m deciding to take faster action!

  3. Your picture shows a divergence. Not taking action is sitting down in the trail and watching life go by.

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