What’s it like to retire at the age of 27? Austin Netzley knows. Or does he? That’s a topic we explore in today’s episode along with much more.

Austin Netzley Interview
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About Austin

Austin is the host of the YoProWealth podcast. He graduated college 6 years ago with:

  • $80,000 in debt (mostly student loans)
  • Only ~$100 in my bank account
  • A middle-class mindset
  • Lots of ambition, but also stress, fear, lack of confidence, and a lot of uncertainty about what to do with his life.

And yet he retired at the age of 27…and today he teaches you how along with much more on:

  • Networking
  • Breaking out of your introvert shell
  • The power of community
  • How to make a difference online
  • His view of retirement

Listen to this episode:


“I have a lot more books in me.”

What a great attitude, Austin.

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Austin’s new book, Make Money, Live Wealthy – The First 1,000 Copies Are FREE! Get Your Copy Here Before It’s Too Late!

YoProWealth site

Austin’s site

Austin’s favorite interview to date with August Turak 

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3 thoughts on “Episode 010: Austin Netzley Interview on the Power of Networking and Retirement

  1. Jon Stolpe says:

    What an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing Austin with The World Changer Community.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      One of my favorite interviews I’ve ever done. Glad you enjoyed it Jon!

  2. Mark Sieverkropp says:

    Loved it gents! Awesome…just as I would expect when two powerhouses jump on the same podcast episode!!

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