You Are an Artist, Now Go Act Like One

We are all artists now.

That is the declaration Seth Godin makes in the opening of his new book, The Icarus Deception.

The Icarus Deception Book by Seth Godin

Your comfort zone says otherwise. Your comfort zone says:

“School taught me to keep my head down, raise my hand to speak, get a good job with health insurance and maybe, just maybe my 401(k) will allow me one day to make art.”

That is the lie of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is the devil on your shoulder telling you that you can never truly be an artist. It tells you that your work doesn’t matter and that the art that is clamoring to leap out of you will always be restrained by societal pressures, bills to pay, and the ringing words of all those who have laughed at the dreamers.

If you are reading this post and haven’t awakened to the reality that our economy is drastically different than it was twenty years ago, I need to tell you something:


Our economy is drastically different than it was ten years ago. It’s probably going to be different in three years…or thirty minutes.

How we work, how we provide for our families, how we achieve career bliss, and how we get there have all changed in the last decade. They were already changing in the decade prior. And, as you know, the rate of change exponentially increases every few seconds.

We are all artists now. You are an artist. And artists are defining this new economy. (Click to Tweet)

The world needs your art, but it will not wait passively or patiently. The world needs your art, but it will move on without it. You want to share your art, but FEAR tells you not to.

mid-week-motivationFEAR tells you it doesn’t matter. FEAR says you don’t have time. FEAR beckons you to listen to the devil of your comfort zone. To be ordinary. To play it safe. To keep your head down, your nose to the grindstone, and to not fly too close to the sun.

But FEAR is a liar.

The industrial complex is a liar.

The lie is that Icarus flew too high and died. We’ve been told the lie that if we fly too high, stretch too far, dream too big, or dare to be different, then we will die. And most of us have bought right into it.

No more!

What no one ever told me and probably never told you is that Icarus was also told not to fly too low. The moisture from the sea would have ruined his wings too. We were only told the part that kept us down and subjugated us to forsake our art.

It’s time to fly. High.

Strap on your wings, my friend. FEAR won’t fly with you. It will only try to drag you down. 

The time is now. Take flight.

And share the view with the rest of us…because you are an artist.

Questions: How high will you fly? Have you bought into the lies you’ve been told?

NOTE: This Friday at 2:00pm CT, I will be recording a podcast on the Icarus Deception with Todd Liles and Dan Black. We would love to hear from you. What questions do you have about the book, art, or fear? What has been your experience with making art? Share in the comments below.

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