How to Dramatically Boost Your Sales with Affiliate Leaderboards

The Affiliate Guy Episode 324

I received an email the other day asking if affiliate leaderboards actually work? Do they really motivate affiliates to promote more and do they result in more sales? Well, today I share exactly why they are one of the best tools for an affiliate program to use…and how to use them to boost your affiliate sales!

7 Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Affiliates to Go All-In

How to Get Them to Promote More Often, Send More Emails, and Fully Commit to Your Launches

So you’ve got your affiliates lined up for your next big product launch or promotion. Now what? Getting a certain number of affiliates to mail once or twice for your promotion is one thing, but getting them to send an extra two, three, or even FIVE more emails than they planned is what will take your affiliate program to the next level.  Today I am going to share seven guaranteed ways to get your affiliates to promote more often, send more emails, and go ALL-IN promoting you.

How to get affiliates to promote more and send more emails

Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work in 2019 Holiday Affiliate Promos [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 318

A guy asked me recently for some tips on his holiday affiliate promos. I shared 3 strategies with him…and he LAUGHED! He told me they were outdated, too “old school,” and archaic. Then I showed him the data…and the data proved to him that what I was sharing was PROVEN to work, even in late 2019.