Facebook Shut Down His Ad Account, so Alan Did THIS Instead (and TRIPLED his Sales) with Alan Thomas

The Affiliate Guy Episode 415

“Your Account is Disable.” That’s what my friend Alan Thomas saw when he logged into his Facebook Ads account. Now when Mr. Zuckerberg shut his account down, he was up the proverbial creek without a paddle. That’s when I told him that he needs to get some affiliates and I showed him how. That was less than three months ago. $39,000+ later and he is just getting started. Today I’ll share how Alan learned to build a successful coaching business with affiliates.

[LIVE LESSON] REVEALED: The Latest Research on Affiliate Bonus Packages for 2021

I have some exciting new research to share with you. It’s all about affiliate bonus packages and how the right one can help you increase your affiliate sales by 240% (or more)! I’m sharing common myths about bonus packages as well as revealing new research on just how effective they are. I’ll also show you how to put together an effective bonus package that gets results…the EASY way!

Why You’ll Never Get What You Want

The Affiliate Guy Episode 414

Why aren’t you getting the results that you want? This episode today has nothing to do with affiliate marketing or online business, but it has everything to do with both. I almost didn’t release it because it doesn’t share a specific strategy to improve your email copy or increase your revenue or find affiliate partners. But someone needs to hear this message and maybe that someone is YOU. I’m going to share why you aren’t getting the results you want and what I believe is the secret to getting them!

How to Start, Run, and Monetize a Podcast with Dave Jackson

The Affiliate Guy Episode 413

If you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast, today’s guest is one of my go-to experts on the subject. If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your audience, today’s guest is also one of my go-to experts. And if you’ve ever wanted to know how to monetize a podcast, well you guessed it…today’s guest is one of the leading experts on that as well.

[LIVE LESSON] My 10 Favorite Online Marketing Tools of 2021

I’m going to share my 10 favorite online marketing tools for 2021. These are the tools that we use in our business nearly every single day. They’ve saved us time, made us more money, and made our lives so much easier. Come join us live to find out what they are.

Affiliate Opportunity: 5 Day Movement Maker Challenge with Pedro Adao

If your audience has specialized knowledge that can be monetized then a challenge is a great way to help them succeed quickly and rapidly grow their business.

Pedro Adao’s Challenge and Course teaches folks how to design and create their own challenge that will increase audience engagement and get them to take action to achieve results…ultimately leading to higher conversions on the products you sell.

Clubhouse: How to Market Your Product, Find Affiliates, and More on the Hottest Social Media App of 2021 (Part Three)

The Affiliate Guy Episode 409

I’m back for the final segment of my 3-part series on Clubhouse with Molly Mahoney, Kim Walsh-Phillips, Matt Wolfe, Robby Miles, and Todd Herman and today’s segment is awesome. We’ll share some of our favorite things we’ve actually learned on Clubhouse, how to get clients from Clubhouse and maybe just maybe a few laughs.