The Power of a Promo Plan in Affiliate Marketing [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 260

I was reflecting on our biggest affiliate marketing successes right before I recorded this and it all came down to one thing: A PLAN! I recorded this at a gas station somewhere in the middle of Kentucky on my way to one of the most special places on earth…Blackberry Farm. It’s the site of the top affiliates getaway with Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, and Pat Flynn…and me. To get there, I had to beat out some legends like Ryan Levesque, Ray Edwards, Stu McLaren, Kevin Harrington, and more. How did we do it? I share how in this episode.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

5 Email Marketing Secrets for Closing More Affiliate Sales

What the Best Closers Do That No One Else Does

Having an email list is great. It’s fun to log in to your email system and see your subscriber counts increasing. But you must turn those subscribers into BUYERS to run a successful business. I’ve studied dozens and dozens of the top marketers and have discovered that in every affiliate promotion, there are a few that always convert better than the rest. In this post, I’ll break down 5 things that these top marketers do…and that you can do as well, regardless of your email list size.

5 email secrets for closing more affiliate sales

Think You’re Short on Time? Think Again. [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 255

If you think you’re short on time and can’t make a difference with your business, you need to hear this short message today. It’s inspired by an email I received from Colter Reed and it has a powerful truth in it. 

Here’s the email from Colter

Good afternoon, Matt! Just wanted to drop you a quick note…
I’m a little dizzy. I’m currently #13 on the leaderboard! I’m sure it won’t last; I’m just stoked that I made an appearance in the top 15.
Here’s the crazy part: due to bad planning on my part, I was completely unprepared for the launch, including the fact that I’m super busy right now. But I still wanted to let my tribe know about F2F. I sent one email about the questionnaire the day it went live, and a second email at lunch today (guess when I wrote the email) about the webinars and cart open. Two emails. Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t have time to make a difference.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Selling [VIDEO]

Are you afraid of selling? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone…it’s a common problem that everyone faces. Recently, I released a video about closing the gender gap in affiliate marketing, and being afraid to sell is one of the BIGGEST reasons that gap exists today. And it’s not just women…a large percentage of men are afraid to sell too! So how do you overcome that fear? Well, that’s what today’s video is all about!

Closing the Gender Gap in Affiliate Marketing [VIDEO]

If you look at the leaderboards of any affiliate launch you’ll notice that it’s dominated by guys. One of my goals is to empower MORE women to get into – and succeed – with affiliate marketing. So why is affiliate marketing dominated by guys? There are probably many reasons, but in today’s video, I’m going to address one of the biggest reasons…and share how we can overcome it!