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Hey, what’s up guys. So we’re here today to give you a behind the scenes look at some book launches, particularly on the affiliate side. And this is a big deal. Like we’ve got a whole podcast series going on right now about book launches and writing books and how to use affiliate, marketing and books. But today we’re gonna actually take you behind the scenes so you can see how it actually works.

So I’m curious to hear from you guys, first of all, those of you on live, let us know, you know, if you plan on writing a book or you’ve already launched a book, or maybe you, you know, you’ve written one, but you haven’t launched it yet. We’d love to hear from you. Basically, this is kind of like the secret thing in book launch world that people think, you know, oh, bestseller list means it’s the best book. No it’s called the best seller list, not a best written list. And while typically the best sellers are also pretty darn good books.

And no one would argue that the books that have continued to sell millions of copies per year are garbage because, you know, you can successfully launch a book, but if it sucks, then it’s not going to do well. Longterm. Nobody would argue that the marketing is the biggest thing. Marketing is what determines how a book sells. And so we’re talking about one of these secret things that a lot of people don’t talk about, which is affiliates promoting a book and how that all works.

So if that’s you, you’re in the right place today, if you know somebody who would benefit from hearing this today, make sure you hit that share button guys, share it with them individually, you know, copy the link, texted to them, posted on your timeline wherever before we jump in and want to welcome Alan Thomas what’s up, buddy. Hey man. Glad to be here Today for a Yeah, I had to turn on the air conditioner. It was, it’s actually gotten warm here in Florida. How do I meet Alan and keep him from talking? Have you had a snow pocalypse again? No, you know, it’s actually funny. The snow is almost all gone as of about two hours ago At seven o’clock this morning. It was 54 degrees.

Oh, wow. Now it is 37 in about an hour and a half. It’s going to be 32 and we’re getting three inches of snow. So we will have, we will live enjoyed no snow on the ground for a whole total of about 12 hours. Awesome. And snow here had snowed here either for 12 hours, but I don’t think we’re getting to here. So its, sorry. I’ll mute. So good guys. We’re going behind the scenes on some affiliate book launches. And so first of all, like, why am I talking about book launches, right? For one I’m deep in the editing process of my book, turn your passions into profits. January 2023, we’ll have the specific dates soon.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve got my dream publisher. If you look at my, you know, any of these bookshelves here, my big bookshelf over there, we’ve got four bookshelves over here. The majority of like, I’d probably say not the majority, but the largest, the largest number of books were published by Benbella. They were my dream publisher and we got them. We got them. Hey Connie, Hey Eric, we got my dream publisher. And so I’m so excited. Cause that’s coming out in January 2023. I’m in that process right now. I’m going to tell you right now, the editing phase is a beast is an absolute beast. One of things we did just do as we nailed down the cover.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and start an affiliate program, start with my free report, Your First 100 Affiliates. This report takes nearly two decades of experience, trial and error, and lessons learned about finding top affiliates in nearly every conceivable niche and puts them all into one report. Grab your copy here!

So if you want to see the cover and be the first to know when it’s coming out, like I said, January 2023, but we’re going to announce a specific date soon. There’s going to be some special gifts for those who sign up to get notified, go to passionsintoprofitsbook.com. So like I mentioned, I’m in the editing phase right now. And I just as an aside and we’ll talk about, you know, more about the book launch aside. Editing a book I’m on the first part. So we, the process we were doing with the cause I’m working with a publisher, you know, a big publisher, there’s a developmental editor. Then it comes back to me now the development of editors, not editing for commas and semi-colons, they’re not editing for initially this word or that they’re editing for the content.

And this lady like first call, we hit it off. She was like, I’m your target audience? I wanted to start an online business and all that. I’m like, yes, like I’ve got somebody, you know, this, isn’t just some random editor of somebody who’s like going to read this book and digest it and probably even put it into use. She was like, I can’t wait to actually use what you’re teaching in the book. I’m so excited. And she came back with all these edits and I’m like, oh my gosh, you know, this is like, this is some heavy stuff. Like there’s a lot that goes into this editing process. Then it goes back to the developmental letter. I think it goes to another developmental editor for a second.

Look back to me then to like all the copy editing, you know, like, do you need a comma here? And this should be this. And it’s like, this is a whole process. So I’m in that. And I remember last, like last night, kids soccer, I’m sitting there on the laptop doing the edits and I’m not picking on her, but there’s one where I’m just going. I don’t know how to respond to that. Like I know I want this thing to be in there and there’s a story. And so ultimately what we decided to do was the initial manuscript was 117,000 words. The final version of the book will be about 75. I might be able to sneak him up to 80,000 words, the other 37, 40,000 words. We’re going to put in the audio book and offer that as a bonus. So we’ll talk about that later. But, so I mentioned, why am I in thinking about books?

The second reason is we just finished a book launch for our client, Mark Miller. Who’s the author of like 10 or so best sellers. And he has a new book out called smart leadership. We ran the affiliate side of things and I’m going to walk you through that launch and also kind of talk about some generalities. You know, we’re not just going to look at hello. Hey Robbie, we’re going to take you behind the scenes of what those look like. So you can see, you know, or what this looked like. So you can see how it works. Now, before we jump in and I got to let you know about something cool. Since this topic is on my mind, I mentioned a little bit a moment ago, but we’re doing a podcast series about books, affiliates, book launches. We’ve got four episodes, just basically the whole month of February and a little bit in the March is all about books and book launches go to Mattmcwilliams.com/podcast.

You can listen to all the episodes. Actually you can listen to all 400 and I don’t know how many episodes I’ve actually released. I just recorded episode four 80. I think we’ve released 4 76, maybe 4 75 and listened to all 470 some odd episodes. Mattmcwilliams.com/podcast. This series we’ve actually got. So the first one came out two weeks ago or last week, how to find affiliates for a book launch or really any launch for that matter. That came out last week. This Tuesday, we released how to run an affiliate book launch. So we’re gonna touch on some of those things, and I gave you like specific to affiliates, right? We’re going to talk more about not just the affiliate side today.

Next episode, we’re going to talk about how to use affiliate marketing in a book to increase your revenue per book. And then the final episode I brought my friend Chandler bolt on. He’s going to talk about how to write, publish, and sell your book. So again, just go to Mattmcwilliams.com/podcast. Make sure you subscribe to that because we’re not really diving into those topics today. We’re not going into any of those of the stuff I talk about in the podcast. Really. We’re not talking about those today. So to be clear, we’re not going to talk about how to find affiliates for your book launch, cover that in the first episode, I will let you know, in that episode, I shared a secret kind of a secret strategy that it’s landed our clients and me like tons of awesome affiliates.

People we otherwise had no connections with. Pretty cool. These were like cold outreaches that led to a huge affiliate relationship. So go check that episode out. The actually finding affiliates thing is kind of important. And the episode last week, I shared a lot about the logistics of running the affiliate side, such as how to structure the program, communication contests, et cetera.

Today, I’m going to focus on the setup of the launch itself and what we’ve done for our clients. So I’m gonna walk you through first, the launch that we did for smart leadership. And this is one of those things where I sure wish I had practiced first, but I don’t know how to share my screen. There we go. Share screen. Okay. Got it. You got it. And let’s share the screen that is actually going to show the book. All right. So hopefully you guys, Alan, can you confirm? Yep. All right. Let me do one other thing. You guys can see the back and I’m going to take these comments and drag them down here.

Cause I don’t want to miss Robbie’s witty banter about me being a. Sorry for that guys. We will not edit that out later. All right. So let’s see here. Actually. I need to make sure I’m going to share the right one. Let me bring that down here. Get that out of the way. This is, We are live.

All right. This Is the tech man. Not just the affiliate guy. Yeah. So you can see this in the landing page for the smart leadership launch. And this isn’t about the text on the page. I really want to talk about the structure of the launch. Okay. So the launch date itself was January 11th of this year, 2022.

And can see here, it says time remaining to claim your pre-order bonuses that expired at midnight Pacific time on January midnight. I don’t know how you define midnight, but I define midnight on the day that it was so whatever midnight on January 11th, 2022. So the pre-order push began right after Christmas, December 26th, 2021. The thing is, think of like, if you compare a book launch to a regular product launch.

A regular product launch, you know, you’re building up to cart close when registration ends right with a book launch, you’re basically building up to the day that it actually launches. So the day it launches is actually kind of like a cart close day. Now yes, you can continue to sell it afterwards, but all roads point to the, the really the, the day of the launch and all the pre-orders. Cause all the pre-orders, it’s a little known fact in Bookworld all those pre-orders count towards your day one and your week one sales. And so what we’ve found is that if, you know, if we can really, you know, dramatically increase your pre-order sales, then we can do things like hit the bestseller list and things like that.

And the key here is to offer pre-order bonuses. Oh, I can just, you know, you gotta make it where it’s like, I can’t just, I can just wait next week to buy it. No, there’s a deadline. We’re going to buy this thing now. Why? Because there’s pre-order bonuses. And so if you can sell, you know, like for us, our pre-order goal is, is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,500 to 15,000 books. If we can sell 12,500 to 15,000 books, pretty much guaranteed, I’m gonna be top five on the wall street journal bestseller list, which is our goal.

And so this incentivizes them to buy through the site, not elsewhere that incentivizes them to buy through an affiliate because they come back to claim the bonuses, you know, or they go through the funnel on your site. These bonuses don’t have to be massive. You know, if you look here, we’re talking about the book, you know, you click to get the book. It takes you down here to get Smart leadership, plus claim your bonuses. In this particular case, they actually leave the site to go purchase it. And then they come back and I’ll explain that because step one, get the book we click there. It goes to Amazon. Yay. Okay. You can purchase from any retailer. You come back to claim your pre-order bonuses and exclusive training with Mark and the smart leadership training vault.

These bonuses don’t have to be massive, but they need to be attractive. Okay? So some examples are a companion course or, you know, right here, an exclusive training with Mark or the smart leadership training vault, templates, a bonus chapter that’s not available anywhere else. For example, you can include the audio book. If you can. A webinar really doesn’t matter what the bonuses are as long as they are attractive. So in this case, total bonuses, 1 94, you click here, I’ve got these pre-saved you enter your first name, your email address and your order number. Once you click on those, I’m going to show you where it takes you to in a second. So to be clear how this works is you go here, you leave the site and you come back.

So wherever you purchase it, then you come back and you claim your bonuses by entering your name, your email and your order number. Now, a lot of people ask, all right, what about that order number? Do you verify that because Amazon has a different order number structure than Barnes and noble, who has a different order number, you know, structure from Books-A-Million or target bookshop, whatever. No, we do not verify it. Now this is not an invitation for you to take advantage of our clients and come in, submit bogus orders. I have spot check this over the years, you know, with various things, we spot check thousands of these orders less than one half of 1%. We’re not verifiable orders.

People aren’t generally going to take advantage of this. And so it’s not something that I would worry about too much if I were you and you were launching a book. So other variations would be that they actually come here and rather than leaving the site, they purchase it through you. Or maybe it’s a free plus shipping or a completely free book. Doesn’t matter.

We’ll talk a little bit more about that in a second, but we’ll just, well we’ll just talk about it now. Like free plus shipping is very simple. Hey, you pay 9 95 or 7 95 for shipping and we’re going to send it to you. And I forgot where I was going. I got distracted by the fact that I’ve still got a piece of salami stuck in my teeth. I’ll tell, you know, where live is. Matt’s talking about what stuck in his teeth, But you know it, you know, you pay for shipping other options. I’m going to show you one actually. And we’ll talk about this in a little bit, but if you go to publishedbook.com/matt, completely free copy of Chandler’s book.

As it says here, you’re not even paying for shipping. Okay. You’re you’re literally not. This is something he did. It’s only 50 people. So I’d jump on this because that episode was, Chandler’s going live next wee , two weeks from now. So two weeks from, yeah. So 12 days from now, this episode is going live and however many are left after you guys watch this,

they’re all going to go pretty quickly from the podcast. So I would personally go get that. If I were you just as a side note. This one, you fill in your information and he’ll actually ship you the book very different, you know, funnel essentially, right. Then what you’re doing here either way works. Other variations are, you know, you go here and it’s you pay 7 95 for shipping or $10 bucks for shipping and handling, whatever it might be. But it’s a free book. Just so you know, with Chandler’s book, it’s called published and it walks you through the whole process of how to write, publish and sell your book.

You’re not paying anything like he’s not asking. You don’t have to do anything just to get the book. He’ll just send it to you for free. So that’s Mattmcwilliams.com/published. And again, I’ll talk about that in a little bit here. So from there they go in and remember just one last time they click here, they enter their stuff. They go over to this. I’ve loaded this page earlier. So let me reload it here, just so you can see. And this page here is the first upsell offer. Now, in this particular case, we offered these smart leadership field guide for just $17. I believe it normally sells for 29. Well, we can go to this page and I can show you how much it normally sells for yeah. Normally 29 95.

All right. So this page is an offer page. Now on here, you can click on that real quick. You can click on, I don’t need this now and it’ll take you to the thank you page. Okay. But if you’ll notice just some elements, you know, step one, get the book, step two, customize order, wait, special one-time offer. You know, you can take screenshots of this. If you want walk through a little bit of what’s in the field, and then they click the button. Now again, these products don’t have to be massive undertakings. What else could you offer? Audio books, templates, checklist samples from, you know, samples from other products.

Very good one, Don Crowder. He gave me this take a course. That’s a video course, strip the audio and offer it as an audio course, sell it for $97. You know, if it’s say a thousand dollars course or a 4 97, sell it as an audio course, a video course, you know, a companion video course, instead of offering it as a pre-order bonus offered as an upsell. A recording of you teaching to a live audience, you know, it could be a great upsell, a book bundle, you know, there’s something we’ve done with some clients where it’s like, okay, would you like to add nine more books to your order? You know, at a steeply discounted price that you can share with your friends or your team.

Especially like in the leadership space, we could have done that here. We probably would have done like add five books. And instead of, I think the book retailed for $28, we probably would have sold them like, you know, barely above cost. So maybe 15 bucks, those could be things. An invitation to alive, you know, a live event. That’s, you know, the tickets, you know, 15 to $47 affiliates get, you know, 40 to 50% commissions on these things you can do as high as, you know, even higher, if you want it to that’s where they make their money.

Because clearly if they’re going here and clicking over to Amazon, they’re not making anything that does that link. Doesn’t go to their Amazon account. You know? So this is where they’re making money is on the back end. If you do a free plus shipping, clearly nobody’s making any money on the book. You’re probably going to lose a little bit of money. So from there they go to the order form, which we already showed, you know, already saw that just recaps the offer has a couple of, you know, testimonials all the fun stuff. And then this allows them to add the quick start guide for $7. I will tell you, in this campaign, I think about half the people took this.

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So it was just an instant seven bucks added on boom, you know, to the order. I hate to say this, but easy money, easy money. You know, they just click that ads on the smart leadership Quickstart guide for just $7, which I think it normally retails for 17, they click, you know, complete the order and go from there. This goes to the second upsell offer. Again, they’re customizing their order requires action, blah, blah, blah, to prevent double charges, do not press back reload or close this page.

That’s just something we kind of felt like we needed to put on there because people kept doing it. It also kind of in a way serves to, I don’t know, kind of in a way serves to sell the product a little bit, but you can see it’s got a picture of that. You can put in whatever you want here. Again, they can click, no, thanks. I don’t need this. And that would take them to the page that you’re going to see next, which is the thank you page. But if they do, we’ve already collected their card information. So it’s a one-click upsell. So you don’t have to go through and now enter the information again, you just, when you click this button, I can’t do it here because I haven’t entered my card information and no offense to any of you, but I am not entering my credit card information live on this, but they click that and it’s a one-click upsell, you know, for them, which then takes them to the thank you page.

Now, if at any point they skipped any of this, it would take them to this page as well. And so how that works with affiliates is all of those upsells, they’re getting a commission in this campaign. We did 40%. We’ll often do 50%, but they’re getting paid on those upsells. I do want you guys, if you guys have any questions about any of this, drop those for me, just feel free to hit me up with any questions in the chat there. And I just wanna make sure I can see this over here to get that pulled up. Cool. If you guys have any questions at all, let me know. I want to make sure I answer them for you, but that’s where they go from there is to that final, thank you page.

So now the big question is how do I unshare? All right, cool. I think I’m unsharing, right? My back on. Awesome. So that’s the process there that they go through from, from start to finish, you know, as far as how we sell them on the book and how they redeem it and all that, you can do it with a free plus shipping. You can do it with a totally free book. You can do it with, you know, what we did, where you go buy it elsewhere and come back. The big thing is you, they have to claim their bonuses. That’s how you get them into the funnel.

All right. So if you guys want to see another recap we did, this is a few years ago. We ran Jeff Goins. We ran a couple of Jeff Goins, his book launches, and one of them was for a book called real artists. Don’t starve. And we put up a recap of that. This is probably back in 2017 or 18, but the principles have not changed at all. Just to be clear Mattmcwilliams.com forward slash will he Alan put it up on the, on the screen there, rads recap, real artists don’t starve recap, but that right there is the mechanics of the launch. Like this basic model has worked time and time again.

So if you want a behind the scenes, look at another book launch where I go more into the affiliate side, go check out that recap of Jeff Goins is real artists don’t starve book launch a few years ago. Go super in depth into that. Hey, Gina. And Hey Luke. So again, guys, if you have any questions before we wrap up, let me know I want to make sure I answer those before we go, but I do want to leave you with some action items. Okay. It’s a very quick look at just that process. A couple of things real quick that I know people have asked before, before we get into the action items. Number one, how do you set those up? How do you set those pages up? We use ClickFunnels. We use ClickFunnels. I’m not necessarily recommending them over anybody else, but if you want to get ClickFunnels, I think you get a trial.

If you just go to Mattmcwilliams.com/toolbox, scroll down, and you can click on that, the link for ClickFunnels there, it’s just Mattmcwilliams.com/ClickFunnels, I believe. And part of the reason why I like that is just the ability to add things like the order bump that you saw. You know, if you remember on that order page, there was that order, you know, just check here, there’s that order bump and the one-click upsells. There’s some funnel stuff where you just can’t do that with you. Can’t do the things like that. You can set up great funnels, but they don’t function where it’s easier for the user.

And I think of one click upsells and, you know, an order bumps. It’s how do I turn a $35 order into a $48 order? It’s not necessarily, how do I turn a $35 order into a $200 cart value? It’s how do I, how do I just get basically a free twenty-five 30% extra? And no matter what you’re selling, if I just told you, basically for no effort whatsoever, you can get an extra 25%, would you do it? Duh, you know, it’s like, you don’t even, it’s not like first-class on an airplane where no they’re going to serve you more. And there’s less seeds. You know, they can only put two in a row on a side instead of three, like there’s a cost to the airline to have you pay more for first class.

There’s basically no cost. Other than the, in this case as a physical product, if it’s a digital product, it’s just free money. It is just free money. So we use ClickFunnels again, I don’t necessarily recommend them or not recommend them. It depends on personal preference, but there are some book funnels in there. Kind of pre-made we did not use one.

We custom made that. So my recommendation is go back through this, watch the replay, take screenshots, and you can funnel hack the pages. You know, you could basically just create, oh, here, I’m going to throw an order form here. I’m going to put this over there. And you could basically clone that because I’m going to tell you right now, my book funnel, when we hit January of next year is going to look basically identical to that. You know, we’ll actually probably start our launch in mid December and go through launch date. So it’s going to look basically almost identical. We’re going to pretty much clone that book front of which that book funnel was a clone of one that we did for another client with a few exceptions, with a few differences.

So pretty much there. So those action items that I promised. Number one, I just want to leave you some clear action items. Like these are your clear next steps, right? Number one, listen to the series I’m doing right now on books. All right. So go listen to go. Listen to those first two episodes that are already out, how to find affiliates for your book launch or really any launch. And secondly, kind of the behind the, the mechanics of the launch, like how do you actually work with affiliates in a book launch? Okay, those two are live.

Next, we have one coming up. How to work, affiliate, marketing into your book, and then an interview with Chandler bolt on how to write, publish, and sell your first book. So go listen to that series. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast, by the way, whatever you’re using Spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcasts. Just make sure you subscribe. So you don’t miss an episode on that. Secondly, if you need help writing and publishing your book, okay, go to that URL. I mentioned earlier, published.com forward slash Matt. You get a hundred percent free copy of published from Chandler bolt. I mentioned it earlier. I showed you the page like there’s no gimmicks here. You don’t, it’s not like you have to pay $7, even though it’s completely free. I sit on the podcast. I think he’s clinically insane for doing that.

I am not going to do that. My book is not going to be completely free. First of all, the publisher won’t let me do that. Even if I wanted to, they’re not going to let me do it. That’s actually really, I don’t even need another reason. You know, that’s pretty much it. So go grab a free copy.

I love the book. I actually, I just, I moved, I had it over here up until yesterday. I moved it over to my office, but that’s the book I’ve been using as kind of a guide throughout this process. I’m reading right now. Some of the marketing stuff in the book, just to refresh my mind on marketing the book. And there’s a few things that I was reminded of that I kind of forgotten, you know, some basics in book marketing that reading his book helped me with.

If you need help writing, it goes through that. Like how to mind map and how to outline, how to get the first draft done pretty quickly, how to edit, how to save a crap ton of money on the editing process. Because I’m going to tell you, I’m not paying for it, like directly the publisher is paying for it. I guarantee you, my publisher spending 20, $25,000 on editing this book. That’s a lot of money, you know, and I’m really glad I don’t have to pay it up front.

So, you know, you want to save like oh I’ll say it’s going to cost us 20, or you want to say about 18,000. He walks you through how to do that in the book. Third action item. I just told him two fingers. That was weird. Third action item. Check out the real artists. Don’t starve. Recap, where we talk about that book launch. We’ve got the URL up for you. It’s just Mattmcwilliams.com/ R a D S for real artists don’t starve recap. So go check out that recap. So you can see a little bit more behind the scenes of what we did to get our affiliates rocking.

And then lastly, reach out to me. If you have questions about today’s lesson, you have questions about anything, anything at all, related to your business or affiliate marketing, running an affiliate program. Book launches doesn’t matter. You can text me anytime at 2 6 0 2 1 7 4 6 1 9 2 6 0 2 1 7 4 6 1 9. Feel free to text me any time. And I said this earlier, if you know anybody, you’re like, I know somebody who needs to hear, they need to see that they’ve got a book launch coming up.

They need to see what Matt just shared. Make sure you share this with them. So they get, they get the good stuff from this. And then Allen, we’re going to be live a week from today. What are we talking about a week from now. We are talking about how to steal your competitors affiliates. That kind of sounds juicy. You know why? Because it is juicy. It’s really How to steal your competitor’s affiliates. Guys. This can be super fun. Thursday, February 24th, 2022, a lot of twos in here, 2:00 PM Eastern. So make sure you mark your calendar. Just go ahead and put it in your calendar.

We’ll send in an email out later with all the details on that, but we’re going to be right here in one week, same bat, time and channel teaching you how to steal your competitor’s, affiliate. I’m going to share the story that I don’t know if I’ve shared it publicly. I might’ve shared it on like a random podcast at some point with somebody else, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared the story about the, like the big catalyst. I’ll just tell you guys.

I started my first affiliate program in 2005. You guys, many of you know that story right around, well we were right on Memorial day, basically 2005. We took it from zero to over a million dollars a month in 18 months, but we took it from zero to a hundred thousand in about six months from that six month mark until the nine month mark, we got it up to about half a million, like pretty, you know, it was like nice and slow. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Going from zero to a hundred thousand dollars a month in six months was really cool. Like what we teach works there, but there’s something that happened. And I’m just going to say this.

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Sometimes life presents you opportunities and you get lucky or you just, something falls in your lap now to go from a hundred thousand to half a million. If that thing had fell in our lap and we’d done nothing with it, we’d have still been in a hundred thousand, but I did something with it. I’m going to share that in the next episode. And we went boom, full on hockey, stick growth over the next three months.

And then we still grew by another half million over the next nine months to get to over a million all from basically probably 900,000 that was stealing our competitors affiliates. And I’m gonna show you how to do that in our next live lesson. So come back for that, mark your calendars. We’ll send out the details. Again, if you have any questions, text me 2 6 0 2 1 7 4 6 1 9 and we’ll see you next week. Bye guys. See you next week.


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