Read any books lately? If so, you may have found yourself staring at them a few months later struggling to even remember what you learned…never mind IMPLEMENTING the great ideas you were exposed to.

You’re not alone…

Happens all the time.

You buy the book, read through it, and then…BOOM!…life intervenes…

And the opportunity to get any LASTING value you can use to make your life or business better disappears…

Why? Because you don’t put what you learned into practice.

The key is to become an ACTIVE reader…

Here are three ways to do it…

1. Start journaling or taking notes in the margins.

Writing things down helps imprint them in your brain. It reinforces what you read.

2. Listen while you read.

The combination of Auditory Learner and the book enhances your ability to INTERNALIZE what you learn. But to implement, you need to buy a book. You can buy Turn Your Passions Into Profits here!

3. Start a book club.

Can’t get simpler than this. I started one with my friend Hunter. We were the only two in it! It led me to starting my first blog. All you do is find a couple of friends and you can share the lessons learned and big takeaways on a regular basis. It’s all about implementing what you learn.

You can start becoming an ACTIVE reader by grabbing my new book, Turn Your Passions Into Profits (along with $785 in FREE bonuses).

And while you’re reading, highlight key passages. Make notes while you go along.

You can STILL pre-order your copy and get nearly $1,000 in exclusive bonuses…including a bonus lesson on creating your avatar…but you only have a few days left to get the pre-order bonuses!

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4 thoughts on “How To Get More From The Books You Read

  1. Pete Morris says:

    First heard you on the Side Hustle podcast – thought worth investigating your podcasts. Is your book on audible?

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      We do Pete!

      Links to everything are at passionsintoprofitsbook.com

      Audible is through the Amazon link 🙂

      1. Lu Ann Terrell says:

        Where is the link for your recommended reading?

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