There is a killer myth that says that most of your sales will come from only a few affiliates. This myth is so pervasive that I have literally heard one of the top names. Someone you all know. One of the top names in the internet marketing space claimed this as a statement of FACT from stage. In fact, the exact quote they used is this: “90% of your sales will come from your top 3 to 5 affiliates.” Let me be brutally clear here: This is nothing more than a cop out. An excuse to not work with smaller affiliates. An excuse to go out and get your 3 or 4 best buddies and a few other people and call it a day. Today, I share why this myth is flat out WRONG and how to develop an ARMY of loyal, dedicated affiliates of all sizes.

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2 thoughts on “MYTH: Most of Your Sales Will Come from Only a Few Affiliates

  1. Hey Matt, I have been following you for a few years now and replied to one of your podcast a few months back about putting together an affiliate program. I received an email in response, in reference to a future podcast that would be live sometime in August, but lost the email. Yeah…I know right up there with my dog ate it. Anyway… I know that you have many podcast covering this topic, but I am looking for a step by step outline for those of us that are (not) tech savvy. I had seen you and Thembie online through a email/link you had sent shortly after Covid started, discussing her Virtual Assistants and their services. I was wondering if you have a link to contact her in reference to hiring a VA/Month for (unlimited) tech work, if it is still being offered? Also, if you have a step by step process to set up an Affiliate Program available I would like to purchase it and give it to one of her VA’s, to finally get the Affiliate Program set up on my site. I have been trying to figure this out for years, literally and just want to get this done. I have about 60 Affiliates interested and want to do this ASAP. After everything is set up, I plan to hire an Affiliate Manager to help promote it and at that point would like to know a bit more about your ideas for commission structure before it goes live. Thanks Matt!

    Looking Forward,
    Elisa L.

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