Want to know how to triple your sales on webinars when affiliates are promoting them? Then you’re in the right place because today I’m sharing my secrets for making more sales on your webinars, especially when affiliates are promoting them. These specific strategies have worked for dozens of our clients to triple their webinar sales…and they will work for you, too!

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How to Triple Your Webinar Sales with Affiliates

Webinars are one of the best ways to get more leads, more sales, and more great affiliates. They’re also an easy way to promote something that benefits your audience.Today, I’ll share how you can use affiliate webinars to grow your business.

So I did a promo back in the fall of 2001. I think that was a little bit different than what we usually promote.

And, you know, it didn’t really, like, kind of square up exactly with my niche, you know, and I wanted to do, we did some private content for a small group of our audience where we discussed that, you know, first of all, okay, promoting something that’s a little bit outside of your niche, how do you do that?

But how do you tie it into your niche? And we talk about that in this episode. We also talk about webinars from both ways. Why promoting JV webinars?

Affiliate webinars one of the quickest ways to grow your list, how to use it to get affiliates to promote you. We also talk about in this episode what you should ask affiliate managers and what you should ask your partners for so that you can have the best promotion. And then we also talk about how to use encore webinars to, quite frankly, double or triple your sales. We found some success with that.

We’ve had issues with that in the past, and so we cover a lot in this episode. This was originally a private, kind of behind the scenes lesson for some of our members, but we wanted to open it up to the public here on the podcast. I’m super excited to share this because I think there’s just a ton of lessons inside of this one big lesson. So again, ultimately, it’s all about how to use webinars to grow your business, how to use affiliate webinars to grow your business.

And I mentioned before, I think it was like four or five episodes ago, I said, hey, if you want to know, kind of our framework for webinars, I’ve done two live webinars, really small, intentionally, really small. These are both brand new webinars. Well, not brand new like, they’ve tweaked webinars, but we’ve made some tweaks. And the one we closed, 17% of live attendees.

The most recent one we closed almost. We almost hit 25%. If we’d had one less person on, we would have closed 25%. So we’re really killing it with these webinars.

Like, they’re converting extremely well. And if you want to know how we do it, then shoot me a text at 260-217-4619 and if I get enough people who text me, I’m going to do. It’s going to have to be at least a two episode, probably three episodes. Might even have to do an entire month.

And it would be like next March. It would be a while from now because we’ve got content planned through. Gosh, when do we have content planned through? Looks right now.

Looks like we’ve got our content for the podcast planned through March 28 of next year. So it will be next April. So going y’all, like almost a year from now? Just crazy to think about that.

What is that? That’s, uh, don’t know when this one’s going to go live, but that’s like seven months from now. But either way, text me at 260-217-4619 and I’ll probably do a series. And plus I’ll have a little bit more dialed in.

Right then I’ll do a series on what we’re doing in webinars that’s converting. So if you’re interested, let me know about that. With that, I’m going to cut to this private interview that I did with Robby Miles, who’s our operations manager on our team, about this webinar promotion that we did. So we talked about it from all the different angles.

Again, the angle of promoting something outside your niche, but also, you know, working with affiliates on your webinars and being an affiliate on your webinar, we share tons of tips in there. So listen up and learn because I think this is some valuable stuff. There were some revelations for us that we share in this episode. So listen up and learn.

And do me a favor. At the end of this episode, shoot me a text again.260-217-4619 I’d love to hear from you. All right, let me cut to that interview now.

Matt: Welcome back to another backstage pass. We’re going to take you on a deep dive into a recent affiliate promo, unlike any other affiliate promo that we’ve ever done, that we did just about a month ago or so. And, well, we’re going to be doing it again soon. We’ll talk about that at the end.

So I want to welcome Robby Miles on our team, who is our head of operations and the guy who, well, quite frankly, anytime we do one of these backstage fastest and we look back at, you know, here’s what we learned and here’s what we did. He’s the guy that remembers it all, and then I just stand here and talk about it. So, Robby. Welcome, man.

Robby: Hey, you know, it’s easy to remember things when you have a pen and paper around, so.

Matt: Well, that’s Robby’s skillset. For those who don’t know, we did a Facebook live recently and I think somebody said, oh, so the business secret is I need a Robby. And I was like, yeah. And I think you said, yes, you do. Yes, you do. Yes, you do.

You know, just not this one. And so. But it is true, you know, that’s not my skill set, the organizational side of things. And so we have a Robby whose name, ironically, is Robby, and he keeps us on track.

So Robby, I’m excited about today because we’re talking about the affiliate program that we did recently. So as we’re recording this in December, and I believe it’ll go live for you guys in December, this is a promo we did a little bit over a month ago, so it’s still really fresh in our minds and it’s really outside of my niche. That’s actually the cool thing about it, makes me really excited to talk about this. And there’s some things that we did that we’ve never had to do before that are lessons for you.

Things that we did that we had to do before that are lessons for you guys. And I’m just really excited to share this. So I’m going to jump right in and explain the promo real quick and kind of the backstory to it. So as you may notice, if you watched some of the original aim backstage passes, I look a little bit different than I did in the original ones.

And I think we launched aim, if I’m not mistaken, we launched aim when I was a wee bit into my weight loss journey, but not way into it.

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Robby: Yeah, just a couple months, if I remember.

Matt: I think because we pre recorded some of the content, some of the content would have been about two and a half months in. So I’d probably lost about 20 ish pounds at that point.

But it’s still come a long, long way since then. In total, my doctor says about 88 pounds of fat is roughly probably about 91, 92 by now. And the reason I say of fat is because I actually only, I say only. I’ve only lost 56 pounds or something, but I’ve also put on some muscle and so that’s why he says about 80 something pounds of fat there.

And, you know, the revelation that I had earlier this year was just, you know, we teach so much about marketing techniques and marketing strategies and marketing, you know, affiliate marketing, how to make more money, how to monetize, how to have more influence and impact in the world. Those are all great things, but for many people, their weight is holding them back. I can teach you all the best marketing strategies. I can teach you all the best email copy.

I can teach you how to be confident on camera. There’s one for you. How to be confident. News flash.

I was never confident on camera before I did them. I produced videos, some really good videos, some impactful and life changing videos for people. I was never confident on camera. I am now.

And so I realized that you can have all the best stuff, but if you’re just not confident in just who you are in appearance is just appearances and everything, but it’s just a part of who we are, you know? I mean, the example I’ve always have used when I talk to people about this is there’s the old joke or thing, you know, you picture the audience naked, you know? Right. If you’re nervous about what?

If you were naked, like, I don’t care. It’s not about looking good or anything. You want to tell me? Okay, we’ll go like your boxers, right?

Who’s my friend? Skivvies. Your skivvies. Skivvies, yeah.

If you had to go up on stage, I don’t care if you look amazing, right? And you had to go up on stage and deliver a talk about marketing or gardening or productivity or high performance or being a real estate agent in your underwear, would you be comfortable? It’s just your appearance. I mean, all that matters, right, is the content.

No, your appearance does matter. If you had to go up, you’re going to deliver a presentation to a group full of, you know, professional real estate agents, for an example. And you went up there and you had a green mohawk, you know, one of those greens and like, you know, piercings all over your face and you’re covered in tattoos, and you’re going to talk about generating more real estate leads. Your appearance is going to distract, detract, and distract from the message.

So appearance does matter. And I said to Alan Thomas, my friend and now a coach, you know, my weight loss coach said, this is holding me back. This weight is holding back. And the revelation I had a few months ago, Robby, was, this is affecting other people.

And so I asked Alan, Alan’s in our start, mastermind. And he’s just getting started with this platform. He’s been at it for about a year. He’s coaching people just like me and helping them. He’s helped men lose literally thousands of pounds now.

Robby: There wasn’t a huge push like, get to this webinar, make your $10,000 now or whatever else. All that kind of in your face Internet marketing. And sometimes we push that when we’re in a big launch or something like that. But this was just like, it felt more like what we talk about asks and gives. This felt more like a give in the marketing. It was, hey, we want to help you.

Matt:Yeah, man. I think you just kind of reminded me that, like, the way that we were able to market this was just telling my story. All I did was just tell the story. That’s all. I’m assuming. Again, I didn’t watch her campaign, but I’m assuming that’s all that Kathy did.

Or literally, you look at anything where people are promoting things that are, quote unquote, outside of their niche and they’re just telling their story about how this thing helped them or why they might need this thing. I think the other important thing is, again, when you care about your audience, like, I cared more about serving my audience and saying, like, no, I get that this isn’t the norm. This is not the norm. And I, again, you acknowledge that when you’re promoting stuff.

The lesson here is when you’re promoting things that are outside of your niche or they’re out to the size more, you know, you gotta acknowledge the fact that it is. I didn’t come out and say, you know, this is right on par with, I didn’t come out and I thought I would do that. I never said anywhere, like, hey, this is my normal thing today. No, I never said, I didn’t send an email going, like, just out of left field, like, where people are going, why is he talking about this?

You have to explain why you’re talking about things. When I send an email and say, hey, I just did a new podcast and we’re talking about how to find affiliates. Nobody goes, why would he send me that? And that’s what you signed up for.

But when you are sending something to something, you have to explain it. There has to be that backstory. So we started off the very first email, if I remember correctly. Hey, this was me 15 months ago. This is me now. Very visual, but also, okay, he’s going somewhere with this. And here’s how I did it. And then we positioned Alan and we told Alan’s story.

We said, hey, if this sounds like it might be helpful to you, then it’s going to be helpful to you. If you believe that, your voice holding you back, you need to come to this. If you believe that this could potentially transform your life, then come to this. That story is what is super important.

Now, if I didn’t have that story, but I knew Alan, because now he’s reaching out. You know, we’re encouraging him. He’s in our masterminds. One of the things that we talked about is like, dude, you got to be, you know, I told him, I want you to spend 20 hours a week reaching out to potential jv partners.

All these other people who aren’t affected by him, he’s not coached them, but they know his story, and so they can say, hey, my friend Alan lost 129 pounds in whatever, it’s like 300 days or something. He went from being obese for two decades to being a very fit man in less than a year. And he said to me that his weight was holding him back. Well, if it’s holding you back now, you can basically tell the exact same.

The marketing can be the exact same. From that point forward, it was a little bit easier because I had the personal story. And so look for those products where if they’re outside of your niche, but you believe that they have transformed something that you’ve done. I think of like, Kara Andretta teaches cake decorating.

She was a top 20 partner for Michael Hyatt’s goal setting course. You know, it makes sense when you did really well in that a few years ago, that makes sense. You’re the productivity guide. Goal setting, you know, two peas and a fod.

Right? No idea why I did that. For this. They go together like peanut butter and tuna fish, you know, and it makes sense.

But cake decorating in goal setting, like, well, who again? Who’s her audience? Entrepreneurs who are cake decorators. Entrepreneurs need to, what, set goals?

It’s off to the side, but it definitely makes sense if she explains. If she just came out right away and said, hey, Michael Hyatt released a new thing all about goal setting. I’m sorry, what? But if she explains it in the context and introduces it softly, then transitions into, quote unquote, normal marketing, very effective.

So we talked about the beginning. We talked about how Alan had never promoted a JV offer before, and we’ve never really promoted anything that was this far outside of our lane. So one of the cool things that this can apply both ways, you know, we really try to focus on being an affiliate inside of aim. But I’ll just give you this tip that one of the best ways to find affiliates is to be an affiliate, you know, and to basically do webinar swaps.

Now, we’re not doing that with Alan. I did this, you know, on some level for him, you know, to be perfectly transparent, again, he’s in our mastermind. He’s a dear friend, and he’s completely changed my life. So there’s no, like, Alan, you got to promote our affiliate marketing stuff to your audience now.

Like, that’s not on the table at all. If he chooses to, great. But I never once asked them to do that. But finding those people who maybe where you’re both doing it for the first time, you know, finding those people where you both have a small list, maybe you both have a list of 700, 800, 900 people.

I think Alan’s list before this was under 800. I think it was like 750 people. Typically, we partner when we promote people, there are people with list of 200,000, 100,000, maybe 35,000 on the small end. But we, there is an opportunity when you’re first starting out, to look for partners both ways that are much smaller.

For one, when you’re doing these webinars, like, if this had been, you know, let’s just say this was our very first affiliate promo. Did I want to do it where I’m doing it with, you know, somebody who’s got a certain level of expectation. You know, let’s say we had 800 people on our list. The reality is, if you have 100 people on your list, we’re probably going to get like ten people to show up for the webinar, maybe 15.

I don’t want to have 15 people on somebody’s list who’s used to having a thousand. And so there’s a certain level there. The other thing for him is he doesn’t want to be on a webinar where there’s a thousand people. And you don’t either.

If you’ve never done one before, you want to be on where there’s 10 or 15 or 20 people. And so it’s an opportunity for you to work your way in, I was gonna say,

Robby: and you talk about this all the time within start. And a lot of that’s getting in your reps. And how do you get in your reps is you do that at a smaller level, a practice level, and not that it wasn’t professional what you got the webinar that you guys did, but because it was a smaller audience, it’s a great opportunity to practice your professionalism at that smaller level.

So, and now, as he does this again and again and again, that webinar is just going to get better and better and better and better and so are the products that he puts together for you.

Matt: Yeah. And if you’re doing a webinar, again, we’re speaking more from the, you know, finding affiliates out here. But just think about this way.

Like I see so many times, I just got to go out and I got to get that one. If I could just get that one person. It’s like the author saying, if I could just get on Oprah, right? What if Tim Ferriss had just waited to get on Oprah?

JK Rowling had waited to get on Oprah, we would never have heard of either one of them. So rather than get on Oprah, what if you’re on WKCL in Denton, Texas, just trying to pick a random place, then you’re on w ABC on. And I think that’s in New York City. So it’s a bad example.

But you’re on some podium in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and you’re going one by one and people are like, well, that’s just harder than getting the one. Well, do you have the one? Did you get on Oprah? How much longer is it going to take you to get on Oprah?

And why would Oprah have somebody on who hasn’t even, you get on, you’re like, I don’t even know what to say because I’ve never done it before. Now you go on Oprah after you’ve been on 300 radio interviews and you’re like, boom, got my talking points. I’m in. You got your stories down, all that stuff.

And so that’s what we talk about with the reps. It’s like, do the smaller ones you want to get in front of. Everybody wants to do the one webinar with 4000 people. Oh, man, I just want to do a webinar with 4000 people on it.

How about just do 40 webinars with 100 people? Here’s the deal. You’re much more likely to get one with 4000 people if you’ve done 40 with 100 or even 80 with 50 or 120 with 33. 3

people, you know, or 200 with 20 people, and you’ll be a million times better. So I’m going to tell, I’m going to tell you guys again, getting a little bit off track here, but here’s what I told Alan afterwards. I said, go do it again. And again and again.

I said, dude, if I were you initially, I told him I was like, every Thursday I would be doing a webinar. I don’t care if it’s for your internal audience and you have six people on or if it’s a JV webinar, and you have two people on or 30 people on or whatever. Just get in the reps, get in the reps, get in the reps. Then I was like, you know what?

Thursday is not enough. I said, you got to get this, like, really cranked up. I said, I would be doing an internal webinar every Tuesday, come h*** or high water. I would probably be doing one on Wednesday to your paid traffic, and then I’d be doing one on Thursday with a JV.

And I said, I don’t care if you’re jv ing with, like, one of your clients who does nothing but post it on his personal Facebook page. Nine people show up Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, every single week. I said, it only takes about ten weeks before you got 30 reps in and you started to refine those stories. And then you, you know, like, I was sharing with him, and I’ll share with you guys, like, the little things, like, we’ve done this where, I don’t know, I was doing a presentation that I’ve done five times, and then suddenly I said something, and when I said it, I leaned in like this.

And we went, oh, that was good. So now what does it say in the script? Lean in. Because if I don’t put it in the script, I’m never going to personally remember to do that again.

I might do it randomly, just thinking about. I just go like that. But the only reason I did that was, like, just that morning I’ve been watching Zig Ziglar. And he does that move when he, you know, he asks a deep question and it’s the same thing.

He puts the arm over and he leans in like that and asked the question. If he was speaking on a stage, he would get down on one knee, always the same way. And it was the same move. So I had it somewhere in my subconscious, but when I deliver it two weeks later, I might not even think about that.

So now it says in the script, now, when we studied what I did, we noticed there were parts where suddenly I started talking a little bit faster because I was really excited. But I actually needed to pause between sentences and give the audience some time to think about what I was saying. Like, even just there, you know, I slowed down. You don’t know those things until you’ve just gotten in the reps and observed and studied and watched your own presentations.

And so that’s the beauty of working with small partners both ways. The cool thing is it’s also a heck of a lot easier to get somebody who’s got 1000 people on their list to say, yeah, I’ll host a webinar with you and you can host one with me, and it’s a lot easier to get them to switch. And then, you know, you get your reps in, but also they host a webinar with you and you grow your list by 50 people like that. When you’re starting out, there’s very little you can do in an hour of your time to get 50 people on your list.

Because even if they don’t show up, they’re on your list. I don’t know what most of you, when you’re starting out, can do with an hour of your time to get 50 people on your list. Please tell me, I’m asking for a friend.

Robby: We’ll add it to list launch challenge.

Matt: Here’s the deal. You know, 8 hours a day, that’s 400 subscribers a day. There are not many people out there adding 400 qualified people to their list every single day.

Robby: Exactly.

Matt: So even you say, oh, only I have 50 people in my loan. I want to work with the big boys. Well, work with the small. And then, you know, do ten of those and then go up to people with 2000 people and then 3000.

Work your way up. Because here’s the thing. If you do ten of those, let’s say you have 500 people on your list and you do ten with people and you get 50 subscribers. Now you have 1000 subscribers.

A little bit of attrition, but just work with me here. Now you can go after people who’ve got slightly bigger lists because you’ve got something to offer. Now they’re sending 80. You do ten of those, you’ve got 1800 subscribers.

Even with attrition, you got 1500. Now you’ve got more. To offer somebody with 2000, they’re sending 100. You do ten of those.

Now you got 2500, you got something to offer somebody with 3000, they’ll send you 125, and so on. And now you’re only having to do eight of them to get to another thousand. And then so on, so forth.

Robby: And on the affiliate side there, it’s important to remember that you’re getting your reps in too.

If they bring you on at all, you’re getting in front of your audience in a way that serves them. Plus, you are practicing that webinar thing. That way when you grow your business to that point, you will know how to do it, how to host the webinars, how to use the training. You will have seen the webinars enough that especially the more different programs that you can work with, you’ll start to understand what you like and what connects with you and what you can put into your webinars in the future, which, you know,

Matt: that’s a really good point.

I mean, you’re attending webinars and learning from them and seeing how your audience, like, it’s not just, it’s different when you attend a webinar, right, as an attendee, because you’re trying to, like, learn stuff, right? When you’re on there and you’re watching how your audience responds to them and the things that they do, and you’re making notes like, oh, when he did that, my audience really? That’s good. You know it all.

Robby: You’re in the chat with them.

Matt: Yeah.

Robby: Like, you can have that conversation and some of that material is gold because it’s you connecting straight with your audience.

Matt: Yeah.

And then with the smaller ones too. I didn’t even think about this. But the smaller ones, like, there’s something about, you know, now he’s blown up. You know, our friend Jonathan Milligan, I mean, we started promoting Jonathan when he definitely didn’t have a list of more than a few thousand people.

You know, and yet we introduced tons of people in our audience. Like, we still hear about it from, like, Phil and Gwen and Mary. I’m trying to think of a few others that we introduced him, that we actually. I think that was probably it.

Jim Folsom, we introduced all them. They still follow Jonathan, and to them, it was like we introduced them to a hidden gem. If we promote Jeff Walker, it’s like, yeah, they’ve all heard of Jeff Walker. We promote Ryan Levesque.

I mean, yeah, the product’s great. We sell a lot of them. We make a lot of money. But it’s like, yeah, I already know who that guy is.

You know. Yeah, I bought through your link map because I wanted you to get the commission and I wanted your bonuses, but it wasn’t like, a man. Thank you so much for introducing me to Stu McLaren. You know, it’s like, I heard of him.

I’ve been listening to his podcast for three years, dude. You know, there’s this, like, I’m introducing them to, like, underground heroes, you know, and, like, these people that they’ve never heard of. And it’s really, really cool, these subject matter experts. And then we’re growing our list together.

A lot of times we end up in masterminds together. We have a certain connection together. You know, the marketing is a lot easier sometimes, and there’s just. I don’t know, it’s just.

It’s a really cool experience to kind of do that together. So look for people who, you know, they’re at your level or one level above. You know, certainly the one level above can still be like the. You know, they’re not bunt singles, but you can hit some doubles with those people.

Stop trying to go for the home runs initially. Again, you do enough of these, and eventually you wake up one day and you have a list of 45,000 people, and you can, you know, so there’s probably a lesson for us. Robby, let’s do more of these with, you know, some people. The third thing we talked about was, I think, what you called it, a list of demands to make.

I called it things to ask for. One of us was being polite. You know, the cool thing about this is, like, with somebody doing a first time webinar, or even if they’d done a couple, they don’t know necessarily what to give you as an affiliate. So you, as the affiliate, get to set the rules.

And we basically said, alan, okay, here’s what we need. And he had to get it to us. And that’s the cool thing. About this is like, you get to say those things, but he feels like, oh, my gosh, you guys did such a service.

Like, he told me the other day that because we forced him to do it, it’s like now he has everything ready for all these other JV partners, all these people he’s doing webinars with. He’s like, well, here’s the file that’s already done. Like, I know, here’s your link, here’s the file, here’s all the images.

Robby: Here’s what the landing page looks like.

Matt: Yeah,

Robby: he’s done now. I would say 90% to 95% of the work, and it’s just plug and play going forward for him.

Matt: And so when you’re approaching somebody, the lesson there is, you know, don’t be afraid to hold their hand. Robby, you were super helpful.

Alan. I mean, he. I don’t know if I told you this. Maybe I did, but he and I were talking afterward.

He were just talking about, like, you know, how things went. He’s like, I gotta tell you, Robby is. He’s got a little bit of a sudden action. He’s like, Robby is just the nicest.

He might be the nicest person I’ve ever talked to. I don’t know if I.

Robby: Did I tell you that he didn’t say that.

Matt:Well, yeah, he was super complimentary.And I mean, you spent, what, half hour, maybe more? I probably spent.

Robby: Yeah, half hour to an hour with him, just walking him through landing page setup and different types of emails that he would want to send, what his introduction automation should look like. Just some of the stuff that, as an affiliate, we would expect.

Because part of what we were doing was trying to set him up to do his future webinars.

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Matt: Yeah, exactly.

Robby: And so giving him the tools and kind of the marketing ideas of, okay, here’s what an affiliate is looking for. You know, it’s the same things that anybody watching this is looking for.

What do you want? You want to have some swipe copy, right? You don’t want to have to write everything that goes into all your emails. You want to have your landing page that’s set up.

You want to hope that when you’re sharing, you know, a webinar with your audience, that they have some sort of welcome sequence instead of just show up, show up, show up, show up, because that gets really boring. So he had a whole welcome sequence with his story and phase that in over a couple of days. So everything that you’re looking for as an affiliate, you can share that with somebody if they haven’t done a JV promo before, and it’s just an opportunity to work with each other to build both of your platforms.

Matt: Yeah, I mean, I didn’t even, like, this is not why we did this with Alan, but we did it with Alan because he’s in start, so he’s in our mastermind, and we just, like, we wanted to help him, you know?

I don’t know that I ever would have done it for anybody else, but I’m glad that we did because it showed that, like, we can help him. And then, of course, we succeed more because he has better marketing, and he’s going to remember that. Like, he’s. I mean, that was just over a month ago, and he just brought you up on the call the other day.

Like, he still remembers. He still. When we talked the other day was like, oh, my gosh, you guys, that email that you sent, you know, as an affiliate, because he’s on our list. Like, that email that you sent, I’m totally having, you know, JV partners send that.

It’s like, we might want to edit a little bit, you know? I mean, that was a good email, man. Don’t copy it. Exactly.

No, I’m just kidding. But, like, I think for. He’s learning. Here’s the thing, Robby.

Robby: When you do this for your partners, they will remember it, which means they will want to promote you more, and they will want to tell other people.

Matt: To do JV webinars with you.And again, you know, you end up expanding your list and expanding your influence and possibly they might even tell somebody.This is the thing I found is like, Alan’s really good friends.

He has 700 people on his list.Actually, it’s now in the 800s because, you know, doing with us.

But like, he has a friend, one particular friend that would be a really good partner for us that he’s really, really tight with is another friend that actually is already one of our top partners.

But that’s the point.But he has another one that would be a really good partner.And there’s a certain level of influence there that, you know, could mean good things for us.So anyway,

Robby: yeah, I was going to say the other thing that I thought was really cool about this is it kind of put us in that beginner mindset again.Like sometimes it’s really easy to get really far out there and be like, we know what we’re doing and we’re going to run these promos.

And it was so good for us to step back and be like, okay, as a beginner affiliate, essentially, what do we need?What’s the minimum swipe copy we need?What are the minimum tools that we need in order to promote this?

And so having that beginner mind is just a wonderful way for you to check what you’re doing and make sure that you’re really connecting with your audience and doing that.Serving like we were talking about before.

Matt: Yeah, there’s a lot you can learn.That really is the ultimate lesson is you’re going to learn so much from each other, and that’s super powerful.The last thing, and you brought this up, you’ve added this to the list.

We’re promoting Alan again at the beginning of the year because beginning of the year’s resolutions, I know you and I both agree I think New Year’s resolutions are total garbage.What is it about January 1?

Oh, that’s a good time to set a goal.I set a goal just the other day, and it expires in middle of February.I don’t need a new year, but

Robby: for 80% of the population out there

Matt: for a fresh start.And they just think there’s something magical about New Year’s day.And so they’re going to set all these goals.And we know that the most common one is to lose some weight.

So we have to do this.Like, it makes total sense for us to do this.And here’s the cool thing is, I mean, we’ll probably New Year’s is it just a little bit? But 90 on both ends, collectively, 93% of the work’s already done.

The 7% is me making it something new year’s related.You’re not to talk to Alan again about this.He’s a great guy.No, I’m just saying you don’t have to, you don’t have to talk to him.I don’t have to do anything.

I mean, there’s nothing to be done.And then he and I both just, instead of him being like, hey, can we get on Zoom 20 minutes early?

Because I don’t know if we’ll both show up five minutes early and do our thing, you know, and we already know because we already debriefed about it, and so we’ve learned the lessons.We’re going to apply them next time.

And I personally think it’s, I think it’s going to do three times better.You know, that’s just my personal belief.So as an affiliate, do these things,

Robby: can I ask you, I’m going to ask you a question, put you on the spot as an affiliate, like saying within a couple months of each other too much.

Matt: How are you.

Robby: Yeah, how are you going to promote this to the same audience? You know, is it, do you have a different angle? Is it.They’re like, hey, wait, I’ve seen these emails before.I mean, number one, because that’s, I’m thinking it’s important because you can, as an affiliate, you can promote the similar or the same offer repeatedly.

You can do that several times a year.And maybe that should be, you know, for those of you setting your New Year’s resolutions, maybe there’s a resolution for you, or a goal is to promote the same thing, you know, once a quarter and see how that impacts your business.

Matt: Yeah, I think it depends a lot on the offer.When something opens up once a year, like product launch, formula, like we’re talking about, well, promote it once a year.We found, and I know I was talking with an entrepreneur, won’t mention Steve McLaren’s name, but I was talking with Steve McLaren.

Yeah.And what we realized is about 20% of, and we found this to be true with actually a little bit higher with some of our stuff, but he found about 20%. We found that about one third of all affiliate sales in a given year were referrals from the year before.That means they opted in.

Maybe they came to Sue’s webinar or they came to Michael Hyatt’s webinar, or they came to whatever.They opted in for the free video series or the ebook or the quiz or the assessment doesn’t matter.They bought a year later.

Part of that is, you know, in a launch, it’s 1417 days.On average, 17.2 days is actually the average.It’s probably been shorter today. We haven’t run that average in a couple of years.Launches are getting a little bit shorter.

That’s a pretty quick amount of time to be like, oh, I like this person.I feel that I can trust them. And, oh, yeah, I’m going to give them thousands of dollars potentially.

Well, then they go a whole year of being on that list and they attend some of their Facebook lives and they laugh at a few of their emails and they read one of their books and they’re like, yep, when that thing opens up next time I’m in, then you get that effect of, like, literally when the workshop starts.

For example, for tribe, the first question that, like a thousand people have is when does registration open up for the course?And you’re going 1000 people times $2,000.That means, you know, there’s $2 million on day one.

If we don’t get a single new person, you know, you just know you’re getting 2 million like that.It’s a cool feeling as the product owner, but I say that to say that that’s kind of shows you what happens over the course of a year.

And so year to year, we’ll promote things very similarly.Of course, the difference, we’re looking at 2020, when we promoted tribe in 2020, we rewrote the emails from scratch. I literally didn’t even look at the emails from 2019.

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Why? Global pandemic. Maybe we were six weeks into a global pandemic. Not even that much. It was like four weeks when it started. Literally a month almost to the day.

Robby: Yeah.

Matt: Kind of needed to tweak things. We needed to talk about the value of this from that perspective. Now, two months later, of course, we would not have done two months later if it was April to June.

Let’s think about what two months later was.We not do April to June.But it made sense to do it at the beginning of the year.So, yeah, the big difference will be that it’s new year’s. Itized. Sounds like a George W.

New Year’s attached.I need to get my friend. Sorry. Oh, boy Wow. We’ll link to that. We got a good friend named John Morgan who’s a George W.Bush impersonator. He’s like, the other guy died.

There were two big George W.Bush impersonators and one guy Steve passed away and John’s the other one.And anyway, I should give him New Year’s a ties it.

We want to promote this for New Year’s, so it makes sense. We’ll tweak it. And I know he will too. And we’ll probably, he’ll encourage him to like tweak the title and a little bit of his marketing to fit that, you know, like new year, new you type thing.

But otherwise, pretty much the same messaging. The one thing, just from a practical standpoint, of course, we remove buyers. So we will remove people who bought, who signed up for his offer.

You know, that makes total sense. Like when we promote PlF every year, we remove the buyers.There’s no point.You know, we might even, this is something we’ll talk about, Robbie. We might segment, not segment out, but segment to the side.

People who clicked, we don’t look at people who clicked because we want to include people not only who registered, but people who clicked over to the replay because that didn’t require a registration.

And so we’ll look at like, okay, these people probably watched some of it or registered. They got his follow up emails, blah, .They know what’s coming. We’ll probably take those and segment them over.

You know, I don’t know, it’ll be like 500 people, 400 people, whatever. We’ll take those 400 and they’ll kind of have a slightly different path where we use.I’ll probably address the fact that, hey, you know, this webinar that you registered for back in, you know, November, well, he’s, you know, he’s doing it again.

And now’s your opportunity.It’s a new year, blah. And that’s about it.That’ll be the extent of the difference Nice. So there’s things you can do like that if you have people.

Robby: I think that’ll be helpful for our audience to see that how you can just change a couple of things and all of a sudden you have a whole new perspective on promotion.

Matt: Here’s what I’ll say for AIM members only. We’re going to tell you at the beginning. Click here if you want to opt out of this campaign.Basically, this isn’t for you. Don’t ever do that with our emails or anyone else’s emails because you want to watch the marketing.

We talk about this so often today Become a student of marketing Fall in love with marketing.

There’s a reason why I don’t unsubscribe from very many marketers emails, even though I get a lot of emails, it’s because I want to study them.

So I work with not clicking there You could be 6ft tall, 181 pounds, you know, and you, you’re as fit as a fiddle. I don’t even know what that means Literally, no clue.

But whatever, you could be fit as a fiddle, as I’d say down in some parts of somewhere, and this isn’t for you. Still, watch the marketing, watch how we do it That’s my advice to you.

So I hope you got a ton out of that talk with Robbie there. I just think that it’s interesting to talk about some different things here.

Speaking of different things, we’ve got an episode, a couple of episodes coming up that I am particularly excited about I want to let you know about We got one with Richie Norton All about time management is dead.

You know how to reclaim your time and get bigger results With my friend Richie Norton, he and I go back Oh, my gosh.

So far, he’s been one of our top affiliates over the years Just meant so much to me Sent me a text the other day that, like, made my week.

I got another one all about how a first time affiliate finished in second place in a big launch with Tasha Shore And then, guys, it’s the holiday time Can you believe it?

Like, when we hit mid October, it’s time to start thinking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday So we’re going to start our annual holiday.



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