When it comes to writing great email copy, whether for an affiliate offer or to sell your own products, there’s a process you’ll want to start using if you aren’t already doing so. In fact, it’s MY secret weapon for getting prospects to buy…VISUALIZATION! Visualization is the process that allows you to “see” the outcome you want…BEFORE it actually occurs.

What Is Visualization?

Now, before you go thinking…’Geez Matt, is this a bunch of psycho-babble?’

Answer: Absolutely not! In fact, the art of visualization has been around for a long time.

Legendary golfer, Jack Nicklaus, one of the winningest professional golfers ever, cited visualization as a key element behind his success. Before every swing, Jack would first “see” the shot taking place exactly the way he wanted.

And there are many examples where success in just about any endeavor can be traced back to the use of visualization.

In this post, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through a process that will help you create much more compelling emails that will produce better sales results.

Before we get to the steps, there’s one thing we need to consider…

How An Effective Email Is Structured

First off, nothing matters unless the recipient actually OPENS your email.

That is the sole job of your subject line.

After that, think of your email copy as an old-fashioned bucket brigade…the role of the first sentence is to get the prospect to read the second sentence.

The second sentence compels the reader to go to the third sentence. And, so on and so forth.

Each line is created to lead your reader to the call to action.

To create an email that ups the odds your prospect will buy, you’ve got to visualize HOW you want your prospect to respond.

That means visualizing the process in as much detail as possible.

Here’s an example from the legal industry…

You’ll often here top lawyers described as “furniture movers.”

These elite professionals leave nothing to chance. They go into a courtroom THE DAY BEFORE they are due in court to set up the chairs and tables precisely as they want. That way, when the lawyer arrives the following day. he knows what everything will look like.

He can rehearse his case and then enter the courtroom with an accurate “visual” picture of what to expect.

YOU can use the same process when creating emails.

Will it guarantee a sale? No, but it will make it much more likely.

The Key To Writing Emails That Sell


In order to write successful emails, you MUST visualize making the sale first.

That starts with the belief that your serving your audience every time you promote something to them.

That’s the mindset you MUST have when reaching out to your prospect.

And visualization will help you develop it.

How To Slip Into Visualization Writing Mode

So…how do go about injecting a visualization strategy into your email writing?

Here’s how I do it…

The first thing I do is close my eyes.

Then, I imagine the person I’m writing to. In my case, that means imagining Pete – my Avatar.

I picture him reacting to my email exactly how I intended.

First, he opens the email…then, I watch him click on the link that takes him to the sales page.

Upon arriving at the sales page, I see him watching the video and checking out the price.

His head nods as he thinks…”That’s in the ballpark.”

He reads the sales page and then…I picture him clicking on the BUY button to make the purchase.

BUT…I don’t stop there…

I use a process called future pacing to fast forward to see him experience the benefits of my product.

THEN I’m ready to write my email message.

Use the steps below to put yourself in that position.

An 8-step Visualization Process

Visualize writing emails using imagination

STEP #1: Get comfortable…figure out what is comfortable for you. For me, it’s sitting in a comfortable chair.

STEP #2: Relax. Close your eyes…learn how to breathe properly. I learned that means breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. I usually keep my eyes open for the first couple of breaths and then let my vision fade into an unfocused gaze. (Sounds a bit dodgy I know…but trust me, you’ll be okay!)

STEP #3: Imagine…BEFORE you write the email or create the video, think about what you want your prospect to be feeling and doing. Picture his reaction. What emotions are you trying to evoke?

STEP #4: Picture your prospect clicking to your sales page…giving it a quick scan and looking for social proof in the form of testimonials.

STEP #5: Imagine your prospect buying/enrolling…see him looking at the price and nodding his head in agreement with it. See him actually taking his credit card out.

STEP #6: Imagine him making a decision to purchase…see your prospect being satisfied he made a buying decision. People buy because it makes them feel good about themselves in an “I did it! I took the leap!” kinda way.

STEP #7: Imagine your prospect enjoying the product he bought…if it’s a course, picture him taking the course. Watching the videos. Taking notes. And most importantly, getting quick results.

STEP #8: Take a moment to visualize his future…think about how your product is going to impact your prospect’s life going forward for years to come. How will it make life easier? Enjoy the success with him.

The eight steps above put me in the right mood to write my email.

After going through the process, my heart and mind are in the right place to allow me to fully serve my avatar.

Wanna see the simple visualization process I use to make it happen? CLICK HERE to get into the right mindset to write email copy that converts.

Once you inject visualization into your email marketing writing process, you’ll be amazed at the results!

write better emails with visualization


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