I get asked about my top emails all the time, that’s why I have decided to reveal my top 5 affiliate promotion emails ever – I will walk through them and share why they worked so well – why we chose the format, words, etc. (which pretty much means all the details and secret sauce!) If you want to learn all psychology and marketing principles I USED to create my TOP 5 Affiliate Emails EVER then check this video.

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Awesome. Awesome. Well guys, email, we’re talking about email today. Email is the lifeblood of any successful affiliate promotion. Social media is great. We’re publishing this on social media. We love social media. It’s great for getting people engaged. Texting is growing in popularity. I know many of you who are going to be on today, live came because I sent you a text. There’s things like, you know, this live here, podcast, you know, all kinds of stuff. That all of these things, literally dozens of ways to promote affiliate offers, but email is still king. It’s still number one. It’s still the most effective way to drive clicks. To drive leads, to drive sales. It’s still accounts. You know, the statistics show 70 to 80% of all affiliate sales.

So today, what I want to do is share my top five affiliate promotion emails of all time. I want to show you why they worked, how we wrote the copy, how we formatted the email, the psychology and the marketing behind them. That’s what we’re here for today. Before we get started.

I mean, first of all, happy, I don’t know, happy NCAA tournament day y’all. This is St. Patrick’s, whatever guys it’s NCAA tournament day. There is a reason why I am not wearing green. I’m wearing orange because in about 43 minutes, Tennessee balls are tipping off against some something called Longwood. I just, as a school in Virginia, apparently that the only reason I’ve ever heard of Longwood This is a funny story. My connection to Longwood is there is another guy who has an email address. That is one letter off from mine. We both get each other’s emails all the time, and he is like the director of PR for Longwood university. So there’s a Matt McWilliams connection there.

So I, you know, got that going for me, I guess that’s the only reason I’ve even heard of Longwood university. So first round, he’s definitely tournament St. Patrick’s day, whatever you’re celebrating today. Happy, happy, whatever it is for you. Welcome everyone also welcome, Alan. Good to see you again bud. Glad to be here. Yes. And I think your, your volunteers woke up and my lady Gamecocks, who were number one, and I know that’s a, you didn’t even know, They did? I think anybody beat South Carolina this year, except for whoever beat them in the videos. Maybe it was Kentucky. That’s Kentucky. Yeah. After Kentucky beat Tennessee. So that’s, that’s women’s basketball. I don’t follow as much, admittedly, especially now that Tennessee’s not really that good.

Like ever since Pat Summitt left, they have kind of, not actually, this is like their best year in awhile. They kind of sucked there for a while, at least at that level, their standards, but super excited about Tennessee when their first SEC championship, since about in, a tournament, SEC tournament championship, since about three and a half months before I was born. That’s rare air there, the SEC is no joke. It’s insane, 42 and they’ve had good basketball teams. And then you go 42 years without it. And we were watching the game, they were playing Texas A and M and the championship game. Of course they beat Kentucky. So that’s always a good day. And then they’re playing, Texas A and M.

And I think it was like 17, nothing, you know, sick texting into the score for like six and a half minutes. And I’m like watching game one, they might not score, you know, and then sure enough, Tennessee managed to let them back in the game and get down by only like eight before they, they blew them out. So that was fun. So guys, we’re going to be talking about my top five affiliate emails today.

Top five emails I’ve ever sent in terms of production. You know, what they resulted insales and why they worked. If you know somebody who would benefit from hearing this, please hit that, share button, share it with them individually, share with your friends, share it wherever, you know, send a text, send an email you know, since we’re talking about that, you know, send them an email and, and let them know about this. I am gonna forewarn you guys. It is also that time of year where I’m going to have to mute myself and blow my nose a few times. Cause I am really struggling with some allergies. I am, I’ve taken the maximum amount of medication that I can take today.

But my it’s just it’s that time of year, it’s like 75 degrees right now. And three days ago, four days ago, it was like 35. And then in three more days, it be in like the mid forties. So it’s that time of year where my allergies go haywire. So I’m gonna apologize in advance. So top five emails ever, affiliate emails ever, why they work, how we came up with them, right? The psychology, the marketing principles behind them is what am I do? So I’m actually gonna walk you through show you some of these emails. Now, all of these emails today, by the way, you can get these plus 191 pages. How many emails are there, in here in the ultimate affiliate swipe file.

Let’s look in the index back here. I’ll put it this way. This is the index. All right. So we’ve got them organized by, you know what they’re promoting and assessment bonus packages, cart reopen closed cart, eBooks reports, exclusive trainings, Facebook lives frequently asked questions. So on and so forth. There’s gotta be, you know, 75 to a hundred emails.

Actually here. I can tell you exactly how many there are. There are 73. I was pretty close. 73 emails in there. You can get a physical copy. All my affiliate emails from an entire year. If you just go to affiliateswipefiles.com. If you go to affiliateswipefiles.com, you’ll see there. I’m going to go there with you right now, actually. And you can get a copy of this book sent to you. It’s just basically your NP shipping and handling. So it’s free for 30 days. You covered the 10 bucks. It costs me to ship it to you. 9 95. If you cover that, I’m going to mail this to you. You don’t have to pay for it until 30 days later, you’ll have the book in your hands. You can go through it for, you know, a few weeks. If you don’t like it, you just email us and tell us, Hey, you know what, I’m not getting any value out of this. Matt don’t know why you wouldn’t get value out of it, but I’m not getting value out of it.

And we’ll send you a refund, you know, or actually you don’t really send you a refund. Just won’t charge you. So you also in here, I’ll show you what I’m doing today. So let me see if I can find one here. What I’m doing here today. See on 20 of the pages, the 20 top emails, I do a video walkthrough. Now the video walk through of course is not in the book, but I give you the URL to go to that. I walked through exactly what we’re doing today. You know, the principles, the psychology, why we picked this word, that word, why we structured it this way?

So you got the URL on your screen and in the, in the chat there, go there, grab a copy of that. Now, before we dive into this day, I want to tell you, I’m going to show you what worked for me. All right. I’m going to focus on what worked for me. These are my top five emails, focus on learning the principles, focus on the strategies. Focus on just focus on learning today. Not on copying the emails, the exact email that I use might not work for you. In fact, it might be a disaster in my backfire because you’re not me. And the point is for you to learn the principles and the strategies here. So the first email I want to share with you is going to put it up on, on his screen.

There it’s a, it’s an email I did for product launch formula a few years ago, PLF pre-launch. And once he has that up on the screen, I’m going to walk you guys through that. Actually, I’ll go ahead and start, you know, see the subject line. The subject line is one of my favorite subject lines of all time. And if you’re watching this on a tiny screen, oh, you’re not gonna be able to really see it, but hopefully you can pull it up on a, on a bigger screen. One of my favorite subject lines of all time. And in fact, he actually commented on it to me. You know, he’s like, I, I had to open that one. You know, subject line was, has Jeff Walker lost his mind. And as you guys can see today, I’m in the office, not in the studio specifically. So I can walk you guys through these emails a lot easier than I can in the studio. What is Jeff Walker thinking? The guy invented product launch for me. Okay. Right there authority already. You know, you don’t need to know what PLF is.

Product launch formula. No, it’s a formula for launching products. And then he goes and pulls a stunt like this boom link. I don’t often put the link in the fourth line of an email. Usually you go farther down, you know, break down there. You’ll see. The second link would be usually where I’ll have the first link, but I’m popping one in there.

So, okay. We’re talking about losing Jeff Walker. Somebody that my audience knows, losing his mind, pulling a stunt and then a link right away. Okay. There’s curiousness, curiosity. I don’t know. There’s a word that involves the word curious somewhere in there. This is a very curiosity driven thing.

And this is probably one of the best click-through rates. I think we had of all time. It was also one of the best converting emails we had of all time. So it wasn’t just curiosity clicks. He says he is pushing the boundaries of how much free stuff you can give away. During launch. I quote him and he’s doing an entire launch live. This was the first time he’d ever done a live launch. Now it’s like, everybody’s doing them. It’s a crazy right. You know, like, okay, this is crazy. And you know what? It just might work. You should be watching Jeff’s every move. So go sign up here, link again, all the best, Matt. Okay.

This is the part where I now take my students. This is not going to work for all of you, but what is the angle that you can pull to get, to draw people in to someone’s content? That’s what this PS is. I say, great. Marketers are students of marketing. This is your chance to learn from a master teacher.

So I’m telling them here, even if you’re not interested in like buying his course, or you’re not even interested in the content, like maybe you’ve been through PLF, go watch this launch. I went to every moment of this launch. I watch, now I was watching knock to learn because I already know the PLF principles actually is funny because you know, we’re going through PLF as a team right now.

And I haven’t learned anything. Just being honest. I haven’t learned a thing. Why? Because I’ve been through PLF twice before, but I was watching how he launched. And so in my mind, I was actually taking those PLF principles and watching how he was using them to launch live for the first time. And I said, seriously, watch every training, save every email for your swipe file, take notes, then copy what he does. And then I linked one last time. So I encourage my audience marketers to study from the best. Not necessarily to learn the principles of PLF, because maybe you feel like you already know them, but for purposes of learning.

And then this is key at the end, if you aren’t interested, this is an opt-out. So this is where I basically am trying to remove people who aren’t interested in PLF, Just get them out of the launch, get them out of the email sequence so that when I do email, you know, every day for the next seven or eight days, excuse me. When I do email everyday for the next seven or eight days, by the time we get to the fourth day, I’m not giving them just the nuclear option of unsubscribe or continue to get emails I’m not interested in. So if you’re not, if you’re not interested, if you aren’t interested in learning during a killer product launch, and don’t want to hear any more about Jeff Walker’s launch click here. And I won’t mention him again, but you’ll still get my great affiliate marketing training from me. What we then do is I’ve taught before is when they click on the click here to opt out of the PLF promo, every future email we send about this promotion, will remove them. So it tags them in our system, which is convert kit. It tags them. And so, you know, this back then, I don’t know we had, let’s just say 15,000 people on the list. And we sent this and 40 of them clicked on, Nope, I don’t wanna hear any more about PLF. Great.

The next email only went to 14,960. So what we did was we removed the pressure for them to say, well I don’t want to get any more emails. I don’t really want to, I don’t care about this unsubscribe, nuclear option goes out the window. So now this allows them to opt out of this campaign. And you’ll see this again in some other emails. All right. So email number two. So I got a question here. How soon before open cart do you send this type of email? I don’t know who that is by the way, who said that? Because on our end, it only says Facebook user, if you haven’t signed into a to stream yard. So if you can sign into stream yard, I’d love to know who, who put that, or just drop your name in there. How soon before OpenCart do you send this kind of email?

Well, this is, you know, this was for Jeff’s workshop and this workshop started on, you know, roughly a bank back then seven days before open cart ready. So we sent this, let me scroll up and see, this email, I think we sent this probably two or three days before the workshop started.

I don’t have the exact timing on here, but we sent this like roughly then. So it’d be about nine or 10 days before open cart. And then we kind of pushed pretty hard with, you know, once we got to open cart, we pushed pretty hard because we knew at that point they had 7, 8, 9 opportunities to say, I don’t want to hear anything more about this. And we just kept going and going and going love that.

Let’s say they said I converted 51% last week with that strategy of tagging. That’s fricking awesome. Whoever you are enough to open up Facebook to see who that is. And I don’t want to do that right now. All right. Email number two, another, this was a PLF open cart. So this was actually kind of a hybrid in a sense of pre-launch in open cart because Jeff did a training to teach you how to open cart and guess what he did on that training. He opened cart. So it was really kinda meta. So unless you hate money, you should watch this again. Subject line, subject line, subject line, subject line, super important here. This was, I think this was our fourth best converting email of all time.

Nothing is worse than putting your heart and soul, not to mention potentially or possibly hundreds of hours of your life into your product launch, and then nothing, crickets, no sales. That can be absolutely devastating. So we, we pictured here, people could automatically picture if you’ve ever been in that situation, raising my hand, I’ve been in that situation, I’ve done a product launch that took 150 hours between creation of the product and the marketing we did about $6,000 in sales. I mean, I do the, not even counting paying my team, but let’s find, let’s find the calculator here and, and just get, let’s see, 6,000 divided by one 50. Yeah. I made about 40 bucks an hour and that’s not, like I said, if you factor in that’s more like 6,000 minus the 3000, I paid to my team minus, you know, fees of two fifty, a hundred and fifty hours. I mean like 18 bucks an hour, you know, not exactly what I was going for with that launch. And so I’ve painted that picture. So anybody who’s been there knows, I mean, like I instantly go to that launch.

Oh my gosh, I can picture everything about it. I can specifically picture sitting on. I was right here. I just moved down in this office like two weeks before open cart. So about a hundred of the hours that we put in were put in before I moved down here and I put my office down here and I remember it was a Saturday, well, Sunday morning at four in the morning, four in the morning, I put my heart and soul in this launch four in the morning. And I sat on the floor sobbing because the files had somehow managed to disappear from one of the videos that I was editing, you know, cause I was doing it all myself. Basically. I had a small team and I knew what it was like to, I could picture that there just the visceral pain that I felt at four in the morning and went to bed for three hours, I felt like crap for weeks. And then I basically profited about 2,500 bucks. It was not worth it. It was absolutely not worth what I put my body through, my mind, through my family through.

If you haven’t been through that, you can still picture it. You can still picture what it would be like to launch a product and nothing. We all have that fear, right? It’s just like, it’s, it’s in marketing world. It’s no different than the fear of getting up in front of a, you know, upstage and you’re naked. You know, you realize you don’t have any clothes on, you know, it’s the same fear, right? So I say that can be absolutely devastating. I’ve gotten to the point of this visceral pain that they’re feeling. That’s good. A great pre-launch strategy is important. Over the past week, Jeff Walker has shared are some incredible prelaunch strategies, but even the best pre-launch strategy in the world, doesn’t matter if you don’t make any sales, that launch where we barely did any money. We had 5,000 opt-ins actually more than that. I think we might’ve had 6,000 opt-ins I think we finished that launch with 6,000 or 5,000 people. So if we had an unsub rate of 20%, yeah, we probably had 6,200 anywhere from 5,600 to 6,200 opt-ins and did barely $6,000 in sales.

That’s an abject failure because we just didn’t sell the right way. That’s why I’m emailing you right now. Today 9 25 at 4:00 PM. Eastern Jeff is going to share his best OpenCart strategies. Here’s the link. That’s only a couple of hours from now. This is the guy who has made millions of dollars in a single day, multiple times. And now he’s going to show you how we did it in the best part.

It won’t cost you a thing. This live lesson is a combination of everything. Jeff has been teaching you teaching and will help you make more sales and put more money in your pocket. So back to the subject line, unless you hate money, I’d strongly suggest making sure you were watching today. I know I will be. And I was. One of the important things there just as a, another note is I was in the chat on these live lessons. My audience saw me, you know, hundreds of people that I referred, showed up live. I was there. I said, I’d be there. And I was. And so they got to see me on there. I was in the chat, me and one other partner, Dave Gambrill who’s, you know, you guys have seen before, you know, we were in there, like chatting it up with our, our audience. And that helped us you’ll drive a lot of sales later because they knew, they knew when I said, I’ll go through the course with you as a bonus.

They knew I was being legit, cause I was on the 10 hours of training, you know, the free training. So then at the end we include that opt out again that like Jamie just pointed out, Hey Jamie, you know, 50 converted, 51% with that strategy of tagging. So the first two emails that we talked about today were from Jeff Walker, his PLF promo.

Email number three, excuse me, email number three. And Alan, can you change the, the little daily thing at the bottom? Sorry. You can x out of that. Yeah. Email number three was a Michael Hyatt pre-launch email and I’m going to wait until he pulls it. Yeah. Cause this is, this is one of my favorites I’ve ever sent. So this, the open rate was again, one of our top five, the click-through rate was one of our top 10, but the conversion rate was top five, you know. You know the click-through rate. Wasn’t phenomenal. I’ve talked through, I think I have an idea as I read through this, there’s actually one sentence in here that I think we really just kind of messed up.

So hi, I’m Olaf and you know, now this is three years ago, three years ago, or so, kind of the height of maybe, you know, not the height of, but you know, everybody’s thinking about, you know, frozen and stuff like that. Right? So that’s the subject line immediately. It draws people in hi I’m Olaf and what, you know, I like warm hugs, cause that’s what, you know, how it goes. Right. Have you ever seen those quizzes asking which Disney character you are? That was a, that was a big thing. Circa 2018, 19, 20 was really 2000, like 17, 18, 19 is more accurate, which Disney character are you. And you know, it’s just like this big thing. Quizzes were becoming kind of a big thing.

You know, So I wanted to tap into that, that mindset that people were in. Well, I don’t, I don’t have to take one to know that I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs and summer and you know what? It doesn’t matter. Who cares? Sure. They are fun. And we all feel warm and fuzzy, but the results last about two seconds.

Okay. So right there, I’ve just kind of tapped into pop culture. I’ve probably made them laugh or at least smile a little bit, you know, like thinking of Olaf and thinking of silly, warm, or silly, you know, Disney quizzes and kind of the dumb things that we do on the internet. You know, like, I don’t know, you know, like I won’t get into that, but just all the like, you know, everybody’s like, oh, it’s a Disney quiz. And then it goes viral and your grandmother posts it like four times in a week. I don’t know if she just forgot that she took it the first three times or what, mom and you know, we get those things, right? It’s just like some, one of the tap into that kind of bring a smile to their face. But, there is a quiz, well an assessment, that has results that can last a lifetime.

So now we’re getting serious. It’s called the life course assessment. It’s part of Michael Hyatt’s launch of his five days to your best year ever course, the course literally changed my life four years ago and this assessment is 100% free. So here’s what I did there. Especially with my audience. You might not do to get away with this with every audience. But I said that it’s a part of his launch of his course and the course changed my life, the rest of the fit. I don’t talk about that course, but for a split second, but one of the reasons why this converted so well, so well into sales is I already laid a little bit of the foundation for what’s coming. So it’s not like a surprise. There’s going to be a, an offer. You know, I set the expectation for that.

And I mentioned how amazing the course is. So the assessment though is a hundred percent free I say. It really helps our helps you really dial in on how you’re doing in the10 key domains of life. Now, this is where I made a big mistake. This sentence here, where it says fear, physical, spiritual, vocational, educational, marital, social, parental, financial, intellectual, and emotional. Okay that sentence sucks. That is a terrible sentence. Okay. First of all, what the heck is avocational okay. I know now, most people don’t. That’s a word, it almost looks like I typed vocational twice, but is it avocado is avocational like avocado something, you know, what are we doing here? And it looks like I maybe typed the word twice and somehow put an a on the second one.

You know, it just, you know, it just doesn’t look good. Marital. Well, what if you’re not married? Thanks a lot, Matt. I’m not married. Just thanks for reminding me that I’m single and I really want to be married and I hate you now, you know? Okay. What about relational? You know, so there are about 800 ways we screwed this sentence up. I take responsibility for it because I’m the one that signed off on the email. But like, this is terrible. Okay. Again, it’s still one of my best emails ever. So what are some things I could do there? Number one, I could leave it a mystery and say, if you want to know what those 10 key domains are, you got to take the quiz, the assessment. Ooh. If I am going to list them, I need to do it in bullet points. This sentence. I mean, you can look right. Look at it. It is the longest sentence left to right.

Actually there’s one that’s longer, but it’s just comma, comma, comma, comma, comma, comma, comma, comma, comma, comma, chameleon, sorry, comma after comma. And one of my rules. I, you know, I got this from, give me a second. What’s the guy’s name? Orwell. George Orwell. No more than two commas per sentence. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9, 9, commas. I guess I could have just said there’s 10 key domains. And the last one doesn’t have a comment after and come up with nine faster, but it was more dramatic to count. There are nine commas. This is an exhausting sentence with a word that people don’t understand, somewhat looks like avocado. And so again, number one, I could have just made it a mystery. Number two, I could have put him as a bullet point.

Number three, the word marital. Immediately. If you’re not married, you go, well, this quiz, this assessment isn’t for me. Thankfully, the majority of my audience, overwhelming majority of my audience is married. So I got away with it. Thankfully, a lot of people don’t read every word and probably just kind of like, oh yeah. Okay. It looks good and skipped over that. So I still got one of the highest click through rates ever.

But why was the clicker rate? Not as high as the open rate and ultimately the conversion rate because of this sentence. And I wanted to point that out. What was wrong with this? So follow the rule, two commas per sentence. If you need more than that, go to bullet points. Don’t use words that people, you’re not a hundred percent sure people actually understand.

Don’t use words that filter people out who don’t need to be filtered out. Okay. Because the question was about marriage. I mean, the question was about relationships, you know, key relationships with your loved ones. Not about marriage. I took it as that because I was focused on my relationship with my wife when I took that, you know?

So, all right. Here’s a key sense. Thankfully, I recover. I just took it. I just took it. This is I, I wrote an entire blog post about this, the word just. Okay, this is such a powerful word. The old version, I’ve got the new version over there in the studio. I actually put it over there in the studio and then decided to do this the office today. So that’s super convenient, but the book influence by Robert Cialdini. If you have not read that yet, by the way, if you go to Mattmcwilliams.com/books, grab a copy of that book. The new version of the revised version is out. I haven’t been through all of it yet, but so far, it’s amazing. I got a copy for everybody on our team that wanted it. It reminds me, Alan. I don’t think you requested a copy. So just a reminder, Alan, slack me and give me your address. I think I have somewhere. I want to send you a copy of the book, but I know everybody else in the team, their copy, except for you Alan.

And he talks about the power of this word. Just if it’s not an influence in his other book, one of his other books, which is called yes. And he talks about that. Let me see if I got a copy of yes. Here. Nope. It’s not over here, but the, the book, yes. It’s like 50 ways to be persuasive or something. The word just, I just took it and he goes in this whole psychological study about it. That’s fascinating. And you can like totally, you know, geek out, you know, just geek out on this marketing and psychology stuff. But I just took it. And the, it was super fast, took about four minutes because I was undecided on one question. So I’m putting out, okay, there’s one question you might get. You might be like me and get one question that stumbles you up. So you don’t think this is going to be like a breeze through it Disney quiz. The results weren’t shocking, but they did cause me to pause and reflect.

So I set expectations. This, this result, their results are not going to make you ponder the meaning of life and change your outlook on the rest of eternity. Okay. But they are going to cause you to pause and reflect. So go check it out. Take a few minutes to take stock of where you’re at in life. Here’s the link then hit reply. This is another key, hit reply and share your results in what you learn. And I’ll share mine. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. That was actually another one, one of our top 10 or 12. It’s in here. By the way, just reminder the ultimate affiliate swipe file. If you want the show me yours and I’ll show you mine, email it’s in there. It’s one of my favorite emails ever. And it’s basically promoting the same kind of thing, promoting a quiz and assessment. Where let me see. I don’t know. I don’t think I could find it as 191 pages in here. So I don’t think I’m going to find it right now.

But in here I have that show me yours and I’ll show you mine, which is one of our top 10 or 12 emails of all time and same kind of thing. Like if you email me your results, I will email you mine. Can’t wait to hear from you to your success. Matt. P.S. the assessment is only up for a short time. Really? Michael takes it down for nearly a year, which is true. So scarcity, it’s all about scarcity. So go take it. Now, let me know your results and I’ll share mine with you. Here’s the link. One more time. If I had to change one thing in this PS, I would have said, take it now while you have this email open, in other words, a little subtle trigger. That’s some language I stole from somebody. I don’t even know who I read it somewhere. And it was like, oh, that’s good. And I realized later, it’s really even enforcing reinforcing. Like while you have this email open while you’ve already taken the first step, go take the next step.

Alrighty. So that was the number three email there. And it’s so funny. Jamie just taught on the words just and only two weeks ago. That’s crazy. Email number four is Stu McLaren’s launch a few years ago. This is before we ran his stuff. It’s one of the things I always talk, Jamie is an affiliate, you know, his new, his new product replacing tribe is called the membership experience.

And before we ran his stuff, we were one of his top 10 affiliates. So when we share what works for affiliates, we know what works for affiliates. Like this is not theory or, you know, based on what I’m seeing other people do. Although we do study that we’re one of his top 10 affiliates. So when I share what works, I know what I’m talking about. You know? And I don’t mean that like, I’m something special just I know from experience. All right. So this scene was actually a really quick one. Well, it’s not, it’s actually really long, but what I’m going to share right here is really quick forward. Okay. I don’t do forwards more than about twice a year.

So again, right away, something is sticking out in this email. It, you know, when you get a forwarded email, it’s typically from a friend or coworker and it stands out versus the normal email we send. So Stu’s bonuses, did you see this two question marks? We own little, looks more personal.

If I could do anything differently, I would have, I would have actually lowercased the B the D the Y the S and the T. I would have capitalized Stu, but I would have, would have lowercased those, and probably gotten an extra 1% open rate. Real quick, Stu sent this email this morning with all the amazing bonuses is giving to you. When you enroll in TRIBE in the next 36 hours.

Immediately, here’s how much time you have left, scarcity. Now it says here, 0 0, 0, 0. That’s not what you would see if you looked at this 31 hours, you know, 14 minutes and 17 seconds before it expired, it would be ticking down. It’s an animated timer, but I can’t do that in a still image here. I’ve included his email below, so you can see them. Plus below his email, I’ve included the exclusive bonuses you’ll get from me when you enroll through my link. So take a look at the bonuses you get from Stu and make sure you scroll down to see our exclusive bonuses as well. Best regards, Matt.

Okay. A couple of things on the structure of this email. Number one, did I literally click on forward? No, what I did was I did go to my email, grab his copy that he had sent, I clicked on forward and I just didn’t click on forward actually, cause that if I had to do it all over again, one of the things I would have done here is make it look like a forwarded email and you can do, it’s actually really easy to do that. You just copy the headers. So you click on forward and then it’ll be, you know, it’ll say like it does in Gmail, like on March 17th at 2:43 PM, Stu McLaren bracket stu@stu.me bracket, you know, wrote, you know, and then it has the email. I didn’t do that in this case, but I would, if I had thought about it then.

I copied his email, pasted it below the links inside of his email. I did not keep those just standard links. I changed them to my affiliate link. That’s the key. If you copy, you know, somebody’s email, is that you change the links to your affiliate email or to your affiliate link. If I had it to do all over again, I would have put, you know, a link right here that said, or if you know, you’re ready to join right now, click here and enroll in TRIBE. That’s I would’ve changed that and put a link right between these two, you know, space down and put a link there. I did not do that. That was a mistake on this email.

This email still worked really well. One of the best open rates we’ve ever had, again in large part, I’m moving my cursor around. Like you guys can see, it’s Alan, that’s sharing it. So in between best or in-between the last sentence in best regards up there is where I would have put the, that last link or that first link. And then the other thing that I would have changed is what, what was I going to do here? I know that was pretty much the only change I would have made that forward though is where I was going when I was moving my cursor. The forward is the thing that really made this email has such a high open rate. All right.

So that’s the fourth email again, just quick reminder, you can get all of these emails, all five plus about 67 more and a bunch of other videos where I walk you through. This is a physical book, by the way. So you can literally, you know, do, I mean, I keep it right back here. So it’s on display, but you can keep it right here on your desk, on your desk right there. And you got to write some emails and you’re promoting a webinar. So you flip right here and go, all right, what are the webinar emails? What are all the emails? Alright. Page 13, 17. We’ll just pick 25, cause that’s a bolded one. The Bolden ones mean they have a video overview.

We’ll go to page 25. Oh, this is the one. Yeah, that’s funny. So let’s do a different one. Cause that’s when I just covered that one, we’ll go to page 27. So let’s see here actually. So if I wanted to do a webinar, you know, here we are, this is crazy 5,036 and counting, you know, like I can go straight to and find a webinar email and get inspiration from it. That’s the key. It’s not meant to copy and paste necessarily, but it’s meant to be an inspiration and being a physical book allows you to be where you’re less likely to copy and paste it. And I’ll share why that is in a little, because I’m going to share a little trick that you can use for copywriting.

All right. So email number five, email number five was a free report that I promoted for Mary Ellen Tribby. And the subject line was November 5th, 2011, A little bit of mystery there. What the heck about you inviting me to something that was nine years in the past. What, what are you doing here? You know, at the time I sent this November 5th, 2011 is a day I will never forget. That’s the day I was fired from my job on November 4th, we were living on my paycheck and on November 5th, I probably should have said living on my paycheck alone, you know, and explain which I do kind of down there, but I probably could have explained that better. And on November 5th it was gone.

We had a brand new six month old daughter as opposed to a six month old daughter that wasn’t brand new, I guess, but still, you know, whatever, sleeping upstairs in a brand new house that we just bought as opposed to a brand new house that we’ve been living in for 10 years. I mean, I don’t know what word that says those that sentence came from, but I just find that humorous, you know, but I like the fact that I’m reiterating, this is the point of this.

And I think why we did it. This house came with a brand new mortgage. So there’s a repetition brand, new brand, new, new things, new things, stress, right? Brand new mortgage, new house, new kid, you know, new, I mean, job that, you know, your wife quit her job that I was now terrified. We couldn’t afford it, I was terrified. So there was a brand new parent and I felt helpless to provide for my wife and child. I’ve been told to get a quote, safe job and with a steady paycheck, that was when, or that was what I needed to provide for my family, myself and my family.

It was the smart thing to do, quote smart. Right. But it sure didn’t feel that way. On November 5th. It suddenly felt like the most risky and most dangerous thing I’d ever done was to tie my family’s entire livelihood to that single source of income. Let’s face it. Job security is a joke, boom, myth busted. I am busting a myth right there. That’s important. Your job is only as secure as long as you don’t make a mistake or as long as your boss doesn’t make a mistake. One wrong, move on your part and your safe job can be gone. One wrong move by your boss or someone else in your company., and the business could be closed tomorrow.

And when either of those happens, you can kiss your quote steady paycheck. Goodbye. Fortunately, in my case, within just a few months, I had created a business for myself that soon met and then exceeded my steady paycheck and the best part, my financial future was entirely in my hands. And that’s what I want for you.

This is the important part. It wasn’t just like, hey, look how amazing I am. And I built the business and I’m super successful. And all you bums are not, no, that’s not the purpose of this email is not to make you feel bad. It is to make you feel bad about the fact that man, if you only have one job, you’re putting yourself at financial risk. And that’s what I want for you.

I want you to take your destiny in your own hands. I want you to be 100% in control of how much you get paid, how often you get paid and where, and when you work, and want that type of freedom for you. That’s why I want to share with you, my friend, Maryanne, Ellen Tribby, special report, the ultimate success code.

Get it here, link, right? People who follow her seven step system are making more money for themselves now than they ever did working for someone else. And the best part is they are waking up when they want to working on their own time, doing what they love and making money. So again, I’m just pointing out all the benefits of this free report. It’s a free report. Mary Ellen has created three multi-million dollar companies. She’s helped thousands of people create the business and life that they’ve always dreamed of. So when you, when she told me she was willing to give the information in the report away for free, I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

If you want to learn how to take control of your future, you have to read this report, click here to download the ultimate success code report now, best regards Matt. The information in chapter two, this is, you know, a little marketing trick here, you know, point out something specific. Well, chapter two for me was the best one. You know, I point out that it’s worth downloading, you know, alone. If you do like I, there was another email that we sent about this. And I said, if you want, skim to chapter two, read chapter two, put the book away. It’ll be more than worth your time. You know?

So those are five emails, like I said earlier, those are all in here in the ultimate affiliate, swipe file. Go grab a copy. It’s free. Basically, you pay 10 bucks for shipping and handling. It’s a big book. You know, you can see how big this sucker is. It’s kind of a hoss. It’s got, I don’t know, It’s got some weight to it. I don’t know. Maybe a pound probably weighs about a pound.

I’ve never actually tested it. I need to go away this thing and see how much it weighs. I’m guessing it’s probably close to a pound. Now, before you purchase it, and again, you can get that at affiliateswipefiles.com. Before you purchase. I want to give you a warning. There is a right way and a wrong way to use this book. Okay. There’s a right way and a wrong way. First, the, just the wrong way, you know, if you go through and just copy my emails, all right, I’m giving them to you. Like they’re all in here. I want you to use them.

I don’t mind if you copy them. It’s just a really bad idea for you. Okay? Like it’s not going to work for you. The copy in here is not written for your audience or in your voice. So don’t just copy. Okay. Use it as a guide, use it as a guide. Steal some of the ideas like I’m switching here, you know, right now I’ve got a subject line in here. It gives them, gives my phone number and says, call me about BYU. You know, best year ever, five days, your best year ever. And in this email, I, you know, that’s the subject line like that may give you an idea. Clearly, if you copy that email, they’re going to be calling me. I don’t want them calling me about something you’re trying to sell.

You know call them, call you just as a side note, set up a Google voice number, you know, and, and have that redirect wherever you want it to go. All right. Number two, error and not personalizing it. You know, you’re going to notice in here so much of the copy is personalized.

You know, there’s one in here. Let me see if I can find it. I doubt I will, but oh my gosh, it was one of my favorite emails ever. And it’s like, don’t be a Mr. Calvert. I think it’s toward the early part. Here we go. I think I’m getting close there. Oh, that’s a good one. Why the texts that I got?

Yep. I may never get it. So I don’t know where it is, but there’s an email in here somewhere. I thought it was right in here where I talk about my, was he my junior year? Yeah, my junior year civics teacher, my junior year of civics teacher is a big doofus. And his name was Mr. Calvert. And I oh, there was no. Anyway, Mr. Calvert, just a moron. I hate to say that, but he was the worst teacher I’ve ever had in my entire life. And he is the single, he alone. He is like the stereotypical reason why some people hate teachers unions because the fact that this man has, it still has a career as a teacher, at least at that time, it was beyond me. He would sit in front of the class, do nothing. We’d read our books and he would put staples into his forearm. You know, he’s an idiot. And I talked to, I compared him to Mrs. Tribby in this email.

And Mrs. Tribby was absolutely amazing. Mrs. Trippy. Sorry. Not Mrs. Tribby. Mrs. Trippy was absolutely amazing. She was my junior year AP history teacher. And I just contrast them in that email. So I can, you can, you can’t do that. You don’t have a Mrs. Tribute that I know of who’s your junior year, us history teacher. So you’re going to tell different stories.

Don’t leave out the stories. Don’t look at these and go, well, you know, Matt uses this story and I don’t know if I a story. So I guess I’m not going to write a story. No, use your stories. So many of these, these you’ll see them in here. I mean like there’s text of screenshots. So the idea is to inspire you, right? The third error is not using it at all. Like you’re going to go grab this book at affiliateswipefiles.com. There’s a reason why you’re going to do that. It’s to help you. You’re going to overcome writer’s block. You’re going to get inspiration. Again, steal certain words and phrases. Right? Allow this book to do its job. All right. Allow it to do its job, which leads me to how you can use it properly.

Number one, keep it right here. Keep it where you write, right here. Wherever you write. Keep it by your computer. So it’s always handy. I have a personal swipe file. It goes back decades. The actual, the oldest letter is a, from the 1920s. All right. I refer to it all the time. It’s right in here. I pull it out. Now. I can’t get it out with my mouse in the way, but, and I can’t move my mouse right now, but because I’m doing this, but anyway, I’ve got it in here.

So let me show the backend to you. Maybe this is part of it. Anyway, this is my personal, you know, my personal swipe file. That’s got all my notes in it and I’ve got another book in there, just the exact same one that I can’t get out right now. The oldest one in there is from the 1920s. All right. So I get them. They’re loose bound. I keep emails. I keep like, I literally keep stuff that I get in the mail. I’ll take pictures of it. When I get enough to have it bound, I’ll have it bound. So I have a personal one. I keep this one right back here and I pick it up all the time. Like, guess what was that email I wrote?

You know, I kind of remembered it. Like I remember that. Oh, that’s right. Oh, that was a good email. And I pull that up. So keep it within reach. If you write, copy on the, go take it with you and your backpack or whatever, and travel with it. Right. It’s like, it should be beat up in a few years.

Secondly, make sure you write to your avatar, not the masses you’re writing to your avatar. You’re writing to an individual person. Okay. And then the third thing, this is the biggest trick. Hand-write the copy, hand write the copy. So if you, and this is an old copywriters trick, right? If you’re really struggling to get ideas and go find an email in here, let’s see, I’m going to, we’re going to write an email, really struggling to send people to a, I need a close cart email. We’ll go to page 136. 136 is a closed cart email. All right. So I’ve got a couple, oh, last email on this covering my basis.

Well, this is it. Jeff Walker is about to close enrollment for his product launch formula program. Okay. So I’m literally going to write it out. I’m going to find an email that I like. I’m gonna write it out by hand word for word. Usually by the time I write the subject line, I’m good to go. But at some point it’s going to trigger something and you’re going to begin to write your own copy.

This is like, this is what copywriters do to overcome writer’s block. And so what I’ll do is I’ll start writing I’ll hand, write it. When I get to the point where I’ve started having my own ideas, then I go back and edit the part that I copied and retweaked that. It’s a time-tested proven strategy for overcoming writer’s blocks. It works every time. There’s some resources in here. If you know, if you want some more tips and tricks and strategies for how to use it, how to use swipe copy in general, write better emails. There’s some copywriting training in here that you can get. It’s only available to owners of this book. Again, go to affiliateswipefiles.com and grab your copy.

Jamie asked a question, said, I’ve heard it’s best to just put one link in your emails. Do all of your hyperlinks go to the same sales page we typically do too. We’ve actually, we’re testing some stuff with that right now. Two is, what has worked best for us, you know, for us is, is two emails. Typically one before the signature one in a PS or one midway through, and one at the end, it just depends. If we do a PS or not, and they all go to the same place, it might not be a sales page. It might be a video series. It might be a, a webinar might be a workshop, but they’re all going, you know, they’re all going to the same place.

We’re not going to have a, I mean, maybe once I’ll take it back. I know we send out a weekly recap email that is specifically for the purpose of like, here’s the podcast, here’s the live, you know, the replay, here’s this resource. So it has, you know, sometimes five links that’s once a week, that’s a specific thing. But when I’m sending an email out, like, you know, none of the things in here, maybe there’s one, there might be one email in here where I say something like, yeah, actually funny. I just flipped one. You know, basically here, you know, he’ll go get it now. So it says, you know, do you have lunch plans?

There’s some, you know, strongly recommend taking some time to review the offer. I put together for this blah, blah, blah. Here’s the link to buy if you’re not sure. Here’s my link to my review, where I actually walk people through the course. There’s occasionally, and I’m sure there’s gotta be one in here where it’s like, you know, Stu’s going live today at seven. The emails about, Hey, like go buy the course. Here’s the link. By the way, Stu is going to be live at seven. If you have any questions, click here. So it’s kind of an alternate call to action for those people who aren’t ready to buy yet, that can, that can work as well.

So again, want to leave you with some clear, some action items real quick guys, clear next steps for you guys. First of all, well, go grab a copy. You know, like I said earlier, you’re going to pay 10 bucks for shipping and handling. We are not going to charge you the full price of the book, we would discount. If you go to affiliateswipefiles.com, it’s cut in half basically. We’re not even going to charge you that much in 30 days. So you get to test it out. If it works, if you’re like, oh my gosh, this was so helpful. I loved it. I got so much out of this. Then let us charge you for it in 30 days.

If not, you email us and we’ll, we just won’t charge you. No, no big deal, no harm, no foul. What is it? No hard feelings. You know, no questions asked, basically, secondly, you know, if you need to go back and study what we talked about today, I mean, you can study a bunch more in here, but if you know, if that’s not in the cards right now, go back and study what we talked about today and get, you know, just get some, get some inspiration. Third. Yeah. The ultimate affiliate swipe file is a great place to start. It’s an easy place. Cause I put them all in there for you, but you can study what others are doing.

So always be on the lookout. You know, my personal swipe file that I showed you guys earlier. This guy here, you know, in here, my personal swipe file, that’s all about emails and flyers and postcards and fundraising letters and all that kind of stuff that I’ve saved over the years. So I didn’t wait for somebody to come to me with it. I saved them. So you can do that as well. And if you have any questions, you know, email, copywriting, today’s lesson, anything else, anything affiliate, marketing related or otherwise running your own affiliate program? All this stuff text me anytime at 2 6 0 2 1 7 4 6 1 9. And I’m going to get off here. I’ve got now we’ve got our PLF thing.

Alan, I’m going to get off. And when we’re in our meeting, I’m just being fully honest. One of the monitors is going to have the Tennessee game on. So you guys have an awesome. NCAA tournament day St. Patty’s day, whatever you’re celebrating today. I hope all of your teams win in unless it’s duke or Kentucky. Then I hope they lose and lose miserably.

So with that, we’ll wrap up and we will, or Longwood for that matter. If your team is Longwood, I’m genuinely hoping they lose by 40 today. So When Matt McWilliams is going to be upset today. Yeah. All right. See you next. Oh wait, next week, next week. I got to tell you guys what we’re doing next week.

We are going live. Same bat time, same bat channel. So Thursday, March 24th, March 24th, 2:00 PM. Eastern, as we always do, we’re going to talk about hiring an affiliate manager. So I’m going to share next week. I’m going to share the who, the when, the, where and the, how.

The, who, the what, the when, the where, the whatever I just said. The who the, let me think about this. The who, when, where and how, so we’re going to talk about, you know, who you should be looking for when the right time, the right time to hire, the where, which is like, you know, find like how to actually find the right person.

Where to find them and the, how. How to make sure they’re a good fit, kind of the hiring process, how to put people through the actual hiring process for that. So we’ll be doing that next week. Same time, happy St. Patrick’s day to you, Chad as well. And we’ll see you guys soon. Bye bye. See you later.


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