The affiliate programs below are programs that we run for our clients as well as programs run by people we know, like, and trust.

The best affiliate programs that I recommend

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ERC Guaranteed

Best ERC affiliate program

Company: Sunrise Business Solutions

About the Program: I’ve done the research and looked at dozens of ERC affiliate programs. And there are some pretty good ones out there. But there’s only ONE great one that I chose to associate with. I have a certain reputation to protect, so when I was looking for an ERC affiliate program, I knew I had to be careful. I could only recommend the absolute BEST! That is ERC Guaranteed. They offer the highest, fastest commissions and absolutely the BEST service for customers. I cannot recommend them more!

If you aren’t sure what ERC is or all of the reasons why I recommend ERC Guaranteed, click here to read my full breakdown of the best ERC affiliate program.

Commission: The average commission (in my personal experience) is $5,671. PLUS, they offer a 5% 2nd tier affiliate commission.

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Content Creator’s Legal Bootcamp

Company: Peter Nieves

About the Program: Content creators are growing in popularity. Whether it’s bloggers, online course creators, influencers on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, podcasters, coaches, copywriters, artists, or photographers, all content creators must build presence, while avoiding legal battles. But there ARE tricks to the trade. What can you copy? How do you stop others from copying? What should you protect? And now, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) software like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and others, Content Creators REALLY need to know what they can and cannot do. That’s why Peter Nieves created this 2-Day Content Creator’s Legal Bootcamp. Content Creator’s Legal Bootcamp will set you apart as a content creator, training you on protecting your interests.

Commission: 100% Commissions on all VIP upgrades! ($95) PLUS 25% on everything else

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Protect Your Idea Challenge™

Company: Peter Nieves

About the Program: If you’ve had ANY success personally or in your business, there are a few simple things you need to do to protect yourself. Legal knowledge is needed to succeed individually or as a business. We do not know what we do not know. We DO NOT want to pay attorney rates to learn. Imagine losing your business or creation due to NOT following a few super simple steps that you had no clue you needed to follow! As a sought-after Intellectual Property Law Attorney to innovators & entrepreneurs, Peter has seen this happen FAR more often than it should. That’s why he devised the Protect Your Idea Challenge™…to ensure you’re not next! (WITHOUT having to spend a fortune)

Commission: 100% Commissions on the Challenge ($95) PLUS 25% on everything else

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Breaking Free: How To Build A High-Income Freelance Career

Company: Henry Bingaman

About the Program: Freelancing is the fastest-growing work category in the United States and Breaking Free is an online course based on Henry Bingaman’s 15 years of freelancing and how to launch and grow a career as a freelancer. He’s sold more than $300 million worth of products and services online with his writing. And sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products for clients like Money Map Press, NewsMax, and Natural Health Sherpa. Then in 2022, He left behind his 7-figure career as a copywriter and launched a podcast and business focused entirely on helping you create more liberty in your own life. In Breaking Free, Henry shares his “Freedom Formula” including security, wealth, awareness, and network. If your audience can nail down all four of those areas, they will be a lot freer and a lot happier.

Commission: 50% Commissions

Learn more about the Breaking Free Affiliate Program


About the Program: LiveGood is a cost-saving membership model where the membership is the main product. Their mission is “To Help People Get Healthy, And Stay Healthy Without Having To Spend A Fortune To Do It.” Currently, 20 products in the health and wellness niche are available for purchase with goals of over 200 products to be available in the next couple of years. There’s so much more I could share here, but I recommend clicking here to read my full breakdown of LiveGood Affiliate Program.

Commission: There are 6 ways to earn commissions with LiveGood in their compensation plan including direct commissions, retail sales, influencer bonuses, and more…


NetPicks affiliate program

About the Program: Discover the effortless returns of passive income with the Passive Income Accelerator (PIA) program, a straightforward and simple formula-based course to generate passive income. Created by Mark Soberman, the founder of NetPicks and an investing veteran of nearly three decades, this course helps you unlock the path to earning passive income effortlessly. Learn how to generate consistent cash flow through fractional investments in real estate and cash flow from world-renowned companies such as Tesla, Nvidia, Microsoft, and more, along with turnkey online cash-flowing digital businesses, all with minimal effort and time. The PIA program is not just an investment strategy; it’s a new way of life that allows you to earn money while you sleep, travel, or pursue your passions. Set up multiple income streams in minutes and let your money start working for you.

Commission: 30% commission on the first cookie, with a 30-day cookie. The PIA offer is for $1,497 or 3 pay @ $499, with commission at 30% that’s: $449.10 per full pay sale and 3x $149.70 per payment plan sale (assuming all payments are completed).

The Secrets of Success with Russell Brunson

Think and Grow Rich Challenge affiliate program

Creator: Russell Brunson and Justin Benton

About the Program: I haven’t been this excited about an affiliate program since…well, it’s been a very, VERY long time. I cannot recommend a single affiliate program more than I do The Secrets of Success with Russell Brunson and Justin Benton. Russell and The Secrets of Success team got the rights to use the “Think and Grow Rich” name. Because of that, they are FIRST people ever to have permission to do something like the “Think and Grow Rich” Challenge. There’s so much more I could share here, but I recommend clicking here to read my full breakdown of The Secrets of Success Affiliate Program.

Commission: 40% LIFETIME commissions + 10% second-tier commissions.

Learn more about The Secrets of Success Affiliate Program


About the Program: Beekonnected is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs connect, communicate, and collaborate. Envision a world where the key features of seven leading big tech companies – Zoom, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Kajabi – are merged into one seamless, user-friendly interface. This is the essence of Beekonnected. At its core, Beekonnected offers an unparalleled suite of tools tailored for anyone who conducts any business online. Imagine the video conferencing capabilities of Zoom, the social engagement of Facebook, the content creation and sharing prowess of YouTube, the professional networking opportunities of LinkedIn, and the course creation and marketing facilities of Kajabi, all in one place. What sets Beekonnected apart is its focus on the entrepreneurial spirit. This platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a community built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking to expand your network, create engaging content, host webinars, or market your products and services, Beekonnected offers a comprehensive solution at an affordable price.


10% on each paid membership for as long as they maintain their membership, plus 10% on each paid membership in your second tier. Unlimited width and unlimited depth on both tiers. Weekly payouts.

Thought Leader Accelerator

Creator: Taylor Conroy

About the Program: Since 2018, our Thought-Leader Accelerator program has helped over 500 speakers land a spot on the TEDx stage. This program is designed to take you on a journey from ideation to crafting and giving your talk. It equips experts and trailblazers who have demonstrated incredible accomplishment and courage in their respective fields with a way to scale their message on the TEDx stage.


$1,000+ per sale with opportunities for significant bonuses

Learn more about the Thought Leader Affiliate Program: Click Here

Authentic Marketing With AI

Creator: Amy Yamada

About the Program: Authentic Marketing With AI helps your audience build authority by showing them how to create authenticity with AI. It offers essential prompts for streamlining your coaching business. In addition to saving you time, money, and energy, it lets you deeply connect with your authentic self, your vision, and those you are meant to serve, so you can make a bigger impact and bring your dreams to life!


$35% commission per sale ($997 price point)

Learn more about the Authentic Marketing With AI Affiliate Program: Click Here

Social Glow

Creator: Daniel Burge

About the Program: SocialGlow puts your community, courses, and classes into a powerful and addictive “app” experience that keeps your customers engaged, connected, and focused. SocialGlow is an all-in-one platform that helps coaches and consultants boost their course and community engagement. This is done by integrating both powerful course creation tools with innovative community management capabilities.


25% RECURRING monthly commission for the LIFE of the customer.

Learn more about the Social Glow Affiliate Program: Click Here

Blake Brewer’s Legacy Letter Challenge

Creator: Blake Brewer

About the Program: Blake Brewer is on a mission to help 1 million dads and moms write at least one well-written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their children. A Legacy Letter shares your values and virtues along with words that will affirm and communicate your love and impact your children’s lives today and forever. He shared more about his mission during a recent appearance on the Today Show.

Audience: Dads and Moms who have children they want to equip with lifelong virtues and values.


  • Legacy Letter Challenge: Introductory Workshop ($47)
  • Legacy Letter Challenge: Masterclass ($197)
  • Legacy Letter Challenge: Legacy Experience ($1,000)

Commission: 40 % commission on all sales.

Learn more about the Legacy Letter Challenge affiliate program: Click Here

Turn Your Passions Into Profits Book

Creator: Matt McWilliams

About the Program: Turn Your Passions into Profits offers step-by-step guidance for turning your passions into a profitable and lasting business. It reveals how to find and attract your audience, build a following, and ultimately how to monetize your venture quickly and sustainably. Join the book launch team now and claim your exclusive bonuses worth $588!

Commission: 40 % commission on all products in the sales funnel.

Learn more about the Turn Your Passions Into Profits Book Affiliate Program: Click Here

No Product No Problem

Affiliate marketing course - No Product, No Problem

Creator: Matt McWilliams

About the Course: No Product No Problem is the definitive course on getting started with affiliate marketing. It is designed for beginner to intermediate platform builders who do not yet have a product but want to get started monetizing their audience.

Audience: Anyone with a blog, podcast, video channel, or another online platform.

Price: $497

Commission: 40% plus some awesome bonuses.

Find Affiliates Now

Logo for Find Affiliates Now

Creator: Matt McWilliams

About the Course: Find Affiliates Now (FAN) is the proven system to start and scale your affiliate program in only five days. It is designed for platform builders and entrepreneurs who already have a product or service and are ready to explode their growth by adding affiliates.

Audience: Anyone with a blog, podcast, video channel, or another online platform who already has a product.

Price: $497

Commission: 40%

List Launch Challenge

List launch challenge email list bonus review

Creator: Matt McWilliams

About the Course: The 7 Day List Launch Challenge shows you how to start, build, and grow your email list from the ground up and is a proven system with amazing results. It is designed for beginner to intermediate platform builders who do not yet have a list, have a small list, or want to add subscribers to their current list quickly.

Audience: Anyone wanting to start an email list or who has a blog, podcast, video channel, or another online platform.

Price: $47 + Back-end Upsells

Commission: 40% plus some awesome bonuses.

Rethink Dieting

rethink dieting affiliate program - alan thomas

Creator: Alan Thomas

About the Program: My friend, Alan Thomas, has created a process, “Rethink Dieting”, that helps overweight and obese men and women lose weight -and keep it off.  The best part? Alan NEVER tells anyone what to eat or what exercises to do. According to Alan, “If a diet or exercise plan were the answer, everyone would already be at their ideal weight.”

If you have an audience that wants to learn an effective strategy for permanent weight loss, then this affiliate program is for you.

Read my full breakdown of the program.


  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Career Counsellors
  • Christian Community

Dates: Evergreen.

Price: Custom individualized pricing

Commission: 15% of paid-in-full clients who are invited into the Rethink Dieting Program

Learn more about the Rethink Dieting affiliate program: Click Here

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