The affiliate programs below are programs that we run for our clients as well as programs run by people we know, like, and trust.

The best affiliate programs that I recommend

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Turn Your Passions Into Profits Book Launch Team

Creator: Matt McWilliams

About the Launch Team: Turn Your Passions into Profits offers step-by-step guidance for turning your passions into a profitable and lasting business. It reveals how to find and attract your audience, build a following, and ultimately how to monetize your venture quickly and sustainably. Join the book launch team now and claim your exclusive bonuses worth $785!

Commission: 40 % commission on all products in the sales funnel.

Learn more about the Turn Your Passions Into Profits Book Launch Team: Click Here


Creator: Mike Boorn Plener

About the Program: Expected to attract 50,000 attendees, Scalefest is a hybrid global business event taking place April 27, 2023 with live audiences and streaming from Sydney, Singapore, London, and NYC. This unique event features two core elements…Learning…It’s a mix of keynotes, inspirational talks, and energizing intermezzos that set the stage for a fast-paced program, AND Implementation…Attendees are encouraged to jump on their laptop and work on their business in the specific areas they identified in Part 1 that needs strengthening.

Commission: 20-40 % + other commission opportunities.

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Do It! Accelerator

Creator: David Newman

About the Program: David Newman, CSP, specializes in working with B2B consultants and business coaches who want to stop throwing money into a marketing black hole and attract, engage, and win more clients. As a professional services sales expert, he has developed a system that uses proven strategies to land better clients, bigger deals, and higher fees. Do it! Accelerator is a self-guided digital course with worksheets, templates, tools, and scripts created by a seasoned sales professional. His Do it! Accelerator course combines his extensive experience and his thirst to find more effective ways to sell.

Commission: 40 % + other commission opportunities.

Learn more about the Do It! Accelerator Affiliate Program: Click Here

Blake Brewer’s Legacy Letter Challenge

Creator: Blake Brewer

About the Program: Blake Brewer is on a mission to help 1 million dads and moms write at least one well-written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their children. A Legacy Letter shares your values and virtues along with words that will affirm and communicate your love and impact your children’s lives today and forever. 

Audience:Dads and Moms who have children they want to equip with lifelong virtues and values.


  • Legacy Letter Challenge: Introductory Workshop ($47)
  • Legacy Letter Challenge: Masterclass ($197)
  • Legacy Letter Challenge: Legacy Experience ($1,000)

Commission: 40 % commission on all sales.

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30 Day Shape Up & Slim Down with Jaime Brenkus

Creator: Jaime Brenkus

About the Program: The 30-Day Shape Up & Slim Down program has helped millions of people lose millions of pounds and inches. 30 Day Shape Up & Slim Down features an unbeatable combination of fitness and food weight loss and inch loss plan that unleashes a mix of youth-enhancing hormones making you look younger, feel better, relieve pain, and bring back your energy, focus, and drive. And in 85% less time than regular exercise!

Audience: There are 80 million boomers in the US and 160 Million out-of-shape and overweight individuals. This creates a huge marketplace and target audience.

Price: 30 Day Shape Up & Slim Down is $ 129 for the entire package ($2,500 Value)

Commission: 20 % commission on all sales.

Learn more about the 30 Day Shape Up & Slim Down affiliate program: Click Here

Joseph Michael’s Learn Scrivener Fast

Creator: Joseph Michael

About the Program: Learn Scrivener Fast (LSF), is an online course that teaches people how to accelerate their writing careers by learning Scrivener in as little as 1 week. With over 30K students actively enrolled in the course, LSF has received rave reviews, with positive testimonials flooding in daily.

Audience: Authors, writers, bloggers, copywriters

Price: $297 discounted to $197

Commission: 40%

Learn more about the Learn Scrivener Fast affiliate program: Click Here

Homeschool Resource Co

Creator: Brooke Poston

About the Program: Created by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers – they know what your homeschool needs! They provide digital content to families who are looking for supplemental educational material that is high-quality, engaging, and affordable! By working with content creators and brands, they are able to continually provide new, updated, resources for customers, while also providing income opportunities, brand association, and product awareness for our partners.

Audience: Homeschool Resource Co is for homeschool parents, at-home learners, home educators, grandparents who want educational content for their grandkids, and more!

Price: The value is typically around $1000 and the products vary depending on the value contributed. The average Collection ranges from $24.99 – $36.99.

Commission:30% base commission, with a sliding scale of up to 70% for contributors.

Learn more about the Homeschool Resource Co affiliate program: Click Here

Leaders Press

Creator: Alinka Rutkowska

About the Program: Leaders Press has created a proven process in which all you need to do is spend 10-15 hours on the phone with their interviewers and they’ll create a best-selling book from your experience in your unique voice! Leaders Press is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press and they’ve turned more than 90 authors into USA Today best-selling authors.

Audience: Business leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs with customer-facing businesses and a primary focus on coaching/consulting/sales.

Price: Varies from $6,000 – $120,ooo

Commission: $3,000 standard commission with additional bonuses.

Learn more about the Leaders Press affiliate program: Click Here

Ruffly Speaking

Creator: Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA and Susan Briggs, MA, CPACO

About the Program: For nearly 50+ combined years, Robin and Susan have been training pet care professionals how to safely operate pet care businesses and take care of dogs. Now, they are bringing that information directly to their clients, the pet parent. Their customers need help with a number of issues including struggles with behavioral issues, leaving their pets alone because they become destructive, wanting to have a life that includes their dog but they’re not sure how to get there, and so much more.

Audience: Primarily female dog owners who are empty nesters or have no kids at home

Price: $19.99/month or $199.99 yearly

Commission: 30% monthly recurring commission

Learn more about the Ruffly Speaking affiliate program: Click Here


Searchie affiliate program stu mclaren

About the Program: Searchie is the most flexible, easy-to-use web-based software solution to create, organize, and share your content so that you and your audience get the most of it. Create a beautiful content experience for your course, membership, or coaching program that’s more accessible and easier to consume without ever coding or needing an expensive developer.

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Audience: Content creators, membership site owners, podcasters, YouTubers, course creators, and anyone building an online platform.

Dates: Evergreen plus major launch in January of each year.

Price: Varies based level from $29-199/month.

Commission: For each Plan It Build It sale, 100% will be credited to the affiliate. If customers remain active Searchie customers (in good standing) after the 3-month trial period, the credited affiliate will receive 30% recurring commissions for Searchie Basic, Pro or Business Plan. You will not be credited 30% recurring commissions during the 3-month trial period.

No Product, No Problem

Affiliate marketing course - No Product, No Problem

Creator: Matt McWilliams

About the Course: No Product, No Problem is the definitive course on getting started with affiliate marketing. It is designed for beginner to intermediate platform builders who do not yet have a product but want to get started monetizing their audience.

Audience: Anyone with a blog, podcast, video channel, or another online platform.

Price: $497

Commission: 40% plus some awesome bonuses.

Find Affiliates Now

Creator: Matt McWilliams

About the Course: Find Affiliates Now (FAN) is the proven system to start and scale your affiliate program in only five days. It is designed for platform builders and entrepreneurs who already have a product or service and are ready to explode their growth by adding affiliates.

Audience: Anyone with a blog, podcast, video channel, or another online platform who already has a product.

Price: $497

Commission: 40%

List Launch Challenge

List launch challenge email list bonus review

Creator: Matt McWilliams

About the Course: The 7 Day List Launch Challenge shows you how to start, build, and grow your email list from the ground up and is a proven system with amazing results. It is designed for beginner to intermediate platform builders who do not yet have a list, have a small list, or want to add subscribers to their current list quickly.

Audience: Anyone wanting to start an email list or who has a blog, podcast, video channel, or another online platform.

Price: $47 + Back-end Upsells

Commission: 40% plus some awesome bonuses.

Rethink Dieting

rethink dieting affiliate program - alan thomas

Creator: Alan Thomas

About the Program: My friend, Alan Thomas, has created a process, “Rethink Dieting”, that helps overweight and obese men and women lose weight -and keep it off.  The best part? Alan NEVER tells anyone what to eat or what exercises to do. According to Alan, “If a diet or exercise plan were the answer, everyone would already be at their ideal weight.”

If you have an audience that wants to learn an effective strategy for permanent weight loss, then this affiliate program is for you.

Read my full breakdown of the program.


  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Career Counsellors
  • Christian Community

Dates: Evergreen.

Price: Custom individualized pricing

Commission: 15% of paid-in-full clients who are invited into the Rethink Dieting Program

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Ultimate Bundles

Creator: Ryan and Stephanie Langford

About the Program: Ultimate Bundles creates high-converting sales events for online authorpreneurs. During the course of over 30 launches, they have been able to partner with and learn from some of the highest performing bloggers/authors on the web.

Audience: Ultimate Bundles focuses on four key niches/industries.

  1. Family. These promotions are typically focused on homemaking, parenting, and similar niches.
  2. Health. Promotions in this category have included general health, herbs & essential oils, gut healing, and fitness.
  3. Business. This is the category that I’ve promoted to my audience. Promotions include blogging, startups, and work-at-home
  4. Lifestyle. This category is quite diverse, including photography, DIY, crafts, travel and more. 

Price: $47-197

Commission: 40%

Learn more about the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program: Click Here

To be notified of all our newest launches before anyone else, click here. You’ll be the first to know about all of our product launches and great affiliate programs.

If you’d like to have your launch added this list, click here. (We only take a few non-clients per year, so submission is not a guarantee of acceptance)