If you have an audience that wants to learn an effective strategy for permanent weight loss, then this affiliate program is for you.

My friend, Alan Thomas, has created a process, “Rethink Dieting”, that helps overweight and obese men and women lose weight -and keep it off.  The best part? Alan NEVER tells anyone what to eat or what exercises to do. According to Alan, “If a diet or exercise plan were the answer, everyone would already be at their ideal weight.”

Why keep suffering all the stress, anxiety and frustration that goes hand-in-hand with going back to the same ineffective weight loss strategies when there’s a proven solution that will eliminate the problem permanently?

I’m very excited about this program because:

1 – Alan’s walking proof that his process works:

Over about a 9-month span, Alan lost 129 pounds using his approach to permanent weight loss. In the Testimonials section below, you can see for yourself the results Rethink Dieting has produced.

2 – I’ve experienced the results firsthand: Like many people, I had battled an excessive weight issue most of my adult life. I really didn’t have any imminent health issues but I just had this persistent feeling of not being comfortable. In 2019, using Alan’s Rethink Dieting process, I lost over 90 pounds of fat. My waist size went from 42″ to 34″. I’m a believer.

About Rethink Dieting

Rethink Dieting combines an individual and group coaching format to create a powerful 6-month process that has consistently identified the missing ingredient needed to put clients on the road to permanent weight loss. 

Is it effective? Judge for yourself.

On March 2, 2017, at the age of 55, Alan Thomas stepped on his scale, and it read 304 pounds. Literally, panic set in.

After failing dozens of diets over three decades, Alan publicly committed to losing 129 pounds.

Fast forward 260 days. Alan stepped on the same scale and weighed 175 pounds. He conquered a lifelong battle with obesity in 260 days.

Today, Alan uses the same approach he used to help overweight and obese men and women lose weight. “Rethink Dieting,” gets incredible results but Alan never tells anyone what to eat or what exercises to do.

According to Alan, ‘If a diet or exercise plan were the answer, everyone would already be at their ideal weight.’

Members of Rethink Dieting get:

  • Individual private coaching
  • 8-week intensive workshop
  • Access to a private Facebook Group support
  • Ongoing Alumni Group once the Rethink Dieting Program is over

Target Audience:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Career Counsellors
  • Christian Community


Customized Programs for individuals


15% of paid-in-full clients who are invited into the Rethink Dieting Program

Affiliates Committed So Far:

Dan Miller- 48 Days

Matt McWilliams- The Affiliate Guy

Matthew Isbell- Bama Beach Bum

More About Alan:

I learned a lot on my journey, and now I coach people through the process that worked for me.

I’m not a medical professional, dietician, or fitness expert. I am an ordinary guy that allowed himself to get morbidly obese. Believe it or not I am thankful for that 129 pounds of fat, it allows me to understand what many who cannot seem to overcome their desire to overeat are going through.

If you identify with where I was in 2017 and are ready to make a change, maybe I can help.

I am 5’11” and weighed 296 pounds down from 304 pounds on March 2, 2017. I knew if I could stick to it, I could reach a healthy weight, but always seemed to get off track after losing 10, 20 or 30 pounds.

I decided to start posting my weight on Facebook for all the world to see. By going public, I felt a sense of accountability

My wife, Angie, thought I was crazy! She questioned my sanity. Why would I embarrass not only myself, but also her and our children?

The impact Facebook had was unbelievable. After posting my weight to Facebook for just 2 days, people started asking how to join the Extreme Accountability Challenge, Angie posted her weight too. Together, Angie and I lost 192 pounds. I lost 129 in 252 days and Angie lost 63 pounds in 252 days.










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