Affiliate Opportunity: Stu McLaren’s 2021 TRIBE Launch

If your audience has specialized knowledge that can be monetized then a membership is the best way to create regular income and this course is for them.

For the past few years, I’ve enthusiastically promoted my friend Stu McLaren’s TRIBE course.

Stu McLaren’s TRIBE course teaches folks how to start a membership site and generate recurring revenue.

It’s the model we used to create our Affiliate Insider Monthly membership and has worked for thousands and thousands of other students!

Surprising Lessons from a First Affiliate Launch

The Affiliate Guy Episode 393

Debriefing after an affiliate launch is an important part of systematizing the lessons you learn. Today, you get a behind-the-scenes look at a debrief of Scott Barlow’s very first affiliate launch and you get to learn some of the surprising lessons he learned. Five very powerful lessons in today’s episode…Let’s go!

My First Affiliate Launch: Powerful Lessons from Scott Barlow

The Affiliate Guy Episode 392

Ever wonder what it’s like to get behind-the-scenes access to other entrepreneurs’ affiliate launches? Today, you get that chance. Some first-time affiliate launches are big. Some are small. Some are resounding successes, while others are unmitigated disasters. Most, however, fall somewhere in between. That’s exactly what happened to Scott Barlow with his first affiliate launch.

Unleashing Your Creative Power with Marcus Whitney

The Affiliate Guy Episode 387

Marcus Whitney is a self-proclaimed unlikely entrepreneur. Two decades ago, he arrived in Nashville as a college dropout with a one-year old and another baby on the way. Waiting tables and living paycheck to paycheck in a hotel, becoming an entrepreneur seemed unlikely indeed. But Marcus knew there was something more for him…and two decades later, he’s living his entrepreneurial dream. Today, he shares his amazing story and how to unleash your creative power to solve problems in the world, which is exactly what being an entrepreneur is all about.

Your 2020 Holiday Season Affiliate Program Prep Starts NOW!

The Affiliate Guy Episode 378

According to the National Retail Federation, about 40% of consumers actually begin their holiday shopping before Halloween. That means if you wait much longer to start preparing your affiliate program for the holiday season, you’re waiting WAY too long! In this episode, I share the 11 steps to start taking RIGHT NOW to prepare your affiliate program for the holidays.