Affiliate Recruiting: Reach More Affiliates…And Get them to Say YES!

7 Types of Affiliates You Should Recruit - and How To Get Them to Promote

Without a doubt, the most difficult part of starting, growing or running an affiliate program is finding and recruiting affiliates. Where do you find the right affiliates and, once you find them, how do you get them to agree to promote your product or offer? In today’s post, I’ll share how to dramatically increase the number and type of affiliates you recruit and how to get more of them to say “yes” to promote your offers.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

Every month I get countless requests from people wanting me to manage their affiliate programs and launches. But, when it comes right down to it, almost always, what they REALLY want is help finding and recruiting affiliates.

Affiliate Opportunity: Teachable Affiliate Program

Major Player in the $300 Billion Online Learning Industry

The online learning industry is expected to exceed $300 Billion by 2025. That’s why we are excited to share with you an opportunity to promote Teachable, an industry leader in course creation software. If your audience is interested in using online learning and courses as a part of their business, you are definitely going to want to join the Teachable affiliate program!