If your audience is in the health, diet, exercise, nutrition, fitness, or any wellness niche, this affiliate opportunity is for you.

About LiveGood

LiveGood was launched in late December 2022 and grew to about 1 million paid members within the first year in global growth due to low priced yet high quality products and a low price point of membership and affiliate registration.

With no requirement to purchase physical products (no auto-ship requirement) this also made for a revolution in the industry where more people could take part in the company and not cancel after just a few months which is often the case in the direct selling and network marketing industry.

LiveGood is a cost savings membership model where the membership is the main product. Their mission is “To Help People Get Healthy, And Stay Healthy Without Having To Spend A Fortune To Do It.”

Currently, 20 products in the health and wellness niche are available for purchase with goals of over 200 products to be available in the next couple of years.

Current products include but are not limited to multi vitamins, organic coffee, plant based protein, energy booster, collagen, essential oils, CBD pain relief cream, CBD oil, CBD Oil for pets, super reds, super greens, essential amino acids, energy/sleep patches and more at drastically reduced rates.

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What’s Included in LiveGood

Most of the physical products in the nutritional and supplement category come as a 30-60 day supply and come with a 90 day end of the bottle money back guarantee.

Each product has available certificates of analysis and membership helps you gain access to reduced rates compared to retail price-points of ‘retail customers’

Target Audience

  • Health,
  • Nutrition,
  • Wellness,
  • Fitness,
  • Biz op,
  • MLM,
  • Network Marketing,
  • Work from Home,
  • Holistic health, Medicine,
  • Massage/Physical Therapists,
  • Sleep, Energy,
  • Lifting,
  • Body building,
  • Athletes,
  • Sport recovery,

…and anyone else who is interested in not spending a fortune on their health!

Interested in becoming an affiliate for LiveGood? Click here to learn more & apply


Membership is $99.95/year or $9.95/month with a one time affiliate registration fee of $40 for those wishing to participate as independent distributors and take part in the compensation plan.

Nutritional supplements and products currently range from $8.50-$49.95 for members for individual items (while some combination packs including all the products are priced up to $319.95 with the main international wellness pack featuring 6 products for $89.95 and also including free shipping on this pack only)


There are 6 ways to earn commissions with LiveGood in their compensation plan

1) 50% fast start on direct referrals membership ($20 commission on the affiliate registration fee and $5 on the first months membership). You can also earn down generations as you rank up on new members brought in by those who you sponsored.

2) Retail sales: 50% of the difference between member/wholesale price and retail price on any purchase made by a retail customer (non member).

3) Matrix commissions: Earn $0.25 for every person in your matrix starting their second active month of membership down 12-15 levels depending on your rank.

4) Matrix Matching commissions: Earn 50% matching on the matrix commissions of anyone you have personally enrolled AND a percentage of all that those people enroll down 5 generations

5) Influencer bonuses: Increase your retail product sales up to 100% for larger volumes of product sales to retail customers each month. 6) Diamond and Crown Diamond Pools: 2% and 0.5% Profit sharing from all company sales and profits are split between current Diamond and Crown Diamond sponsors.

Prizes & Contests

Massive PiggyBack Bonuses for Joining: They have prepared $15,873 in bonuses for you that you are also able to provide your referrals and leads to help incentivize them in joining LiveGood with you.

Those details can be seen here.

They include me sending you a physical copy of Jim Rohn and Eric Worre Audio CD’s which are some of the top Network Marketing mindset and skillset trainings available. This bonus is only available for those who directly register with me.

You also get access as well as all of your referrals to the following 6 bonuses!

  1. Lifetime access to my List Building course and training at ListChemistry.com
  2. A vacation stay
  3. $500 Hotel vouchers (unlimited)
  4. 150 MLM style emails
  5. Lifetime coaching
  6. Piggyback bonuses (Your referrals can use this as well to help grow their team!)



Interested in becoming an affiliate for LiveGood? Click here to learn more & apply



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