[LIVE LESSON] REVEALED: The Latest Research on Affiliate Bonus Packages for 2021

I have some exciting new research to share with you. It’s all about affiliate bonus packages and how the right one can help you increase your affiliate sales by 240% (or more)! I’m sharing common myths about bonus packages as well as revealing new research on just how effective they are. I’ll also show you how to put together an effective bonus package that gets results…the EASY way!

[LIVE LESSON] My 10 Favorite Online Marketing Tools of 2021

I’m going to share my 10 favorite online marketing tools for 2021. These are the tools that we use in our business nearly every single day. They’ve saved us time, made us more money, and made our lives so much easier. Come join us live to find out what they are.

[LIVE LESSON] What the Heck is Clubhouse and What Does it Mean for Affiliate Marketing?

Learn what Clubhouse means for marketers, how to use it to find affiliates and do affiliate marketing, and mistakes to avoid. Personally, I think Clubhouse is a game-changer for marketers and that just about EVERYONE should be on there. The ROI is absolutely insane!

[LIVE LESSON] 7 Commitments That Will Turn Your Life Around In 2021

I made HUGE leaps in my business and my life by making 7 commitments and I share them in this video. The lesson I share is applicable not only to business, but to all aspects of your life. 3 years ago, I made these 7 commitments and it transformed my entire life…and I’m sharing them all with you right here!

[LIVE LESSON] How To Create Authority And Build An Audience…Even If No One Knows Who You Are

I had a very special guest join me for a very special lesson. If you want to know how to create authority and grow an audience in your niche…even if NO ONE knows who the heck you are, this lesson is for YOU! If you’ve been struggling to build your audience and create a name for yourself in your niche, NOW is the time to fix that. Ray Brehm is the guru’s guru, helping entrepreneurs of all sizes establish authority, spread their message, and increase their impact and influence. He joined me for a special lesson revealing some of his best strategies for building YOUR business even if you are a complete unknown right now! Come join us and you won’t be an unknown for very long!

[LIVE LESSON] STOP! Is Your Promo Calendar Missing This? If so, It Could be Killing Your Business!

If your promo calendar is missing this ONE thing, it could be KILLING your business! In this lesson, we share what it is and how to avoid it. STOP! Is Your Promo Calendar Missing This? If so, It Could be Killing Your Business! I’m going to share the missing part of most peoples’ promo calendars…and why it hurts their businesses!

[LIVE LESSON] How to Build Confidence & Lead Your Tribe?

I’m so excited to introduce you to Mary Mitchell. Mary is a member of our START Mastermind and 2020 has been a breakthrough year for her and her business! She helps people to build the confidence they need to stand out and lead their tribe, which is exactly what I asked her to share with YOU. We did a very special LIVE lesson and you do not want to miss this! Oh, and did I mention we’re giving away a $500 prize at the lesson? (But you have to watch before Sunday night.

[LIVE LESSON] The Top 5 Hottest Niches for Holiday Affiliate Promos in 2020

Choosing the right products has a HUGE impact on the success of your promotions this time of year (and all year) and THIS year is going to be a holiday season unlike any other in our lifetimes. Which is why I’m breaking down which niches are the HOTTEST during the 2020 holiday season and how to choose the right products to promote.

[LIVE LESSON] Affiliate Marketing For Influencers

When COVID hit, companies across the world cut their ad budgets BIG TIME! That meant a LOT of online influencers were up the proverbial creek without a paddle… UNLESS they took advantage of affiliate marketing. You see, these brands had to eliminate all expenses that didn’t have a clear ROI…and that they had to pay for upfront. But affiliate marketing is actually doing amazingly well right now. Companies are looking for low-risk, guaranteed ways to make money. So while some of these influencers’ incomes dried up overnight and never returned. SOME influencers switched to affiliate marketing and are making MORE money than they were from paid promotions. Like blogger Jessica Turner. She’s a major influencer in the “mom niche” (her blog is called The Mom Creative). Her revenue went south when COVID first became a thing here in the US but it quickly recovered because of affiliate marketing.

[LIVE LESSON] How to 10X Your Evergreen Affiliate Earnings

As an affiliate (and as a product creator or affiliate manager), you NEED evergreen offers. In this video, I share my 8 favorite strategies for promoting affiliate offers. If you want to create consistent revenue streams from affiliate marketing, you do NOT want to miss this lesson!