There are so many potentially great affiliate marketers that never get started because they buy into myths. In this video, I will completely DESTROY the 7 most dangerous myths that may be keeping you from becoming a successful and PROFITABLE affiliate marketer.


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We are live. Yo, yo, what’s up everyone. Super excited to be here today, guys, if you can’t tell I’m a little bit of a different location, I was actually hoping you guys would get some scenery, but it seems like you guys are just getting bright light behind me. You could say it’s heaven. It depends on you. It’s a little chilly here right now, actually just like it was down in Florida.

I know Alan knows that. Cause he’s down in, you know, a million island. I was just looking, you know, we were just down in Orlando. We were talking like it was, it was chilly, a little chilly there a few days. What is it down there now? Like mid sixties. It’s now it’s in the fifties. It’s like we’re expecting blizzards and stuff through here. We’re wearing jackets. Oh my gosh. That’s crazy. Yeah. So I think it’s like 52 here in North Carolina. So we’re on Topsail island.

You have 50 or 51. So I’m on Topsail island this week, last week. We’re in Orlando. 51 here, look at that. It’s the same will be, let me put this way. When we get back to Fort Wayne, I’m not joking that night. It’ll be about 18 degrees. So high of 28. So that’ll be super fun. We apparently we have like a half a foot of snow back home and thankfully my brother-in-law went and got our cleared our driveway. So when we get home, won’t have to like, you know, park at the top of the driveway and clear it out before we can go down.

So anyway guys, I’m super excited about today. We were talking about seven affiliate marketing myths, and we’re going to, hopefully for you guys, we’re going to completely destroy those today. These are our pervasive myths, right? These are, we’re going to talk about some myths, we’re gonna talk about some excuses. We’re going to talk about all kinds of stuff today.

These are, these are myths that people believe that hold them back from success. That’s why we’re talking about these today. Because if you believe any of these seven myths, and if you make any of these five excuses that I’ll share at the end, you’re not going to succeed. And that’s why I want to share these today. And this is important because everything starts with mindset in my opinion. You know, the best tactics, the best strategies, the best, you know like, oh, I’ve got better subject lines. I got, you know, this, I learned this strategy on social media.

None of it means, you know, as, you know, my mom would always say, none of it means a hill of beans. If you don’t have the right mindset going in. One of the things that I talk a lot about on the mindset side is just the, you know, the mindset that it’s okay to make money. It’s okay to be successful. It’s okay to make more money than your parents. It’s okay to maybe work less than your parents and make more money.

It’s okay to be the person in your family who’s the most successful. It’s okay to charge your audience money for things. It’s okay to expect there to be a financial transaction. It’s okay for you to monetize. It’s okay for you to make a difference and make money. I mean, that’s what my, just a side note, just this morning, we settled on the final book cover for turn your passions into profits. I’ll be sharing that pretty soon. I’m excited to share that with you guys. And that’s, that’s one of the core messages of the book from a mindset side.

In fact, I know one of the things I say in the book was like, if you needed permission for any of those things that I just talked about to be true, you have that permission now and that’s super important. So that’s why mindset is so important. So we’re talking about seven affiliate marketing myths, also five excuses that people make. And we’re going to hopefully bust those today. Like Eric said, Hey, Eric, we’re going to play MythBuster day.

Hey Luke, Hey Angie, real quick. If you haven’t said, Hey yet, like Luke and Angie and Eric say, Hey there, let us know where you’re joining us from. That’s always super fun. I do apologize. There might be a little bit of an echo, our beach house here. It doesn’t have carpet and it’s sparsely decorated.

So there is a bit of an echo. Hopefully you guys aren’t picking it up and I’ve got my microphone like right here, just in case. But also if you know somebody who would benefit from hearing this message today, you know, somebody who needs that mindset shift to be successful with affiliate marketing, maybe they’ve made some of these excuses to you that you’re going to hear today. Any excuses in affiliate marketing hit that, share button, tell them about it.

Let them know about the cinema tech share with your friends, shoot him an email, let them know. You know, if they come later, they’ll get the replay. That’s fine. Share it with them wherever. Share it on your Facebook page. And also Allen. Hello. Eric pointed out it’s a heavenly glow. That’s pretty cool. I left the windows open. I was hoping you guys could see the, the ocean, cause it’s literally right behind us. For those of you who know North Carolina geography, we’re on one of the islands there off the coast, Topsail island it’s spelled, I mean, you can see the spelling, you know, top sail, but I’m from North Carolina. So we pronounce it Topsail.

So I don’t ask me why. I think it’s easier for us rednecks to say that. Belgium. Yeah. That’s cold. Yeah. So Alan, I literally, we probably drove, I don’t know, half an hour from you the other day. Maybe closer. So sorry, we didn’t get a chance to meet up. We had to hustle to get here. Cause we did not want, there was just enough moisture left on the roads here. And it was below freezing that night, not here, but like inland more. And we were like, it’s the south. They don’t, they don’t know salt. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna, we’re going to get there early.

And I’m kind of glad we did cause when we got to the house here, the driveway had frozen and I’m like, oh I can not imagine. But it was, it was like, it was that thick, you know? So you credit crack through it. And I’m like, I can not imagine if we got in here two hours later, we’d be like, woop. So we’ll get to see guys up Alan, real quick. You had, something. I think I’m going to work something in that you were starting to share with me. I was like, dude, stop telling me, we’ll just do this live. So I want you to find an opportunity when we’re talking today, you’ve got a success story that you’ve got that I think is important.

In fact, I’m going to go through our outline here. I think. Yeah. I think when we get to like myth number seven, I think it’ll be a great place for you to talk about that. Cause yeah, we’ll get there, but let’s jump in guys. We’re talking about, we’re going to destroy some affiliate marketing myths today. Also talk about some of those excuses and myths. Number one is that, you know, affiliate marketing is too hard, right? Affiliate marketing is too hard. I just hear this from a lot of people. Like I don’t, I don’t understand, you know, I can’t put it into practice, right? I don’t, I don’t understand affiliate marketing. The total opposite is true. You don’t even have to be qualified as a marketer to get the most out of an affiliate marketing campaign.

You can learn affiliate, marketing like that. I mean, go listen to my podcast, right? There’s tons of information out there. We have a course that walks you through and you can basically go from not knowing a thing about affiliate marketing to running your first affiliate marketing campaign. If you just go to noproductnoproblem.com you know, walks you through in five days, right? There’s so many free resources. If you have more time than money, go watch all my YouTube videos, go watch all of my lives. Go watch, listen to every podcast episode. If you want the quick and dirty version, you know, that kind of takes you from here to here very quickly.

No product, no problem is your, your answer there. I mean it’s just not that complicated. You know, I’ve shared this story so many times, but I’m gonna, I’m going to share it again. That when I was, I gave this speech a few years ago, I don’t know about a thousand people in the audience, 700 and a thousand people. And, and I’m like, you know, yeah. Affiliate marketing. It’s amazing. And I’m like, you know, I’m thinking this is awesome. I have convinced every person in here, they can be an affiliate marketer and they’re going to be the best in the world.

You know, this is before I knew I had this story that I’m about to share with you. Right. And so I said, who here doesn’t think they can do affiliate marketing. And I’m thinking, there’s not going to be a hand in the place that goes up and I’m like who here doesn’t think, and like 400 hands go up. I’m like, oh shoot. Like this did not go like I thought it would. And I’m like, okay, okay, okay. So I picked one, and I was like, why do you not think you can like, well, it’s somebody else’s product. I don’t know how you promote. I don’t know how to market. I’m not a marketer.

And then I asked another, why can’t you and she’s talking about, I’m not a marketer. I don’t know, marketing. I haven’t read all the marketing books. Okay. So why don’t you think it’s, you know, I’m not a marketer, you know, and I’m like, man, they’re saying the same thing, you know, I thought you, I’m not a marketer. It’s like, and then it’s someone else’s product. I don’t even know how can I promote someone else’s product. I was like, and I had this idea and I’m like come up here.

We sat down and I said, so you don’t think you’re a marketer? She’s like, Nope. Like, man, I’ve read, you know, three to 400 marketing books. I’ve been a marketer for 10 years. I really don’t think I know marketing all that well, either to be honest with you and especially promoting someone else’s products, I said, do me a favor, tell me about your favorite restaurant. And you know, don’t stop me if you’ve heard this story before Eric or Luke or anyone. I said, tell me about your favorite restaurant.

And she’s like, well, you know, such and such, I’m like, okay, tell me what it’s like when you walk up to that restaurant, she tells me about the neighborhood and the ambience outside. I said, okay, how about when you walk in? What’s it like inside? And she tells me about that. I’ve got this vivid picture of this place. I can see the decor on the walls. And I’m like, okay, how about the food. What about the service? You know, she’s like, oh my gosh, the service is so amazing. Right? She’s like, it seems like our water glass is always full, but the waiter is never there. That’s good service.

She’s like, yeah, last week my husband and I went, we left our doggy bag inside the restaurant and he comes running out, almost gets hit by a car, trying to get us our, you know, our doggy bag. Like, that’s really good service. Right. She’s like, yeah, I know. All right. How about the food? That’s the million dollar question. Like I’ll put up with mediocre service. I’ll put up with kind of like a drab location. But if the food, you know, makes me salivate just thinking about it, all bets are off, you know, and who cares, like who cares, what’s on the walls, right?

I go for the food and she’s like, oh my gosh. She’s like, the food is amazing. Let me just tell ya! And it’s affordable too. It’s like four of us ate there last week. Our bill was 60 bucks, you know, $15 a person, you know, for a really, really good meal. And I’m like, dang, you know, like you can’t go to a fast food restaurant practically for that. You know, that’s amazing. She’s telling us about the food, by the way, don’t ever do this right before lunch at a conference, which is where they will revolt on you.

So it’s like 1145, you know, we’re 15, 20 minutes away from the lunch break. And everybody in the audience is now just drooling. And I said, who here wants to go to that restaurant? And this time exactly what I wanted to happen happened. Every hand in the restaurant or every hand in the, place went up. By the way, it’s right before my lunchtime, because my family just went out to lunch so I could do this and I’m hungry.

And so every hand in the place went up and I looked at her and I said, you just did it. You just did affiliate marketing. You marketed this rush. It’s not even your restaurant. So number one, you are a marketer. You just convinced a thousand strangers to go eat at a restaurant. That’s not yours. You just did affiliate marketing. So it’s not hard. It’s not hard guys. That’s all it is. That’s really all affiliate marketing is. Myth number two is yeah. I’m glad. Great story worth repeating, Eric says. Thank you! Customers Don’t like it. You know, some people, this is a fun exercise. Go, Google affiliate marketing is dead. And then tell Google to show you all the results from 2021 it’ll be a couple million results.

Then tell it to show you all the results from 2020 and 2019, you can start to skip years, go to twenty seventeen, twenty thirteen, twenty ten, twenty oh seven. We call it 2007. Oh, you call it 2007 back then go back to 2003. Affiliate marketing is dead. You’ll find a couple of hundred thousand articles about it or mentions of it. What does that tell you? People have been saying that affiliate marketing is dying for 20 years. Guess what? It’s still here. Like what about Twitter? Is Twitter going to be around 20 years from now? I don’t know. I really don’t. What about Facebook, doesn’t know, myspace. Okay. Well, bad example. The thing is affiliate marketing is much more effective for the merchants than any other form of advertising.

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They’re not going to kill it as someone who runs affiliate programs for a living, why would Stu McLaren kill his affiliate program? Like it’s killing the golden goose. I mean, you know, what I really like to do is just have to fire two thirds of my staff. Yeah, sure. We’ll end our affiliate program. That’s ridiculous. It’s not going anywhere. Customers. It’s not about customers, not liking it. Customers love the fact that the websites that they frequent are making money from affiliate marketing. Why? Because it funds that website. If I click that link and you make a buck or a thousand. Awesome. I love your content, dude.

If I support your nonprofit and your nonprofits using affiliate marketing to make money, to support a worthy cause. Well, why would I want affiliate marketing to die? Affiliate marketers aren’t going anywhere. Affiliate programs aren’t going anywhere. Customers love it. They love getting deals. They love it. When you offer exclusive deals as an affiliate, they love anything that you could possibly do as an affiliate. They love when you promote things.

It sounds weird. Yeah. Will there be outliers. If you have 10,000 people in your audience, will five of them whine about, I can’t believe you’re promoting something. Can’t believe you asked me to buy something, I just wanna be a freeloader. They don’t say that. Nobody said, you know, I just want to be a free loader. When I grow up, I want to be a freeloader. Nah, that’s not what people say, but it’s what they think most when all your free content, I don’t want you to try to make any money.

So I’m going to spend 20, 25 hours a week producing content in addition to like, just as you guys know, and I’m not, I just mean this in all sincerity, this live is not just going live for an hour. Alan’s doing work in the background to get ready for the live. My team’s doing work to set things up, create images. I’m paying them to do that. I spent anywhere from sometimes only about 90 minutes. Some of these only take me 90 minutes to prep for it, to be honest with you guys just depends.

Some of them take me four or five hours, half a day, plus a podcast episode. Plus the written material that we put out 15, 20 hours a week by myself, plus another 10 to 25 hours a week from my team. We’re talking a full week to produce our free content. So your favorite bloggers are doing that kind of work. And then you and I don’t mean you because you guys aren’t that way.

People expect them to then also work a full-time job to pay for the hosting and to, I don’t know, feed their family, have clothes, have a shelter. No, that’s their job. No different than when I walk into Walmart, I kind of expect them to charge me for everything that I put in the cart and walk out of the store with. It’s an expectation, right? Affiliate market is not going anywhere. Customers don’t have an issue with it. That’s a myth that is a myth, a five out of 10,000 people have an issue with it. So I don’t know for lack of a better phrase, screw them. You know, who cares what they think. It’s true.

Myth number three and Eric, by the way, put up said 2003. Yeah, 2,870,000 results in 2003 saying affiliate marketing is dead. 2020 7.3, 2 million. The voices are getting louder. Affiliate marketing is dead. I mean, it was like Zig Ziglar said that, you know, economists have successfully predicted two out of the last 48 recessions. They’ve successfully predicted 48 of the last two recessions. Yeah. You know, they’ve been saying that for 17 years, they’ve been wrong every single year. I mean, just stop believing it, that’s all I’m gonna say. It’s, you know, it’s like the boy who cried Wolf.

If you have a kid or I don’t know a politician who has a history of lying, don’t you stop believing them, well stop believing the people saying affiliate marketing is dead because they’re just wrong. I don’t blame them. That’s 7.3, 2 million chances to, you know, shock value. Right. I mean, you know, they’re the Howard Stern’s, they’re the national inquirers of internet marketing. So, and screw them. All right. Myth. Number three is that affiliate marketing is not profitable. It’s a little strange. Why would companies have affiliate programs if it’s not profitable for them?

And why would people continue to promote affiliate offers, If it’s not profitable for them? Like, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it’s worth your while. Right? Yeah. It costs money sometimes. It costs money to run an affiliate program. It costs money to be an affiliate sometimes. But the idea is to get an ROI or return on investment. That’s like saying, well, investing in the stock, market’s not profitable. Every time I go Google my portfolio in the line’s going like that over the course of a decade, you know, does it go down, did go down at the beginning of the pandemic.

Certainly did. Did it go down? Not that I had much of a portfolio in September 11th, 2001. I think I had like $5,000 in there, but I went from like 5,000 to 3000 pretty quickly. You know what? A year later I was at 7,200 or what? You know, 6,400, something like that. Well investing doesn’t work, sometimes you lose money. Sure Do. Long-term it works just like affiliate marketing.

Myth, number four. It’s full of, of scammers. Full of cheaters, scammy, sleazy, all those things. No, I don’t know how, like, no, it’s not. That’s also a myth affiliate marketing scams. You can go Google that one. I know Eric will. So probably hundreds of thousands of results. Guess what? There are a few bad apples. Out of 10,000 affiliate programs. One of them probably sucks.

I’ll go higher, 50 of them suck. Introduce those 50 to my podcast. Let them buy one of my courses. Those no longer those no longer suck. And I don’t mean this bragging. There’s a reason why, if you look at some of the top marketers, promotional calendars, a lot of them overlap with our clients because they know that we’re going to take care of them. Here’s the thing I’m good at what I do. We run the best affiliate programs on earth, I believe. Most companies run programs pretty close to what we do, or almost as good as what we do. Most of them run really good programs. Most affiliate managers are good people. Most affiliates are good people. It’s not scammy. They’re not cheaters. They’re not sleazy.

There is however, a Marine helicopter about 50 feet from our house right now. I don’t know if my mic, is my mic even picking that up? Can’t hear it at all. Good microphone. There’s always bad apples. You know, it’s like saying it’s you know, rich people are a bunch of scammers and cheaters. Okay. Well you can say poor people are a bunch of scammers and cheaters. You know? I mean, I don’t want to go there, but like any nationality you could say the same thing. Are there bad apples? Are there bad Americans are there bad Russians. Are there bad everything, of course. There’s bad people. It’s usually a fraction of a fraction of a decimal point of a percent. And so that’s true. There are some bad, you know, affiliates. There’s some bad affiliate programs just don’t let them don’t let them hold you back. Oh, I was really close. What did I say? Like a quarter of a quarter of a million results. And Eric pulls it up to 269,000.

So I promise you, I didn’t Google that first. I just assumed. Pretty good marketing knowledge. Yeah. I mean, it could have been 7 million for all. I would have known to be honest with you, but like just don’t let that hold you back. Don’t let the bad apples hold you back. It’s just like, you know, people talk all the time. It’s like, I went to a bad church once, but don’t let that hold you back from finding a good one.

Well, you know, the last two women I dated. Okay, well there’s, I don’t know, roughly 4 trillion of them in the world. Maybe you could find another one. You know, the last guy I went out with. Okay. Well most of them aren’t that way, you know, that’s just the reality. So keep working at it. You’ll you’ll find a better affiliate program. That’ll take care of you. If you’re looking for good affiliate programs, go to Mattmcwilliams.com/what’sup. That’ll redirect you to our, our recommended affiliate programs page. This is a great place. I mean, you want to be taken care of we’ll take care of you. How about that? No scanning. No, sleaziness. When we like super serve you, you know, put it that way. Our team is amazing. So go there. If you’re getting affiliate programs

All right, Myth number five is that affiliate marketing won’t last kind of goes back to what I said earlier. Hopefully marketing’s dying circa 2003, 19 years later, you’re wrong still. By the way of marketing is growing by an average of 10 to 12% a year over the last decade, it grew substantially in 2020, something happened apparently, you know, that caused it to like, we were expecting it to grow by like 12 to 14% and grew by 35%. You know, the economy changed.

But even this past year grew by another like 14%. The year before the pandemic, I think it grew by like 12 and a half percent. The year before that it grew by like 10 and a half percent, you know, it’s been on a consistent trajectory, predictable other than last year or two years ago. Technically now nobody could have predicted that, you know, economically speaking, but it’s growing. People think it’s, you know, people 20 years ago thought it was a fad. Just like the internet. Well, it’s not, it’s not a fad. It’s around. It’s going to be around 50 years from now. It’s been around since the Dawn of time. We just added technology to it 30 years ago is all we did.

They think because you know, okay. So for instance, I remember I forget which update It was either penguin or Panda, one of the Google updates. Oh, that’s the end of affiliate marketing. That was 10 years ago. It’s grown by, you know, it’s more than tripled in size since then. I don’t think it’s going anywhere. What was it? The, oh, the third party cookies, you know, the, the, all the privacy stuff. Okay. That doesn’t affect affiliate marketing. That’s third-party cookies, affiliate marketing runs on first party cookies, which are completely legal. And there’s no, they’re not going to be illegal in the next million years. There’s literally no talk of making first party cookies, illegal. Affiliate marketing is run on first party cookies.So what’s the concern?

I wrote about this in affiliate insider monthly, that’s our monthly membership website. And by the way, you can get a $1 trial of that. If you go to Mattmcwilliams.com/AIMtrial. And I wrote in there, like all this doom and gloom, that’s another thing you could Google, like the end of affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing cookies, and you know, the death of affiliate marketing because of cookies. And it’s like, no, I mean, it’s just not even, doesn’t even touch it. It’s like I don’t know. It’s just, weird. It’s weird to me, you know. It’s like saying that if they passed a rule that scaled back the golf ball, that somehow that was going to make football harder. Like what are you even talking about people? You know, but here’s the thing. I get it just like anything, just like the news, you know, and this works both ways. It’s not a political statement. It works on, it works with the Republicans. It works with the Democrats.

It works with CNN and works with Fox news. You know, if somebody on the opposite side says something that’s even moderately controversial, it gets blown out of proportion, right? Why? Because it makes great headlines. 5 million people click on it makes them a lot of money makes them, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue. I don’t blame them. You know, the days of Walter Cronkite are long over y’all, you know, all news is biased. Why? Because it gets more views. It gets more eyeballs, you know, nobody watches boring stuff. And so I get why they say that, oh, cookies is the new law, the GDPR is at the end of affiliate marketing.

Why did they write that article? Was it because they sincerely thought it was the end of affiliate marketing? Are they really that stupid? No. It’s because they knew I’d get a couple of hundred thousand eyeballs. They knew it’d make them some money. I don’t blame him. I don’t blame him. It’s not going anywhere. Affiliate marketing adapts, just like every industry. It adapts. All right. This is not like the discovery of the combustion engine that ended, you know, steam travel. This isn’t like that. The changes that we’re seeing are incremental. And for the most part, don’t affect the core of affiliate marketing.

All right. So it’s not going anywhere. The myth that it’s, you know, it’s not going to last, it’s just not true. It’s been around for awhile. It’s going to continue to be around. Second or third one is that we’re no six, six number six. It is too late to get started. I’m too old. All the good niches are taken. All the good markets are taken all the good domain names are taken.

No, not too young, not too old, not too inexperienced. I don’t know what I’m doing. Neither did anyone else when they first started, you know. I mean, it’s just, the internet is huge. The internet is just so massively huge to think that you can’t profit from affiliate marketing, just because others found it first is just mind boggling. If you truly believe that your niche is too overcrowded and niche down a little bit. I want to help seniors start an Encore career. Okay. Well that maybe, maybe you think that’s too crowded. How about you help seniors start an Encore career podcasting. I don’t know. Or how about you help seniors on certain Encore career as coaches?

How about you help seniors start an encore career as physical therapists or as a, what’s the word I’m looking for? Trainers who train other seniors. You could train the trainers who train the seniors so that your 68 year old grandmother doesn’t have to get trained by Brutus the beefcake, you know, which actually she might like that.

We’ll cut that out, man. Hey, she’s single grandpa passed away years ago and grandma single, my mom wouldn’t mind being trained by some sort of beefcake, you know, in a, whatever those leotard things are. She’d be all right with that. She may not admit that. She might watch this later just cause, you know, she wants to see what I do. Hi mom. She, yeah. I mean, she might not mind that, but anyway, my point is, most people would be, you know, prefer to be trained by somebody who had a similar story to them. So maybe that’s your niche, you know, thinking about the ways you can niche down. Think about the ways that you can, you know, find a niche within a niche, right? And an angle that you can use as an affiliate marketer. So it’s not too late.

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And then the myth number seven is that you have to be blank to be successful. All right. Fill in the blank. You have to wear a blue sweatshirt. Yeah. You have to wear a blue sweatshirt. Are you wearing? On my end. The graph thing is covering you up mostly on my end. I know it’s not on the, on the other end. But you know, you have to be, you have to be young. You have to be single. You have to be rich. Have to be famous, you have to be a good writer. You have to be a good, you have to be good on video. You have to be a good salesman, salesperson. You have to be blank. Right. Whatever it is. It’s usually what you aren’t I’m 64 year olds. I can’t start affiliate marketing. Well, you’re gonna hear from Alan A. Little bit bull crap. I can’t build an affiliate program. I’m in my sixties. I’m calling BS on that one. I am. I mean like, no Sixty is new 20 man it’s the new 20. Yeah. Like I said, you have to be single.

Oh my gosh. I’ve got a family, dude. I mean, I, my life is no busier than millions of others, but I mean, seriously, if you saw my schedule, like just with our family obligations, I mean, I’m overwhelmed sometimes, you know? And then I’ve got this book, oh, I just got the first round of developmental edits back from our developmental editor. And I’m looking at this. I’m going, how am I, I wasn’t prepared for this. How am I supposed to make time? When I’m running a company, I’m leading our team. We’re hiring three new people. We, you know, I coach, thankfully, I’m not coaching our daughter now, but I still want to go to her games and I’m taking her to practice cause she’s 10 and can’t drive herself yet.

You know? I mean, we save a whole two minutes because my kids can buckle themselves. Now. I mean, she’s been able to buck herself for seven years, but you have no idea how much. It just feels so different by the way, when your kids reach that age, where they can buckle themselves and you realize I don’t have to bend over and do this and do all that, we can leave a whole two minutes later. It’s so refreshing excuses, right?

These are excuses for excuses for not getting started with affiliate marketer, excuses for giving up before they really get going. So I’m going to talk about those, right? I’m going to talk about the five excuses that I’m seeing. I call these the big butts, Big butts. Sorry. I can’t help but just giggle a little bit. So I’m sweating by the way. This is like scorching hot in here right now. Yeah. These are the big butts, right?

They’re big because they’re holding people back from experience and all the benefits of affiliate marketing and they all start with the word, but all right. So it’s but I, like I said, but I’m too whatever, right? Or, but I don’t things like that. The problem with these excuses that they’re just not true. Very rarely, very rarely. And you’ll see us, like when I look at number one, you know, we’ll get to in a minute, which is, but I don’t know how to sell and we’ll get to that in a minute.

It’s just not true. I just told you, I brought a lady up on stage who she couldn’t didn’t think she could, you know, sell anything, let alone affiliate offers. And she sold a room of a thousand people on going to a specific restaurant. I hate to break it to you. You’re not all that special. You are not a special snowflake. Alright, well My industry, doesn’t do this? Yes, it does. No niche is that special, no person is that special. Like there were hundreds or even thousands of people who are just like you in a similar or the exact same niche that are successful.

All right. So, well, I’m in a small city. Nobody does dry cleaning. If you want to be a dry, really nobody in your small town does dry cleaning. You know, do you have to be in New York city to be a successful, dry, cleaner? No. You know, you’re going to get as much business. No, but you also won’t have as much cost. So you’ll be very proud and you can charge more because you’re the only dry cleaner in a 50 mile radius.

So you can be very profitable. These are the excuses that I just hear from entrepreneurs all the time, driving me, absolutely nuts. These people have the same challenges. They have the same doubts. They have the same questions, but they found a way around those challenges. They overcome the doubts. They get answers to the questions, right?

I don’t know how to do code. Either do I. But I know how to Google it. I don’t know how to do code. I Google how to make text or I, you know, now we have a programmer. Thankfully he does this, but it would be like I would Google it and it would find a website. And within three minutes I found the answer I copied and pasted the code, pasted it into WordPress. Boom. I had my texts. Do what I wanted it to do. You just Google. I mean, not that hard. In other words, take action. Take action. In spite of your obstacles, that’s the key. Don’t let your butt strag you down. Don’t let your but show Yeah. Your big buts.

Five excuses guys. Excuse number one. But I don’t know how to sell. I don’t know how to sell. Just told you about that. Right? I mean, the lady came up, she sold us on the restaurant. This is the most common objection we get to promoting affiliate offers, right? It’s a myth. It’s an excuse. We all know how to sell. I mean, Zig Ziglar said it best. He said selling is essentially a transfer of feelings. You put that up on the screen. Allen, I want everybody to get this quote, like deep inside, this is my favorite quote on selling. Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings. That’s it? That’s all selling is all. That’s all selling is.

I talked about earlier, you talk about the restaurant. By the time you’re done, everybody in the room wants to eat at that restaurant. So you can sell. You do it every day. If you have kids, you’re a salesperson. If you are married, you are a sales person. If you were dating, you are a sales person. If you are in sales. I mean, if you do anything, you ever gotten a raise you’re in sales. If you’ve ever gotten a job you’re in sales. I mean, we’re all in sales. I think about like I was sharing with my sister. She just couldn’t believe, I don’t know if I shared this with you, Alan, but we, so we went down to Orlando, just the four of us. So my wife and I, and our two kids, we stayed. We love Champion’s gate. I don’t know if you know where that is, but it’s a wooded area in there.

We stay in the nine bedroom, like seven bath home with like, I mean, it’s a nice place. Like it’s got all the stuff that we want and course, you know, so we got nine bedrooms. So we could just, you know, and one of them, we turned into an office because it had a desk and made that. So we use three of them because naturally we’re on vacation. We have nine bedrooms. The kids want to sleep in the same room because they sleep in separate rooms at home. So they want to sleep in the same room. I’m like, this is just weird. You know, I’m thinking we’re going to, like, I don’t know. They’re going to take turns, maybe move around rooms. Oh no, We never even entered five of them.

And you know, they’re asking 5,500 for the week. And there’s a book that I recommended a few months ago. And our weekly recap, if you’re on my email list and you should be in my weekly recap, I usually recommend a book I’m reading. And I recommended the book, never split the difference. And I’ve been pretty good at getting deals on homes. But I was, I was like, I’m going to gun for something ridiculous on this one.

And they’re asking 5,500 for the week, you know, all things considered. And I offered him 1800 and the lady responded back and said, I just can’t like, I cannot do that. I can do, you know, 2300. And I’m like, Nope. So I said, tell you what I’ll do 2100, but you got to include pool heat. Pool heats, you know, like 40 bucks a day. So I said, you know, cause I knew here’s what I know this thing where, you know, these things, it’s all sales is.

She’s a property manager. So her job is to go back to her the home and say, we got the most money for this home. Now the owner of the home, if I were negotiating with the owner and be like, well, that’s pretty much a, I might as well just get 1800 because the pool is going to cost me about 35 bucks a day to operate, you know, it’s expensive to operate. It’s gonna cost me this much money, whatever, you know, like, no I’m going to try, you know, they, they would probably argue as I’m saying or try to figure it out. She just wants to be able to max out the deal. She doesn’t care that it costs the owner 30 bucks a day to operate the pool heater, whatever it is. So she said, yeah. I got a $5,500 home, so with pool heat would have been $5780 for 2100 bucks. You know, that’s not because I’m a great sales person. You wanna know what I did, I took what I learned from the book and applied it.

One book can be one course. Well that book already paid off. That book paid off! I bought it. I bought the audio book 12, 13 years no it didn’t come out that as long ago. Seven, eight years ago, I think six or seven something I bought it a long time ago. I think it was right around when our son was born, never listened to it. Finally listened to it about three months ago already that book made us has been worth over between the two houses where we stayed in this vacation, been worth over $5,000. You know, pretty good investment there. The point is you can sell, like if all you did was go read that book and copy and paste the scripts, basically you’d be successful at negotiating. And negotiating and sales are very similar as my point. You can copy paste all that stuff. You don’t have to be a born salesman.

Excuse number two is, I don’t know my avatar. I don’t know my avatar. Don’t know my avatar, so I don’t know what to promote. Here’s the thing affiliate marketing can actually help you determine your avatar. You have a vague idea of who your avatar is, and you go out and promote this product at this price point and this product at this price point and this product at this price point.

You go out and promote this topic, this topic, and this topic, and you learn who your avatar is. You learn what your audience is interested in, what do they buy? What will they not buy? What topics are they most interested in? And that tells you in something that tells you something incredibly valuable about your avatar. You learn. My avatar says he’s interested in productivity, but really what he’s interested in is time management. That’s different from the big umbrella of productivity. Why do you know that he’s interested in time management because I sold $18,000 worth of time management products last year, and $3,000 worth of leadership and $2,000 worth of this and you know, $1,500 worth of this.

So really what I, my who my audience is is people interested in time management, maybe that tells you something that you should start to center your con content around time management. And when you get more niche down and focus, your audience will actually grow. Because now you’re speaking directly to the avatar, that told you I care more about time management.

So as far as creating an avatar in the front end, I’m going to walk you through real quick, a quick guide on just on creating an avatar. This is actually from my book. I’m going to give you a download that you guys can get for. That’ll walk you through this and kind of give you a fill in the blank guide. So first you start with the name, all right. You know, pick a name, right? My avatar’s name is Pete. I always put Pete in all caps because it’s a reminder that when I’m looking at a marketing brief or something like that, this is for Pete and Pete stands out when it’s an all caps, right?

So they go through and I just, I asked him, he’s like, what are his values? What does Pete value? Spend a lot of time thinking about that? You know, Pete values time with his family. He values being successful without being a part of the grind, you know, ask what are his goals? You know, where does he want to be in 90 days? Where does he want to be in a year? Where does he want to be in five, 10 years? What does he aspire to be, do and have, right?

Then you want to ask what are, what are his? And I’m using the masculine pronoun just for the record, because I’m talking about my avatar. Yours might be female or gender neutral. Doesn’t matter. What are his information sources? Where does he learn as it relates your topics? Right? So what podcast does he listen to? What blogs is he reading? What magazines is he subscribed to? So this is creating an avatar, right? This is a vision of like, okay, I can see Pete. And he aspires to do this. His goals are this, and he’s listening to this and he’s reading this.

Now, what are his challenges? And his pain points. What keeps him up at night? What keeps him from taking action? Like these five buts, right? What causes him stress? What causes him? You know, what does he just worried about? What’s he frustrated with? You know, things like, oh my gosh, he hates the time management wise, he’s just so frustrated because he keeps getting interrupted at work. That’s a big piece of information. You should address that in our time management course, that you’re creating, right, you know. What’s his demographic information. Well, most of my audience, you know, I’m, they’re kind of like me, they’re 30 to 54, two kids. You know, you live in the United States.

Anything you would list like married or single, divorced, widowed, they work a full-time job. They go to college, what’s their income, you know, things like that. Right? So my avatar is named Pete. And so you when download this you’ll, when I give you the download link here in a second, you’ll see this. But like Pete, for example, you know, I write, says that Pete values time and financial freedom. He prioritizes both family and hard work, right? Wants to balance both. He value serving his audience over financial gain. His goals are to reduce his workload to a manageable level in five years, be financially independent in 10 years, and be known as an expert in his field. These are important.

He listens to certain podcasts that I list out, read certain magazines. You know, things like that. People that he follows, all right, his pain points are he struggles to find time to put into his online businesses. Something I hear from a lot of people. I just can’t find the time. Can’t find the time. So what I need to, that’s why we created, I mentioned no product, no problem earlier. That’s why it’s five days long, but an hour to an hour and a half a day, it’s not an eight week course that takes 10 hours a week. Nothing wrong with those courses.

They’re just not for my target audience who struggles to find time. Who’s fitting in a half-hour over his lunch break, an hour after the kids go to bed. That’s what time he has. He’s got an hour in the morning and then an hour at night hour in the morning out, you know, half hour lunch, you know, that’s what he’s got. That’s all he’s got. So I have to make products and do things that speak to that.

He does not know where to start with affiliate marketing. He feels it might be too late for him. We talked about that to build a successful business. Pete currently has a full-time job wakes up early to build his business. He’s married with one child. His wife has her doubts about this. This is something I hear all the time. My spouse doesn’t understand it. My spouse doubts that I can do this.

Sometimes I hear that my spouse is my biggest cheerleader, but more often than not, I hear that my spouse has doubts. So I need to get them a quick success. Five day course. See how knowing your avatar teaches you what to create. Five day course, weekly podcast. That’s why I went away from the daily podcast to a weekly podcast. It was too much information, weekly podcast, roughly a half hour. You can digest that on your commute or on your lunch break or on a quick walk. Five day course. If at the end of those, that five day course give it a couple of weeks. They’ve made a thousand dollars or $300, $200 even.

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Our average student makes what they spend from our course in six and a half weeks right now. Six and a half weeks. That’s average. Some of them make it back in the first week. Some of them make it back while they’re taking the course. That’s unaverage, of course, some of them, it takes five months, but average six and a half weeks. That means six and a half weeks later, you have $500 to show your spouse that you brought in. What could you bring in in the next four weeks, the other 500, then the next 500 only takes three weeks, two weeks that addresses the doubts. You see why knowing your avatar determines everything you do. And then I have demographics. Like, you know, it makes $58,000 a year has $25,000 in student loans, et cetera, et cetera.

So you can download. We’ve got it’s free, you know, fill in the blank. Avatar creation guide. If you just go to Mattmcwilliams.com/avatar, you can download that guide. All right. Excuse number three. But I have a small list. Alan. I want you to jump in here in a moment because this is important to hear what Allen started to tell me. And I’m who I think I know where he’s going with this. We just ran out of time. Most people think I’ve got a small list. I can’t succeed with affiliate marketing. It’s absolutely not true. I’ve seen it time and time again, someone with a list of 2000 people makes $10,000 in an affiliate launch. I’ve done it five or five to 10 times.

I mean, you know, John Meese, $5,359 in a month with 1,302 subscribers. I still remember the numbers. You know, I’ve said them so many times, somebody, you know, a general read list of zero. Remember his quote, zero made 32 sales in Michael Hyatt’s five days to your best year ever. Now, are you going to have 500 people on your list and make a hundred thousand dollars in a month? Probably not. That’s not going to happen, but can you make 2000? Sure. And then grow from there. Now you add, you had 500 more people. You have a thousand. Can you make 4,000? Yeah. You double that to 2000. Can you make five, six, 7,000? Absolutely. I’ve done it.

What about if you get to 10,000, can you make 10, 12, 15,000. Can you go full-time? Absolutely! I’ve seen this happen time and time again. And so, Alan, this is I’d love for you to jump in. Like this is something that happened with you recently, right? Were you telling me, tell us about this. Cause this is just blows my mind.

Well, I mean a little backstory for those that don’t know. I mean, I have a, a weight loss offer that in Matt, you know, really taught me how to do this process. We call it a joint venture, but it’s just an affiliate marketing on steroids is what it amounts to. And so we, you know, I reach out to individuals and there’s two sides of this. Number one, what Matt taught was don’t get picky about the size of the list. You know, he teaches that all the time. And so I’ve reached out to people all the time. Some people have 10,000, a hundred, well, not a hundred, but many, many thousand lists.

Some people have less. And what I do is just get them to buy into what I do, which is rescue people out of obesity. And this individual has a very small list, like 110 people. I think maybe it was just barely over a hundred. I thought you said 1100 when I heard you earlier. No this is just over a hundred. That’s why I was saying it was like, wow, it’s just over a hundred people. And what I do is I bring a lot of value when I do these joint ventures and to the list. And I got this individual to buy into, you know, what I’m doing. And we, in my offer, when I invite somebody into my program, it’s a high ticket coaching offer. So this individual success of a thousand dollars per enrollment and we’ve got two enrollments from that list.

And what’s interesting. It was only seven opt-ins from this. And it’s been in more than one country too.And this individual who had it, she said, I just don’t know if it’ll work. I said, well, do you believe in what I’m doing? And, and she did. And I said, well, let’s just try it and see, and what’s cool is the people that are going to get served because I reached out to her as just introducing. She just introduced me to her friends. That’s all it was. And she introduced me to it and then boom lives get changed.

So it’s really cool to see that. And it’s fun now is it fun when we get a big list? Yeah. But at the end of the day, it turned into be a big, big piece of my business last year. And when I look at mark Zuckerberg, who one day loves me and one day hates me, he’s got an affiliate marketing program that I pay for too, it’s called Facebook ads. And so that’s all it is. And, and, but he’s really. But you pay them first before you’re paying her. Her, if you made zero sales, it costs neither of you any money.

Yeah. So just to be clear, 110 people on her list two sales, what’s her commission on that? She, well, she’s gonna earn over $2,000 commission. Yeah so 20 bucks a person on her list. I mean, you know, I think that did the math right on that. No, that, no, that’s more than that’s a $200 per person, no you’re right it’s 20 bucks a person. You went to Tennessee. I forgot. I went into South Carolina.

I’m sorry. But yet, but yeah, it was, but it all started. Yeah. I mean the game, the gamecock can’t even spell sec. I just made that up. That’s funny right there. Poor, poor Gamecocks anyway, Basketball though. So I love that story because it just shows the power for both sides. Like for, you know, for an affiliate, like, Hey, just do it. You’ll make some money from, from an affiliate program side from your side, Allen, like, don’t be afraid to go do a webinar for 110 people, you know. I did it for seven and not everybody showed up. And you made a lot of money!

Guys, here’s what I want to say. And this, this is not where we were going with this, but because I mean, literally Alan was just telling me this right before going live. I’m like, dude, we got to go live. Like you don’t even have time. Just tell me, I think it’s a good story. And if it sucks we’ll edit it out later. No, but it’s good. And it proves this point. You don’t need to have a big list to succeed and you don’t need to have big affiliates to succeed. Sure. Would Alan have rather done it for 700? Of course.

But right now, as he’s getting his business off the ground and getting this thing going, I don’t say off the ground, me, he’s been coaching for years now, but he’s just starting to venture into this area over the last year, doing it for seven people make two sales, you know, it’s pretty good money. I’ll just put it that way. Guys. I mentioned that URL air, Allen dropped it here a little bit ago.

Mattmcwilliams.com/what’s up. Okay. That’s our recommended programs page. One of the offers on there is Alan’s offer. Okay. I highly, I’ve promoted them twice. We know people who promoted them twice. I know people who have tiny lists. I mean, I’m talking, you know, 10 people, they get 10 people to show up on a webinar and they made a thousand bucks. They send a couple of emails and they made a thousand dollars to their tiny list. That’s pretty good ROI. Like you know, Alan will show up, Alan will deliver, you have 10 people on seven people in this case, he will show up on that webinar and deliver like you had 5,000, you know, he will show up with energy and stuff. So I just want to recommend them. If you’re looking for something to promote, kind of like I’m looking for something to eat. And my wife’s texting me apparently. I’m eating a California, no Carolina burger, no bun, eh, sorry guys, California burger or Carolina burger. No bun. It’s got some chilli and coleslaw on it.

I think coleslaw’s terrible. Cause it’s got a lot of sugar, whatever. I eat coleslaw like twice a year, it’s when I’m in North Carolina, You could, you could, you can do it now because of the work we did together. Now you can do it every now and then it just doesn’t matter. Go to go to Mattmcwilliams.com/what’sup. Scroll down where you see Alan’s offer, click on, apply for his program, set something up with Alan. I’ll leave it at that. So as we wrap up here, guys, I’m going to get through these last two excuses. I sort of touched on this earlier.

Excuse number four is, but my audience doesn’t buy. Who the heck is your audience? You know like the reality is this is a mental thing. This is all like, well my audience doesn’t buy. I hear this, Christians don’t buy. What? You know, oh, you know, single women don’t, what? Well, seniors don’t but, really like who, I mean, I just don’t see this. Right. The reality is your audience does buy. They buy a lot of stuff. They have an Amazon account. They just start buying from you or through you. If you learn to sell a funny thing happens, your audience changes. At least it’s what it seems, right? Your audience doesn’t change. You change you just more persuasive. Treat them like, you know, those thousand people. Well, none of them, you know, eat out at restaurants, really like all of them do. You know, I just, I, I hear that, especially cause I, you know, I got a lot of friends who were in like they’re in the faith-based niche. Right? And I hear that. And it’s like, my audience is buying anything over $20.

They buy like the devotional books. They won’t buy anything else, um they drive a $38,000 car. Clearly they have some disposable money. Some disposable income doesn’t mean everybody in your audience is like rolling in cash. No, I mean, I heard it the other day. The, you know, the average American, I thought this was sad. The average American, if they had an expense over $500, couldn’t write a check for it. You know? And I’m like, really? I’m not trying to be naive. I know that we have a poverty issue in America, but I thought that more than I thought, you know, roughly 70 to 80% could probably pull that off.

But what they can do is find the money though. They can find the money and here’s the thing. If they want it, they’ll buy it. If you can convince them, they will buy it. And I never, I told you all the time people are like, should I buy this product that I’m promoting? And my answer is always this. Will it put you into debt? If it will put you into debt? No, if it’s a sacrifice. Yes. If it’s a sacrifice. So I remember specifically, a guy emailed me a few years ago, a older, older gentlemen, he was just leaving his career. He was a middle manager, made about 58,000, $60,000 a year. And hang on, let me tell, I’m going to just, I’m going to with kind of a question, is that, do I want pimento cheese and bacon? Yes. You’re in south. You’re in the Carolinas. Get the pimento cheese, get on, you know, you gotta do that.

This is fun. You guys can watch me order my dinner. I mean, I am in I’m in top. Of course I won’t put them into whatever they want to put on this burger except for pickles. I will take. This affiliate marketing life. Sorry. I’ll get back on track I think. We were driving up. We stopped at a restaurant on the way up here and I just love this. It’s like I texted you. Alan said, tell me you’re in South Carolina without telling me you’re in South Carolina on the board. It said add pimento cheese to anything for 69 cents. And I’m like, yeah, you’re in South Carolina.

So here here’s the deal. I don’t remember what I was talking. I Told you I’m hungry. What was I talking about? Alan? You were on myth number, Number four. Yeah. Excuse number four. Which is, but my audience doesn’t buy. So the faith-based niche faith-based niche. And so they just say like, well, my audience doesn’t buy things. I’m like, yes they do. They can find the money. So I told people all the time, do not go into debt to buy something from me, but make a sacrifice if that’s what it takes.

And I had a guy, I remember he emailed me said, this is back when we only, we had a product that all we did was launch it. We only launched it once a year. And he said, when does it launch again? And I told him, it was like four months from now. And he said, thank you. I just wanted to know, because I’m gonna have my cable disconnected. There you go. And it worked out. I’m not joking. His cable bill was $124 a month. Four months. That’s 500. No, it was that $496. If I’m doing the math. Right. Plus you got them off the great income reducer, the electronic income reducer. Yeah, the course that he was buying costs, 4 97, all he had to do was cut cable for four months. That guy, and I won’t mention his name, but that guy and I still communicate today. He’s he’s on, on my text list. And about once a month, you know, he’ll text me with like an update on how things are going.

And I texted him probably like around Thanksgiving and just said, did you ever get your cable back? And he just responded back and said, heck no. You know? And then he, he said, LOL. He said, I did splurge on Netflix though. You know? And cause he’s like me, he’s a documentary buff. And so point is he made a sacrifice that I’m cool with. You know, if he had said, when’s the launch coming up? And I said, four months from now, he goes, okay, good. I just need to get a credit. I said, dude, you’re wrong, wrong choice, man. I don’t recommend going into debt to buy my course. I don’t think that’s ethical for one, moral. I have moral qualms with that. Sacrifice, yeah. I don’t think cutting the cords is that much of a sacrifice, to be honest.

But anyway, myth number five, but I’m afraid I’ll lose subscribers. My typical response to this is so the heck what, like who cares? What if some people unsubscribe, you know, I saw this tweet come across and this was not somebody who tweeted me, but it was kind of funny. It was responding to somebody else who was talking about promoting stuff. And he said in a similar vein, I found this with my email list. When I finally got to emailing regularly more unsubs I don’t mean to be disrespectful. What the heck did you expect?

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Oh no, I’ve got 10,000 people on my list, but I never emailed them. So I still have 10,000 people on my list. Congratulations. You own the nothing. You literally, I mean you own nothing. If you’re not actually using it, I bought a brand new workout bench. I’ve never used it. Okay. You bought a workout bench then congratulations. Do you want a cookie? I mean, probably, you know, like it doesn’t make any sense, right? The more you emailed, the more unsubscribed you’ll have. Like it doesn’t matter what you send. When I send an episode, when I send out an episode of my podcast, I get 20, 30, 40 unsubscribes. Go listen to my free podcast. Unsubscribes.

When I send out a blog post unsubscribes, when I send out an affiliate offer unsubscribes. When I send out a free report, unsubscribes free webinar, unsubscribes emails about the lives unsubscribes doesn’t matter? It doesn’t matter. I email people and say, Hey, do you have any questions? I get unsubscribes more email equals more unsubscribes, always. But here’s the thing, so what?

So I want you to get this deep down inside. Subscriber counts mean nothing in and of themselves. I’ve seen people with the, I talked about earlier thousand people on their list. Destroy people who have 10,000 people on their list and affiliate competitions. If someone unsubscribes, because you make a relevant and helpful offer, why would you want them on your list in the first place.

You’re running a business, you are running a business. Businesses sell, businesses sell stuff. Businesses make money. Yes. Create value, give away a lot of stuff for free. We create hundreds of hours, a year of free content and then ask them to buy something from time to time. If someone never buys anything, they have no business value. They are dead weight on your list. I don’t mean that they’re not worth anything intrinsically as a human being, but to your business, they are worth nothing. Many of you have seen if you watch me long enough, I wear this shirt probably about once every four months on a live, roughly. I only have like 16 shirts.

So yeah, about every four, you know, four months. And there is a quote from Noah Kagan, it says likes don’t pay bills, sales do. The same can be said for email lists, lists, don’t pay bills, sales do. So don’t have any fear of unsubscribes. If you’re offering something relevant, helpful, and valuable and someone unsubscribes let them leave.

So those are the five most common excuses, right? For not doing affiliate marketing and the myths, the excuses, they’re all mental barriers. Once you overcome these mental barriers though, that’s how you succeed. You already know how to sell. So start acting like it. Right? You know how to create an avatar. We talked about that, right? You know, you’re not too young. You’re not too old. You’re not too inexperienced. You’re not too whatever. Your list is big enough. It could be 50 people. It’s big enough to be 110 people. You make a couple thousand bucks like Allen’s affiliate just did. Small lists are no reason not to get started. Your audience does buy stuff. Your audience knows how to buy stuff. Unsubscribes who cares? Unsubscribes, who cares?

So I want to leave you with a few action items here. These are clear. Next steps. Based on what we talked about today. Number one, Stop making excuses. Just eliminate them. No excuses. You’re not young, not too old, not too inexperienced, not in the wrong niche. Your audience does buy stuff. I want you to take whatever excuse you have twisted around Into what Michael Hyatt calls, the liberating truth. I’m too old. No you have a lot more experience. Harvey Peanick, who was a, he was a golf instructor. If you’re a golfer, you’ve heard the name or the little red book and the little green book and some other books that were probably colored.

I remember one thing I loved about the little red book, cause he talked about how he doesn’t call them senior citizens, he calls him seasoned citizens. You know, I mean, think about that. Like, so my 24 years old, they’re like an unseasoned French fry. I had one in their day. They are disgusting. All you need is salt. Fries are much better with salt. It changes the whole complexity of a French fry. Add a little pepper. Now we’re talking cayenne some Cajun seasoning, totally different. That’s all. That’s all your age is it’s seasoning. Your age is seasoning. It makes you more interesting person. Most interesting people I’ve ever talked to were world war II, vets, there aren’t many left.

Those were the interesting people. I remember talking to some back in the 2000, you know, the most, some of the best letters I’ve ever read in my life, written from my grandfather, from Europe, during world war II to my grandmother, I would pay, we lost them when my, when my dad passed away, I think I’d probably pay $25,000 for them right now. If somebody found those and I could identify them. So you can’t fake them. If somebody found those, I mean these 80 year old letters, literally 42, 19 43, it was when he was in, in Europe. I would I’d pay.

I’d probably pay $50,000. That actually is something I might even go into debt for. If I, you know, if you really wanted enough money. So somebody has those, you know, reach out to me. The point is those are interesting. Old people are interesting. Use that to your advantage. I mean you have more stories. You know, the reasons why I don’t have, I have more stories now 10 years, or you know, now than I had 10 years ago, because I’ve lived 10 more years. When I was 32, half my stories about things that happened when I was a teenager, that’s boring, no one wants to hear the stories about when I was a teenager stories that happened when I was in my thirties, those are interesting.

Stories that happen to my kids. I have kids now, my kids are interesting. Those are stories. So start looking at that right? Stop making excuses. I don’t care. What does that make any excuses about your niche? Secondly, create your avatar. Go to Mattmcwilliams.com/avatar. Download the guide, work through it. All right, totally free. Just work through that avatar guide and use that to create your avatar. It’s very important. You’re going to use that to dictate all of your marketing going forward. Third start right now, right? It’s not too late. It’s not too young. Not too old. There are no excuses. Just start right now. Okay. Stop making excuses and then start now.

And then fourth, we talked about this a couple of weeks ago. Get a support network. No matter I don’t care what it is. Like, just get involved with some group of other entrepreneurs, right? Who they can support you, encourage you, help you. If you, interested in our mastermind, we’re thinking about starting up a mastermind. You know, if you’re an entrepreneur, online business owner, you know, text me at 2 6 0 2 1 7 4 6 1 9. If you have any questions about that mastermind, I’m happy to, it’s not a guarantee that we’re going to do this, but I’m curious to see, who’s interested in that. If you’ve got questions about today’s lessons, actually, you know, to the myths and all that stuff, you can text me as well, 2 6 0 2 1 7 4 6 1 9.

And like I said, at the top, if you know somebody who could benefit from what you heard today, share this with them so that they get the benefit of this. If they’re believing these lies, these myths, making these excuses, share this with them and make sure you join us next week. I’ll be back in the studio. I will not be glowing and will not have a heavenly glow. Maybe we’ll figure that out. Might have a North Carolina glow. Yeah, next week, February 3rd, Thursday, February 3rd, same time, 2:00 PM. Eastern top 10 affiliate marketing mistakes on social media.

So this is going to be a good one. We’re going to talk about the mistakes that we see or we’ve seen over the past five or six years. We’ve identified the top 10. Why top 10? Cause it’s a good number. There may or may not be bonus mistakes. I don’t know. So we’re gonna talk about those top 10 mistakes. So make sure you mark your calendar Thursday, February 3rd, 2:00 PM. We’ll see you then. Right? Take care. See you guys.


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