Are you tired of riding the “focus” rollercoaster? Staying focused under “normal” circumstances is difficult. Coming out of a two pandemic where virtually NOTHING was normal? Next to impossible. But there is a path out of the “fog” and in my next Live Lesson, I’m going to show you the way to get focused…and STAY THAT WAY! If you’ve finally had enough of riding the focus rollercoaster, watch this video and learn “How to Get Focused, Stay Focused, and Regain Lost Focus”.


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We are live. Hey, Hello. Hello everyone. How’s everybody doing? This is the part where I figured out how to get everything to work. Well, funny, ironic, considering today’s topic. Well, listen guys, today, we are going to be talking about how to get focused, stay focused and regained, lost focus.

I don’t think there’d be much dispute, when I say that as entrepreneurs, one of the hardest things, at least that I’ve found, maybe I’m wrong is, is getting focused, is getting focused after that. Probably the second hardest thing is, is actually staying focused. You know, you’re in the zone and actually getting, or getting focused and staying focused. And then third, is regaining your focus after, you know, constant interruptions and distractions, which are just kind of the norm this year. I was talking with one of our team members. Recently, you were talking of how, like, you know, staying focused under normal circumstances is difficult, right?

But coming out of a two year pandemic where we’re virtually nothing was normal, it’s next to impossible to, to get focused and stay focused. But there’s a path out of that fog. You know, I feel like we just kind of been in a fog for a couple of years and today’s live lesson, what I want to show you is how to get focused and how to stay that way.

So here’s what someone told me recently. I thought this was kind of interesting. They said some weeks I’m pumped, focused, energetic, and productive life is good. And I’m mowing down my goals one by one. Then I have a week where it feels like I get nothing done. I have no energy or focus. What do I do? Probably sounds familiar. Right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Okay. Distractions, depressions, just, you know what the heck is going on? You know, why can I not focus? It that’s a normal part of a productive person’s life. Especially when you’re an entrepreneur, you know, what was it? The song by tripping, Tyler, you know, hardly working from home and they say, you try getting something done when you can do anything. And there’s nobody telling me I have to do anything. I don’t even have to show up today for this. If I don’t want to, you know, I’m not going to get fired. My business is still going to be there tomorrow. You guys might be mad, but it’s still going to be here.

You’re the one who’s solely responsible for keeping your eye on your destination. And so today I’m going to show you how to get focused, stay focused and regain focus. I want to welcome everybody who is live. Make sure you drop a line in the chat and say, hey to us, let us know where you are joining from.

And Allan, welcome again, my friend. Welcome. Yeah, you’re going to get a lot of amens today. A lot of amens on the in the comments. I bet. So one for me too, been looking forward to this topic. This is awesome. That’s Cool. Yeah. I mean, like you said, it, I think last week, you know, just being on, on these helps you kind of have to be here. Oh, it’s forced learning. I love that. It’s learning. It’s absolutely great. We got Gina and Janine, some jeans on and then Angie. Angie, why do you always have to put hi from sunny, warm, beautiful Amelia island? Yeah. Always having to rub that in.

Luke from not so warm or I don’t know about sunny, but Belgium I presume is probably not as warm as Amelia island right now. Good to see you guys. So listen, if you know anybody who struggles with this focus, right? Whether it’s getting focused, staying focused, regaining focus, they would benefit from hearing this message. Hey, do them a favor, hit that, share button, get them on here in the next couple of minutes. Share it with them, you know, text them, post it to your wall, whatever, share with your friends and get them on this today. Because I think this is really going to help them.

Yeah. Sunny today in Missouri, I heard, yeah. My friend Matthew Lumis is in Missouri and he said it was like 70 something yesterday. So it’ll be 70 this weekend. So I’m excited about that here. I haven’t seen 70 since we were in Florida. No, it’s been, it’s been nice lately, but we had some cool weather here too. We have with Beautiful here, mid fifties, you know? And then today it dropped tomorrow. It’s like mid forties and then boom, 70 this weekend. So looking forward to that, I feel, but this is that time of year where I really struggle because it’s like, I look at the forecast for the next day and it’s like, oh, it’s going to be nice. I need to cancel all of my calls or move all of my meetings to like first thing in the morning.

Or if I have any zoom calls and they don’t have to be zoom calls. I’m like, get me outside. I need to go outside. Because like, if I’m only going to get, you know, if we’re only gonna have like four hours of good weather in the next week, I want to be outside for all four hours.

Again, that’s one of the beauties of entrepreneurship, right? Is I can do that. Now. The downside entrepreneurship is, oh my gosh, you know, there’s a main things I could be doing. And sometimes it’s hard to get focused. So let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about getting focused, how to get focused. You know, I growing up, I’ve mentioned this many times I played competitive golf and I always knew about the importance of what’s called a pre-shot routine. Okay. So this is, you know, the 20 to 30 seconds before you actually hit the ball or hit the putt. Right. But I’d never worked on it. It wasn’t until college actually.

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I got to college and I made it something that truly sent me up to focus on the shot. Right. I had a sports psychologist named Pete Giocoby, just, I never forget when he called one of the guys on the team and left a message that Pete Giocoby and his girlfriend left a message for his roommate. And it said, peach cobbler called wants you to call him back. And like, I don’t think they got married In the school of the south. That’s for sure. University of Tennessee, you know, You can tell by the messages. Never said I went there for an education. So I started working with the sports psychologist who really helped me in this area. We, we got this routine down probably until, until I quit playing due to injury.

This routine never varied. I mean, I can still remember it to this day. I would stand behind the ball. I’d have the club here, you know, holding like that. I would put my glove on, got my glove on. I already had my glove on, but then what I would do is I would undo the Velcro and tighten it back. Okay. So you think about Velcro, right? That was what I call a focus, trigger that sound of that Velcro. And then I would visualize the shot. I would see it clearly in my mind, I’m looking okay, here’s my ball. I want to see it doing exactly what I wanted to do. And then I walked up to the ball with the club and my right hand aligned myself, took one last, look at the target and swung. Right. But that focus, trigger to this day. It is it’s crazy. The sound of Velcro does something to me, almost like robotic.

If you ever seen the movie, the Manchurian candidate. I think the, I don’t know, I’ve never seen the original version, which I think had Frank Sinatra. But the version with Denzel Washington and Liev Schreiber and Meryl Streep, I think. The guy who kind of looks like Dick Cheney is in there and then there’s this other guy. I can’t remember who’s in it, but, you know, they would call up and the voice would say like, you know, is this Sergeant, they would like Sergeant and then their last name. And then it was like, and then they would say, Sergeant, first name and last name, Sergeant first name, middle name, last name. And instantly like they would change. They would shift. And that’s what happened to me with that sound of Velcro.

It’s like, I gotta focus. I gotta focus. Right. And if I hear the sound of Velcro, even today, I start picturing myself going through that routine. And the thing is if I got distracted at any point, like if I was walking up to the ball, I’ve already gone through it. I’m walking up to the ball and then a bee comes by.

Well, that broke me out of routine, I would back away, snap the Velcro again. And then I would continue. If my focus was broken, I needed the trigger to refocus. And that’s what we want to talk about. Like, if you’re going to get focused, you’ve gotta be something that triggers it. You can’t, you don’t just fall into focus most of the time.

So today the trigger for me, my focus trigger is the sound of very specific music that I play to get me in the state of flow. There’s actually only three things that I listen to when I write. When I write or do any type of like focus work, right? If I have to focus anything for more than a few seconds, and I need to get into a state of flow for 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Like when I was writing my book, turn your passions into profit. I was writing 45 minutes to 90 minutes every morning for months. I played the exact same song. Every single time. You can Google it. In fact, I’m going to just Google it with you. So by the band, the XX intro. So you Google XX intro. So literally XX intro 10 hours, you’ll find a YouTube video. Maybe, Alan can drop it in the chat. It’s a YouTube video that’s a 10 hour loop of like a two minute song. That’s basically the same beat just over and over and over and over and over and over.

When I’m doing other focus works. That was my writing focused. So to this day, if I need to do creative work, that’s the song that I play. When I go into monk mode writing or any type of creation, that’s the song I play. I have a song on Spotify that is, let me find it here real quick. It is, that’s an alpha, has it? What is it? How far something like that, not Aloha. Alpha waves focus. You guys can, I don’t know if you guys can hear this, but it’s literally just that it’s two and a half minutes. I’ll put it on a loop and I’ll play it for hours. And I won’t come out of focus.

When I hear that, when I hear that song by the XX, when I hear that song, those are my triggers. And then my other one, when I’m doing focus work, that involves things that quite frankly bore me to tears like spreadsheets. You know, I gotta like, look through them doing like some affiliate work, stuff like that. Then I allow myself to hear words, you know, I don’t have to like be totally zoned in so I can have kind of something, but I will literally play the same song over and over and over again by about the third playing I’m in just like total zone mode. Don’t even hear the words and I’ll change that song up periodically. I’ve been on the same song for about six months now, but it’s, you know, I just, I have my playlist and I play them.

And so the key is to find your focus trigger, right? It might take some time. You know, when I was in college, I tried probably 10 things before we landed on the velcro. For me, what we discovered with my sports psychologist is I’m more auditory than I am physical. So the cool thing about the Velcro is I never noticed it, but even today, if I’m not looking at the camera, when I do it, if I don’t play golf anymore, but if I did, I would look, so now, what am I doing when I’m looking peeling and re fastening, I’m engaging pretty much all of my senses. I’m visually doing it. I’m hearing the sound. I’m physically touching it.

You know? I mean, I didn’t probably didn’t smell the glove, but basically I’m engaging most of my senses there. Right? And you want to find something that’s probably like that for me, the playing of the song is physical. I’m clicking a play button. You think, oh, that’s so simple. Yeah. But when I click the play button, even before the song really even starts, I’m in focus mode and then I’m hearing it. And to a certain extent, I’m seeing it because I’m clicking, you know, I’m having to see where the mouse is going to click it. Same thing as if I’m playing it on there, I’m doing those things. And so the idea here is to find what works for you.

And that’s how we landed on that, because I tried some other things that we’ll talk about as we go along, that might work for you, but that didn’t work for me because they weren’t engaging that sound. So number one is find a common, but not too common sound. I don’t typically hear Velcro peeling throughout the day. Even on the golf course, it’s pretty common. I might do it. You know, I mean, I hit 35, 36, 37, you know, full shots and around, hopefully not more than 37, you know, I’ve played a bad round if I hit more than 37, you know, 32 to 37 of those in a round. So I hear it some, but it’s not a common sound.

You know, it’s not like, some sort of I’m on just a common sound, right? So is there an uncommon sound? That song is much as I play it outside of the circumstance in which I played. I’ve never played that song anywhere. Other than my computer. I don’t do creative work anywhere other than my computer. So it’s a pretty unusual set. I don’t listen to that song. I’ve never once listened to that song when I’m working out. Maybe I should try that actually. I don’t listen to that sound when I’m running. I don’t listen to that sound, when I’m doing the dishes, I don’t listen to that song, when I’m going to make dinner. It’s this one sound. And so it’s an uncommon sound, but it’s a common sound in that, It’s not something that’s too hard to find. So I don’t know. It might be, you might even be like as simple as like closing a drawer.

I didn’t catch this until the other day, but one of my focus triggers, it’s sort of become a thing, is opening and closing the drawer under my monitor, it sits on basically what amount to small file cabinets. And I only open and close that drawer before a coaching call. It’s the only reason why I would ever need to get into that side.Some of my stuff’s over here, but on the right side is my journals, my coaching journals for our coaching clients. I only open and closes the door before, or that drawer at the very beginning of a coaching call. And it’s kind of a subliminal like coaching call time, right?

You have to work through some, you know, different sounds. I don’t know. It took awhile. We, we tried different things before we arrived on the Velcro. You could try tap dancing. And I don’t mean like, you know, I can’t tap dance and I don’t mean that, you know, and he’d Ben Veneer on right now But I remember Jimmy White on our team. One of his triggers that he worked out with, cause he was more of a physical guy. Was he would this three taps? No, wait one. To remember how he did it. I’m trying to picture him right now. 1, 2, 1, pause one, two, then four. So he had a specific beat. Didn’t make much of a sound, although it sorta did, but that feeling was like, this is my time to focus. So is there something repetitive?

You know, if you watch, if you watch a really good free throw shooters, they go through the same routine. Every single time. I can still remember mine was two dribbles, pick the ball up, spin it, two dribbles, pick it, spin it to where I wanted it. Shoot. I mean, I can do this day.

You know, if I shoot a free throw, I would just subconsciously go through the exact same routine. I haven’t shot a free throw in five years, but I guarantee you if I picked it up and you watched me without missing a beat, it would be two dribbles. Pick it up, spin it once two dribbles, pick it up and spin it to right where I want it and shoot it. Like I was doing it with my eyes closed. Right? So that’s one, you know, tap dance. It might be just something repetitive. Right. You know, it could be, it could be snapping your fingers. You tell me. If you snap your fingers in a lot, that’s not, it’s probably too common. Close your eyes. You know, I mentioned that, right? That’s a, that’s an old tried and true method to inner focus land. It does not work for me, but some people, if they just close their eyes for 20 seconds, 20 seconds of nothingness they closed their eyes.

And you know, and it’s so typical, but like, you know, they may, they might do an umm.You know, they might do a sound. They might, even one of my friends does this. I’m not joking. He just, when it depends on what he’s getting ready to do. But like, if he needs to focus before doing creative work, say writing, you know, he has a mantra. I forget exactly what it is, but he’s just literally, he’s like the words are flowing to me. And through me and onto the page, the words are flowing to me and through me and onto the page, messing that up a little bit. But he says it like five times and boom he’s in like LA LA land focused.

The other thing about focus triggers is they’re probably right in front of you. They’re probably right in front of you. I used to do a lot of classical music. You know, Baroque music would get me into the flow. That stopped working. I don’t know why, but when it did the simple act of pressing the button on what I used back then, which was iTunes that I was good to go right.

Today, you know, if I need to focus and I’m getting ready. Like last night I was at our kids’ soccer indoors. It’s noisy. There’s so many distractions. So I had my earbuds and I pulled it up on my phone because my earbuds don’t connect to my Mac or they do, but it just goes out. The Bluetooth is really weak on my Mac for some odd reason. I have no idea why. And so I pulled it up on my phone. I pulled up, pulled, open that song by the XX. So I lied. I actually do play it in one other device. And that’s my phone when I’m working on my computer. But my point is I never play it unless I’m working on my computer. And I pulled it up on my phone. And I mean, it was like, I started writing it like 5:12. I looked up, it was like 6 :34. I finally had to pee. I mean, like the whole world was shut out to me. My point is, it’s probably right in front of you.

Like, it’s something right there. It’s something on your desk. Don’t go looking if it’s right there in front of you and then just practice, practice, practice, practice, and then move on if it doesn’t work. Whatever it is, you know, it took me years to find that song by the XX. And I’ve been on that song for three, four years now, about three.

The routine in college. I was a freshman when I started working with Pete. It wasn’t until midway through my sophomore year, which ironically was right before I started, you know, really playing really well and was ranked very highly. That’s when I figured out my pre-shot routine. That’s when I figured out the velcro. So give it a fair trial if you try something. But if, but if it didn’t working, just move on to a new one and try something different. You’re looking for something that might not necessarily have to be like the thing right away. Oh my gosh. I was in focus land, you know, the moment I did it, but like, okay, that, that might be it. So try it for a few weeks. If it doesn’t work, move on.

So what is your focus trigger, you know, let me know. Do you guys have a focus trigger? Maybe you tried one, but didn’t work. I’m just curious. Do you guys have a focus trigger? Let me know over there. You know, if, if that’s something that you’re using, I’m curious, who’s using it. What about you, Alan? Do you have a focus, trigger? Music, I’ve got a soundtrack of awesome and gets me and, you know, just state shifts state. What’s On it. Songs that were probably before you were born, that you knew, but things like eighties, rock and roll, mostly seventies, seventies, eighties, rock. You say eighties rock and roll, like, before I was born. What are you talking about though? Do you have any Def Leppard on there by chance. I’m like a lot of angels, and a lot of goo goo dolls, but even though that’s not. Did you know they used to be a punk rock band, you know, that’s how they got started.

Yeah, they put the one song on their name, which is still my favorite goo goo dolls song. And they realize, oh wow. We can go from selling 4,000 albums in Buffalo of punk rock to selling millions of albums of, you know, top 40, you know, acoustic driven stuff. We’ll go that direction. They almost quit.

That was the edge of them quitting. Yet. He, John Reznik wrote that on his couch in Buffalo while basically looking for a job and that one took off. So it was a, was pretty inspiring story for people who want to persevere. And they really is because they were ready to throw in the towel as according to what he told him, the concert that we went to right before covid. Nice. But you know, we’re going to see him and Angie’s taking me and I’m sure she’s writing in the chat right now. It’s popping up. So yeah, that’s my competition is John Resnick. So Nice. That’s awesome, dude. Yeah. I mean, you got something that gets you in that, in that trigger.

And I would imagine just pressing, like, again, that it’s gotten to the point where the pressing of that button is, is the trigger, which is what you want. So that’s awesome. Good stuff there. All right. So now let’s see the Rocky song. Gina says the Rocky song. Yeah. The, eye of the tiger. That’s probably a good one that they played that at the beginning of the road, the big Fort for fitness. They haven’t had it in years because of COVID. But they’re doing it this year. So I’m going to do the half marathon again. And too many people are trying to talk me into doing the full marathon. I’m like, Nope, I want to, I want to go for time on the half.

Like I want to, I want to set a record on the half. Not, not go another half. Sun Fest in April. Nice. So, all right, cool. So now that you are focused, how do you stay focused? You know, you’re in the zone, how do you stay there? And the first thing you need to do keep your space is distraction free as possible. Like I am talking go scorched earth on distractions, whatever is distracting you, get rid of it. Janine says her focus or used to be the theme for chariots on a fire. Oh my gosh. I can just see Eric Ladelle go, ah, sorry. Speaking of distractions, I just got distracted by distracted by Janine’s comment there. So whatever I’m going to just turn the chat off.

Cause whatever distractions, you know, whatever the distractions are, you need to get rid of them. That’s okay to have distractions right now. Cause this is what I’m doing. There’s going to be times where you will want a distraction and there won’t be one. So you’ll just kind of have to find something productive to do. And after a few months it gets easy.

This is similar to trying to lose weight. If you tell me that Twinkies are your downfall and then that you eat two every night because they are so tempting, I have an easy fix for you. Stop buying them. Stop buying the dadgum Twinkies, remove the temptation. I doubt that if every single night you were going to venture out into a cold dark evening, start up the car and drive just to get your two Twinkies. You know how often I have ever been like 9:30 at night, gosh, you know, what I really want right now is dairy queen. I’ve thought that probably a hundred times in the last five years, you know, many times I’ve actually gone to dairy queen.

Once, one time I said, you know what? This will be one of this. Like two, three years ago, I was like, you know, this will be a good opportunity just to surprise the kids. And I took them to frickin dairy queen one time. But if I said, you know, what I really want right now is dairy queen. And then I had a pint of ice cream in the freezer.

You know what I would do eat it. You ain’t getting out of it. You’re not going to get dressed or not get dry. I mean, going naked, but I’m saying, you know, you’re not going to put on clothes, get in the car, open the garage door, pull out of the drive. I live seven minutes from the nearest place that sells junk food.

All right. It’s not that far, but it’s far enough. That’s 20 minutes. By the time I wait in line, I’m not doing that for fricking ice cream or Twinkies. So you lose the desire. And the desire for Twinkies is replaced by a desire to be thin. So again, food, ice cream, Twinkies, whatever those are distractions from your goal.

The same is true with anything. So here’s tip number one, close all the windows you aren’t using. And I don’t mean your physical windows. I mean on the computer. If you’re using a computer close, all the windows, there’s no such thing as multitasking. Multitasking is a myth. Okay. You technically do not multitask. You’ve probably all heard this. You’ve technically micro bounce back and forth between things. And you’re not able to focus on either one of them. I mean, I know I get distracted. Sometimes I’ll be listening to an audio book while doing something mundane, like the dishes. All right. And our family, I’m the primary one that does the dishes just because I actually don’t mind it.

I actually kind of find it cathartic for some weird reason. There are many household chores that I don’t do. Cause I don’t like doing them. But the dishes are the one thing where I just, I don’t know what it is. It’s like it’s mildly meditative and I’ll be listening to an audio book and I’ll be so focused on what I’m doing. Washing a dish. Like how much brain power does it take to wash a dish? And I’m like, what did that author say for the last 27 seconds? I have no idea. Back back. Listen. Oh yeah. Okay. I have no idea. So close all the windows the aren’t using. Secondly, keep those triggers handy. You know, what are some of your micro triggers?

It doesn’t have to be like your focus to grow though. That could be, you know, okay, you’re distracted. I’m going to keep those triggers handy so I can stay focused. But if, for me, that’s why I picked the 10 hour version of XX intro. Although in a pinch, if I can’t access YouTube with the actual 10 hour one, I just go to Spotify and play it and I put it on loop. But the problem and I discovered is when you, it on loop on Spotify, there’s the two, the two seconds at the beginning of dead space and three seconds at the end of dead space, five seconds in a row versus on the YouTube thing. It actually literally sounds like the song just keeps going and going and going and going.

And think five seconds, Matt really are you? Yes, I am that distractible that in five seconds I can be like, oh, what was I doing? Oh yeah. Oh, I need to check Facebook. I need to be in that zone. So what are some of those micro triggers? I like for me, one of my micro triggers is this, this exact mug. I only do two things when I’m drinking out of this mug, I’m either live. And right now I’ve got some focus tea and some throat coat tea in there. Cause I’m talking for like four hours today. But normally I just have the focus tea in there. And just the simple act of taking a sip of this mug. And the taste that I get from it actually is a micro trigger.

Certain pins, certain pins or focus trigger. I only use these pins. These pins are here. I’ve got, we’re actually mailing something to team members. I’ve got a thousand of these pens. No, no exaggeration. They say no product, no problem. One of our courses on them, I only use these pens for two things, planning and client calls, taking notes on client calls. I will not, I don’t journal with these pins. I don’t write notes around the house. I know this sounds weird. Like I’m like, whoa man, you are way OCD. I’m not, it’s just that. I know I need to be focused. These are for two things. I don’t know whatever it is like it could, I don’t know. What are those micro triggers that you could have just readily available? We talked about this, but listening to focus music, you know, find something that works.

Find something that works for you. I don’t care what it is. You don’t have to pick my song. You don’t have to pick the goo goo dolls. You don’t have to pick, you know, anything. You don’t have to pick chariots of fire. You just pick something that works for you. So that’s how you keep your focus. Like I said, the biggest thing is just removing those distractions. You’re not going to stay focused if you’ve got things popping up, you know, little things like turning off the toast on your, on your email. That’s what the little pop-up is. If you have, if you have notifications enabled on your computer, I get it. If you work in an office and that’s a culture, but could you find an hour a day where you can turn them off to focus on some deep work, just an hour and maybe talk to your boss about it.

Like, Hey boss from two to three, every day, two to three 30, whatever. Can we do an experiment where I turn off all notifications and I work on one thing and then, oh my gosh, wow, you’re the copy? You know, let’s say you’re a copywriter. The copies that you wrote is so much better, Jim. Wow. Luke, your work is so much better. Hey, so boss, can I do that from 10 to 11? Every day in two to three? Yeah. Well heck yeah. You’re getting results. Well, Hey look. Oh my gosh. Wow. We’re doing even better, Hey boss, can I do that from 10 to 1130 and maybe one 30 to three?

And you just keep expanding it. I get it. If you’re in a culture, but if you’re an entrepreneur, turn off all notifications. I mean, I don’t know who on my team is on this, but I’m going to tell, I mean, I tell my own team this, you know what? I want you to respond quickly to because when I want something as the boss, I want it now naturally. But I’m a patient person. Not really, but I would pretend to be patient. I can wait. Here’s the deal. If I’m on a call with you and I’m like, here, let me slack that to you real quick, boom.

I’m not expecting you to respond just like I want. And I hear, I can’t even do the sound. I don’t even know the sound that it makes. When you send a slack message, turn it off. You don’t need to know that I slacked you right now. Slack is asynchronous communication. Email is asynchronous communication. I don’t email you or slack you with an expectation that you’re going to respond in real time.

If I want real time, I will slack you and say, we need to jump on a 15 minute call so we can dialogue through things. I don’t slack or email in real-time I slack and email asynchronously. I slack in email when it is convenient for me so that I can go focus on other things. So turn off all notifications close every window, every app I know for me, text messages, only one person that can get through via text message. When I’m in focus mode and that’s my wife, she’s not on the, I will tell her, Hey, I’m going into focus mode. And she knows like, okay, don’t text Matt to say, what do you think about this shirt? You know right now.

And that’s a few hours a day. I’m not doing that to my wife all day long, but she knows when I’m writing, I need 90 minutes where just there’s nothing. Now during those 90 minutes, if she texts me and says, oh my gosh, Aracelli left her homework at, you know, at the house. Is there any way you okay?

That’s different. There’s a level of urgent actually. No, I’m not bringing her homework. She left at home. She’s going to have to pay the consequences, but yeah exactly. A phone call. Hey, I got a message from the alarm company, our alarms going off. Do you know why that is? Nope. I had my headphones in and I’m way away from the alarm. So I’m not going to hear it. Probably shouldn’t have said that, but either way the cops are on their way. So Hey, can you go turn that off or go check and see if there’s an intruder.

All right. So the point is to stay focused right now, the reality is we’re going to lose focus. I’m in focus mode, I’m writing and 42 minutes in. I realized I’m cold. Huh? That’s interesting. I’m kinda cold, man. I’m gonna need to go, let me go over here. I’ve got a space heater in my office. Let me go over and bring that over. Okay. Where was I? All right. So how do I, you know, how do I do that? Right? You’re going to have some distractions. You’re going to have interruptions. Giovanni is going to come downstairs in the middle of focus time. Even though there was a sign on the door, I don’t put that sign up very often. Most of the time, I don’t care. If the kids come down, I can be right now.

Our kids aren’t here, but they could come down right now. I would not care. I mean, I love it. Come say hi. Most of our clients have met our kids on zoom. Most of them have met them multiple times. Alan has met them. You know, we’ve been talking about, do you want me to just wanders down here? And like, wait, he wants to say hi. I think almost everybody on our team has met. Giovanni. Almost everybody on his team has met my dog. You know, things are gonna happen. Some are good. Some are bad. Now you need to refocus. What do you do?

I got an email from her. Somebody in our audience recently said, I’m just starting my business. And I work by myself. Many of you can relate to that. Hey Denise, let’s actually answer Denise’s question real quick. I’m thinking. And I can’t think of a micro trigger, which means that I need to get or create one. Let’s get back to that just real quick. As I saw her question, come in. You know, again, it’s probably something you already use. It’s probably something you already do. For me, you know, when I write it’s 95% of times in the morning, I get up and write within 35, 40 minutes of, of waking up. My focus trigger is, the start of that music. But I actually, the focus trigger really, if you go back about seven or eight minutes is right before I write and I’m not writing right now. I’m not writing. I’m not doing nothing. I’m writing, you know, other than emails right now. So I’m not doing that. But when I am writing, you know, books or whatever, I do a quick workout.

It’s not like my full workout. I’m not like, oh, I’m, you know, trying to like lose weight or I’m just trying to get my body up, get my heart, rate up, be awake more without all the stressors of caffeine. I do have my cup of coffee that I sip over the course of a few hours in that cup of coffee, the actual taste and the feel of that coffee in that specific mug is like my micro trigger.

It’s not joking. Like literally every sip that I take, I kind of snap back in a little bit. I get a little bit more focused. I don’t know what it is for niece, but it’s something that’s there. Okay. Another easy one is superhero pose. Stand up and just get your body in the superhero state. Because when we shift down and we lean down, no hands to the side, hands, Hands to the side, like you’re standing up. It’s hard to be hard to be weak in that state or to feel weak. Yeah. It could be that it could be anything. Like I said, it could just be little micro triggers. You know, it can be taps a certain song.

It could sometimes it’s like, I have a friend of mine who actually is a writer. And he said, when he hits, he said, when I hit like a blank page, I closed the app. You know? So he, he writes in Scrivener, I believe, but whatever it is could be worried, could be Google docs. He closes it and then reopened it. And the reopening is the trigger. And he’s like, it works every time, you know? And you may have to do it like two or three times, but it works every time. So back to what this person said here real quick. I’m just starting out. I worked by myself. I know many of you can relate. Sometimes I can go all day focused.

Sometimes I can only sometimes I can only go. Okay. Sometimes I can only go for four hours. But when I lose my focus, I am done for the day. I cannot get it back. Any suggestions? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Number one. Tell yourself it’s okay. Like this is normal. No one is, you know, the best motivational speakers in the world. Zig Ziglar, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, all these super highly productive Elon Musk people. They are not totally motivated, pumped up and focused 24, 7, 365. It is impossible. I don’t know what you’re going through in life. But if there’s something that that is, that is causing this relationally or physically or emotionally, then take care of that. Maybe that’s the thing. Like if you’ve lost a friend, take some time to mourn. I mean, a lot of us have had to do that in last couple of years. Be pretty hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t know someone who died in the last two years, really truth is in any two year period. It’s pretty hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know someone who’s died.

But someone that’s close to you, you know, who died? Take time to mourn. That’s why you’re, that’s why you’re not focused. You’re in mourning. I don’t want to help you get focused today. Any time, if you’re sick, get your rest. You do not have to be on all the time. Consistency is not about going a hundred percent every minute of the day. It’s about managing your uptime and your downtime. Not turning bad moments into bad days and bad days into bad weeks and bad weeks into bad months, into bad years. Everybody has bad days. Steve jobs had bad days. The president of the United States, all of them have had bad days. I mean, imagine that job.

It’s like, you know, Brian Regan, the community talks about he’s like imagine having a job where you just wake up everyday and it’s like problems, problems, more problems. You know, there’s always going to be a city in the, in your, in your country. As big as this, there’s always going to be a city where there’s some sort of unrest or some sort of a problem.

Some sort of a place is going to have a pipe break that causes a drinking water problem. And it somehow becomes the president of the states’s fault. I don’t care what political party you’re in. There’s always going to be a war somewhere in the world, more than likely. And sadly, there’s going to be something going on. There’s going to be a natural disaster somewhere in the country.

Imagine that’s your job. Now try to have a bad day. Imagine having the flu and being president of the United States, that would suck. You know? So the point is, tell yourself it’s okay. Everybody has them. Do what you need to do to take care of the underlying problem. Maybe it’s, you know, relational stress, Maybe.

I don’t know. It could be a health issue. Take care of your health. First, Screw being and focused. Go, go take care of the health problem. I remember specifically, I had, Alan, you remember this, you know, about right at the beginning of COVID actually, you know,I haven’t shared this super publicly and I’ll answer your question a little bit, Luke, But I was in so much pain. I had a thing called list, launch challenge. We were doing it live. If you’re interested in growing your list, by the way, evergreen wise, just go to list, launch challenge.com and you can get the recordings, but I was doing it live.

And I was in so much pain at one point that I had to, I was doing it like I was doing here, but I was sitting, but it was hurting so bad. I had to lie down and thankfully I played like a five minute video. It was like a two hours live like two hours a day. And about halfway through, I play a five minute video and I ran upstairs and went to the bathroom.

And then I came down and I took my monitor. I had three monitors. I took this monitor right here and I put it right here in tilted it all the way down so I could look up. I was laying right here on the ground. I took this microphone. I don’t think I had this particular boom mic. And I took the microphone stand. I put it by my, like by my head. And I had the monitor with my notes this way I had the keyboard over here. And I remember like trying to press, you know, the buttons and stuff to try and get you in known because I was just doing slides.

But I was in so much pain that when I was done with that, I didn’t try to get anything else done that day. That lasted for weeks. And then I went and got, you know, I got some stuff tested out and then they were saying the most likely cause was prostate cancer. Well, that’s super fun to find out. Yeah. I had a really hard time focusing for the next week and a half until I knew that it wasn’t that because I’m thinking I might have fricking prostate cancer, you know? And then I had surgery and you know what? I couldn’t focus for about 24 hours. Cause I was still high. I mean, I was loopy from the, from the anesthesia and the pain medication.

And then I was loopy for another three days because I couldn’t sleep. And then finally I was better. And you know what? My focus magically came back after six weeks of being completely unfocused. Was it, was it the focus triggers? Was it the song that I was playing? Nope, it was cause I wasn’t in pain and I wasn’t on pain medication and I didn’t think that I might die soon.

So those things are normal work through those things, right? Secondly, when you need a lift, get a lift, man, I’m having a hard time focusing, then go listen to some goo goo dolls. Allen. There you go. Listen to whatever I sometimes I get distracted and you know what I need, I need to go outside. I’m not superhuman. I just need to go outside, go for a quick walk, see some sunlight, listen to a different song after an hour of the same song on repeat for two minutes, I just need a different song And it doesn’t have to be a focus on two of my favorites. Actually, probably my biggest favorite is proud Mary by Ike and Tina. Talk about old school.

She’s awesome. Ike and Tina Turner. When it talks about we’re going to start off nice and slow, but we don’t do nothing nice and slow. We do it nice and hard. And the, you know, the beginning is just kind of like this. It was kinda like that. And then all of a sudden da na na, and it just goes and I’m like, I can’t, I can’t help it. I’m going to dance. And the energy that I feel, boom, I’m good. My heart rate’s up. I got, kinda got some of that angst out. Maybe I might’ve been standing there for an hour and 20 minutes in a row writing and you know, not I’m barely moving.

And all of a sudden I just got my heart rate up and moved a bunch in like a two minute period of time. Very few songs on earth will make me dance. Like a crazy person. Like that song. There is no improper way to dance, to proud Mary, at least the Ike and Tina version. That’s what our soundtrack awesome. I’ll even do some Jackson, five little ABC or stuff like that. And I mean, cause you can’t feel bad when you’re listening to those songs of your childhood and stuff. So it’s really music. Music’s a big, big way to shift.

Another one movie clips. I don’t know what it is, but the scene in, in gladiator when, when competence comes down and, and, and ask him to remove his mask and he turns his back on him and turns around and says, my name is Maximus. Decimas Meridius commander of the armies of the north, you know, a servant of the, you know, the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius, like, you know, and he keeps going and he says, I will have my vengeance in this life for the next. And I’m like, oh, like I want to run through a brick wall. Okay. What does that have to do with focus? Nothing. I just feel good. It’s a dopamine hit. We talk about the dangers of social media and like dopamine hits and all those things. Yeah, those are dangerous. Right.

We can’t just be like, you know, we can’t be like the, the, the rat that they use in the experiment that like when he could click the button that would give him an orgasm or eat any, like, some of them would just literally essentially orgasm themselves to death, right. Because of the dopamine, they would get so addicted to the dopamine. They would die cause they wouldn’t eat.

Okay. We don’t want to go to that extreme, but sometimes I need a little healthy dopamine hit. Whether it be Ike and Tina, the scene from gladiator a little Braveheart. You know, there’s, there’s some other movie scenes that I’ll watch. And I just, I take three minutes to watch YouTube for Pete sakes and I get in a better place. And then I go back to my focus music and go back to my trigger and I’m good to go. So if you need a lift, get a lift. If you need to break, get it right. If you need to go, there’s poems. What is it? Red frost, motivation, Google red frost motivation. And that’s like their poetry guys. If there’s, maybe there’s a poem you need to read. I mean, some of their stuff, like some of the stuff by Rumi, the one I was just listening today that I just love the version he does of rise up. I mean, it’s like chilling, you know, do not go gentle into that good night, Dylan Thomas, one of my favorites,

if by Rudyard Kipling, you know, poetry like just hearing poetry, reading poetry, what? I don’t know what it is, whatever it is for you go, go take a break and just take that break, right? Whatever works for you is what’s best is that whatever works for you is what is best for you.

I don’t have the answer for that one. Don’t force it at first. You know, when you feel like, if you feel like you’re losing focus, I probably should have said this before. I said the last thing stop. I’ve lost. Focus, go for a walk, go watch gladiator, go watch Braveheart, call your spouse, do anything other than sit and go, oh, I need to focus. I need to focus. I need to focus. That’s like saying, I need to not eat that Twinkie. I need to not meet that Twinkie. Eventually you’re going to eat the Twinkie. You know, this is not the time to get well, I can’t focus on writing. I’m gonna go check my email no.

I’m going to go read the news. Oh, that’s a dumb idea. No, just get away. For me. I’m on a computer. I work on a computer. Have you ever thought about that? Just as a side note here, could you imagine as a child, I was going to literally my entire, the sustenance, the way I feed my family was going to be through a screen.

Pretty awesome. It’s weird to think about if you really think about it. It’s weird. This is what I do for living. And there are no known deaths from working online, either that I’m aware of. Has yeah, there could be. I mean, you could argue there are, but Definitely not as many deaths as like high rise construction worker Or, or commuting for that matter.

You know, commuting. I mean, but the point is, that’s what I do all day. So checking the news, you know, again, I said, well, what about watching brave heart and gladiator. Okay. A little bit different. First of all, I usually watch them on my phone. I usually go upstairs, grab a drink or a snack while I’m doing it. You know, things like that, but okay. Duly noted. That’s why I said that’s probably the rare of the do usually it’s I’m just gonna go check the mail. Just go check the mail. Gets me outside, you know, in the skid, a little bit of vitamin D and most days, sometimes I’ll just pick up the phone and call somebody.

I’m going to talk about, I’m not gonna, I’m not going to call like an affiliate or something like that. I’m going to call like, you know, somebody and talk about nothing for five minutes. I’ll go upstairs and play with the kids. It’s usually fun. Go have a tickle fight with a dog. I mean, if I get unfocused, that’s one of the best ways to break. It is just go upstairs and chase after him. Cause he’s crazy. Get away from your normal environment, environment. Refined your focus, trigger. Okay. All right. So it’s been 45 minutes. You got unfocused. You go watch gladiator. You go outside, you checked the mail, you gotta do re you gotta redo the focus trigger.

Now it’s been 50 minutes. So I turn the music off. That’s the big thing I’ve decided to stop. I turned the music off. What I don’t want to do is come down the stairs and hear the music. I’m not ready to focus. I’ve still got to walk all the way over there. I’m not ready to focus till I get over there. Remember, it’s, it’s kind of weird. It’s like psychology, right? I don’t rip the Velcro and then check my yardage in golf. I ripped the Velcro in a specific part of the pre-shot routine. So refine that focus, trigger. One of the best things you can do on your little break is get hydrated, get fed, you know, whatever.

Now I’m, I’m not a weight loss coach like Alan here, but if you’re hungry, you’re generally hungry. If you’re healthy and you’re hungry, my bigger time to eat healthy snack. Hydrate first, then eat. If you’re thirsty drink, if you’re not thirsty drink anyway, That’s right. Most people eat when they’re thirsty.

Water, mildly caffeinated drinks, green tea. I learned, you know, I learned, I learned just recently, why in this there’s some in this, why green tea? Ah, so much better because green tea not only has the caffeine, but it has naturally occurring L-theanine. I used to use L-theanine as a supplement because it actually binds somehow like binds the caffeine and makes the caffeine less.

It takes away a lot of the negative effects of caffeine. And that’s why the tea, the green tea and caffeine is a completely different caffeine than black tea or coffee. Do not go get a Starbucks, double mocha grande latte. Blahbity blah, blah, blah. That’s going to basically give you instant diabetes, eat low-glycemic foods. Make sure you know, eat and drink things that are, that are healthy. Me, It’s this with just a little bit of MCT oil. Cause that slows down the absorption of the caffeine makes it not like where I’m gonna be like for a few minutes. And then, you know, it just keeps it going for hours and hours and hours at a low level. Make sure that you eat and drink away from your normal work environment.

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So now we’re like I said, get up or walk away. I don’t think that sitting there going, I’m going to sip this tea at my computer while checking my email Is a good break. Nope. I’m going up. I’m going to do all of these. I’m going to get hydrated typically. You know, when I’m really, really focused while I might sip a little bit of water, I don’t drink a lot and I probably low-level dehydration. So great. I’m going to go up and have a drink, like 20 ounces of water with, I put a little bit of Himalayan pink, Himalayan, sea salt, splash of lemon juice and a splash of Monkfruit to take the edge off the salt and I down that. And I’m pretty hydrated, like very quickly. So little things like that. Right. But do it away from your work environment. When you walk away, review, make a list of review your list. So for me, when I walk away, he brought a focus for an hour. I’ve lost focus. I need to regain it. So I need my little five minute break.

I take my planner up and I just go through and go, okay, here are my three things for today. I’ve done this in this. I’m halfway through this. Okay. And then I just said, okay, what am I next few steps? What are the next three things I need to do? As soon as I walk in to accomplish this number two task, it’s probably not checking your email. You know, it’s probably not checking social media. What are they? And you come back and you do those. Remember your purpose? Like I remind myself of my purpose. That’s why I I’m not advocating for it. I do recommend it, but I’m not saying you need one, but I use the full focus planner from Michael Hyatt.

If you go to Mattmcwilliams.com/slashtoolbox, you’ll see an affiliate link there for the planners. I recommend trying it out because one of the things that it allows me to do is have my planner right there and constantly refer back to my goals. And so I like, I remind myself why I’m even in business. Why, why is finishing this chapter today important?

Why, why is it well, because my books launch in January 10th, 2023, and according to my calcululation, you know, my outline, my edits are due by March 7th. If I don’t finish this chapter today, it means I got to do two chapters tomorrow, which is going to be really challenging, which means I’m not going to have the edits back in time and it sets off a chain reaction.

And so if you’re working a job, you don’t particularly love, you find it hard to focus your daydreaming all the time. You know, remind yourself that, you know what this pays for my food. It pays for my home. It pays for my kids going to school, whatever, you know, whatever it might be.

If you’re in a job that you love, and there are aspects that you don’t like. I mean, there’s aspects I don’t enjoy. I’ve gotten it down to about an hour or two a week that I’ve truly don’t enjoy, but I don’t enjoy analyzing data. I enjoy however, analyzing the data and finding out, Hey, we had a record month last month as we did. You know, I don’t think anybody, Alan, you don’t enjoy having to go into PayPal and send money to affiliates, but you sure enjoy the fact that you had to send a file. You sent me a message today. You just had, you just sent more money to one partner than you’ve ever sent anyone last month. That part’s enjoyable. Yeah. This is just as some more of this right before getting on the call.

Love It. Awesome. Just a few other things real quick guys, you know, obvious things might, might be clean your desk, you know, eliminate clutter, vacuum, get things in order. One warning in this ties in with the, the seven thing, which is to rearrange sometimes just a little bit of a change of environment. Can, you can mix it up. I can put a new picture up, could move your desk a little bit. This sounds like the silliest thing, but if there are, I found that the craziest little thing will help me. I’ll move my monitors. It’s actually good for your eyes too. I’ll just move them back. Two inches. They’re just, just enough, farther away that it changes the perspective on everything.

You know, I mean, it’s like if I move here, it’s just a little bit different for my eyes than right here. Little things like that. I’ve got two keyboards that I switched between. They’re almost exactly the same, but they feel just a little bit different and I’m not joking. They’re just enough different because the command key, it’s the weirdest flipping thing.The command key and the option key are switched on the two keyboards. I use a windows keyboard on a Mac because I like the ergonomic keyboard. And that one little change is, you think it’d be a distraction, but it actually helps me to focus because I have to think about where my thumbs going when I copy and paste is the weirdest thing.

That little challenge, I’ll just change them up periodically for no other reason than it’s just something different right now don’t spend. Well, I can’t really focus. So I’m going to do, I’m going to do like a friend of mine does. And like I’ve done before. I’m going to spend the next four hours rearranging my office. Yeah. Now it’s, it’s 15 minutes. It looks like the Admiral McRaven. Yeah. That make it making the bed that want to change the world. Here’s a video to somebody who wants to do this. He does not just used to spend an hour making your bed Five minutes, five minutes to change the world. Yeah. He likes, wrote a book on it, making your bedroom,

Make your bed. Yup. Yeah. I have a cool story about Admiral Craven, but I don’t have time for that right now when you’re taking that break, set a deadline. So come back and say, okay, whatever part it is. So I’m going to finish.I’m writing, let’s see, I’m planning our content for the month of, you know, June. And I got through June 10th, it took me 45 minutes. When I come back, I’ve got an hour and five minutes, I’m setting a timer. Boom, I’ve got to do it, like make a game out of it. And if I hit that hour and five minutes, then let’s say, it’s, you know, that puts you at two o’clock. And maybe you plan on working until five and you know, you have about another two hours. Then my reward is that from you know, two to three or whatever the math is that I said there, I’m gonna go goof off. And you think, well, could I have probably just spent two hours doing the content calendar?

Sure. I could spend two hours doing it kind of halfway. Or I could spend an hour and five, 10 minutes, like lasered in all out and then have an hour to goof off is kinda like working out. You know, if I can spend an hour and 15 minutes and push my body to the point where I can barely walk, I do the same number of reps, probably lift the same amount of weight. We just lost Matt. So he will be hopefully popping back on here. So for any you guys put in the pin in the chat, just if you like, I’ll do this and let’s see, as he’s headed back this way, his computer just decided to reboot. So you can text him some of these questions about focus. This is that’s Matt’s texts number too, so that you can reach him. That actually goes to his phone. And a couple of things that Matt was covering as well. I would kind of pick up in the, in the middle of this is with what he’s doing is setting a deadline that he was talking about that, but also keep a journal when you get down. It’s real, you know, after you’ve had real success, you know, you might’ve had relationship problems, you know, you aren’t exercising or something like that. It just bring in your emotional status back up by, you know, journaling too, it helps.

And then, and then really, you know, allowing yourself just some space because there’s no, there’s no quick fix to any of this though. Anyway, we got Matt back. There we go. Look at me. I just had the opportunity to be you. So can you hear, Yes, we can hear you loud and clear My phone. Yeah. I’ve never had that happen before my computer.

I don’t know if you saw my text message down and just decided to completely reboot. I’ve never, ever had that happen before. How cool is that? You lost focus and look at, look how you came back. I’m Talking about it. I have no notes now. So what’s, you know, yeah. It’s kind of the same idea.

Like, you know, you can, you can really, you could do the same thing in a shorter period of time and then still have, you know, the 45 minutes to goof off. So it’s totally up to, up to you, you know, how you do it, but basically, you know, I recommend setting your deadline is where I was going with that.

What was what’s next Alan? What did I say? I have no idea. Keeping a journal, keeping a journal talking about that. I remember years ago, when, so when I was in college, we had a trainer named Matt Riley and I was trying to, at that time, actually I was trying to gain about 10 pounds, believe it or not, I was trying to gain about 10 pounds of muscle. And, and I remember like, what do I do? And he’s like, keep a journal, write down everything, you eat, everything you do, like how you felt. And he’s like, what, you know, supplements, you took everything right.

And the objective was to identify, you know, okay. If I had, you know, three eggs and this for breakfast in my workout was bad, you know? And I, and I did this and you know, that week I had this much protein or in fat versus this, and here’s what I gained. And you know, like how I did my workouts and just all these things, right?

Like how did I, no matter what it was, I kept a journal and I would go back and analyze it with him. And the same is true. Like, keep that journal about, you know, here’s my focus trigger and what that did for me. And, and things like that. But I see ya Janine. You know, just keep a journal and just document what you’re doing.

There’s my computer just randomly. Now it’s restarting. It’s the weirdest thing. I’m wondering if it’s just going to log me into this on the other thing wants to see if it does, I’ll just shut it. Now. It’s going to be, so yeah. Keep a journal of your experiences. You know, looking back, likeI do this with food now because I’m trying to figure out like, you know, occasionally I’ll have an upset stomach and like, okay, what is it? You know, what is it that causes the upset stomach? And what I found is it’s, you know, it’s typically for the longest time we thought it was wheat and it’s actually not, really. It’s not wheat, you know that does it. It’s that when I think about window, I personally don’t eat really sandwiches. I don’t eat buns. When do I, wheat? I eat wheat with pizza And it’s actually a dairy Because it’s about the only time I really dairy either.

What you, what you measure is Lactose intolerant. I’m lactose sensitive. And so I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t literally go back and say, okay, well, what was this? And I was like, well, I didn’t have an upset stomach then, I ate wheat then. Then I didn’t have an upset stomach. Oh, I had ice cream and you know, my stomach was upset. Oh, well, let’s not wheat. You know? So finally kind of made the connection. So yeah. Keep a journal. Next one is how to handle distractions that you regain your focus and you got the witness it and just finding a way you got to witness it.

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, Allen. What was that? I was saying the next, the next one is how to handle distractions and how to regain your focus was Yeah. Which they just got to witness. You got to what They just got to witness, witness, how you handled the distractions, found a way you found a way. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, how do you guys handle distractions? You know, how do you regain your focus?

So I’d love to hear in the chat. I do want to address real quick Luke’s question or Luke’s comment there I’m a solo preneur at the moment. So finding the balance between family and work as a daily exercise, I’m a single father with a day job going is a goal is to go full-time entrepreneur.

Man. You’re a hero dude. I mean, like just like single other single dads and single moms. And you know, any of that stuff, you know, balance is hard. You know, especially like you said, you have a day job, you know, to, in addition to being a father. So Luke just keep at it. You know, your thing is to find those pockets of time where, you know, an hour or two here, you know, you got to go all in with the focus. I can get away with being distracted for an hour. I can get away with going up. It’s easy for me to say, like, I can go up and play with the dog for 45 minutes, you know, and just decide I’m not going to work for 45 minutes.

The consequences for me are our existence. You know? I mean, don’t get me wrong. That means I’m going to have to probably do something later, but I can get away with that. And just to be totally transparent. You can’t. And so you’ve just got to kind of really be all in focused when you are, when you are focused.

Shorter bursts, you know, my recommendation, a lot of people are like, oh, I just want to work at night. You might want to put in 45 minutes in the morning. You know, that might be my recommendation. There is, you know, put in 45 minutes in the morning and then put in some time at night. So you’re not always giving your, your day job, you know, your best March Seaver copy you in our team. Many of you remember him. I used to love, he would, he would, he would tell me he would text me at like, you know, noon my time, which would be like 9:00 AM his time before he worked for us.

And he would work on his business in the morning. And then he would say, I’m going into my second job. Now, most people would call it the other way around. And he’d say, I’m going to my second job. And just that mindset shift of like, no, I’m going to put my best time, my best mind, my best brain power into my dream. And then I’m going to give my second job, the rest of it, you know? Okay, cool. You have some action items too, which Talking about, I didn’t know what they are. They, well, that’s what I was going to pull them up. Find your focus trigger. Right. And You guys find that,

You know, I can’t look at my notes now And then being ruthless about removing distractions, which I love that. Yep. That’s a, that’s a big one. That’s it? Yeah. So make sure you find your focus trigger. And secondly, do whatever Alan just said, because I can barely hear him. I don’t know why it is, but on my phone, I’ve never tried this on my phone before on my phone, the audio goes, I would have to go like this to hear you Allen. So there, if you guys wanted a real close up of my left ear, you had it To do that. And so Awesome. And we’ve got a No live next week.

No. Yeah, no live next week, guys, I’m doing a special training for a friend of mine who works with authors and I’m going to teach them how to, how to sell 10,000 copies without paid advertising or any major media. So that’ll be kind of fun sharing that, sharing what we’ve done to launch books for, you know, tons of people. And then my own book in 10 months here, we’re 10 months, almost the day, January 10th, 2023. You’ll be hearing a lot of that date over the next 10 months. We’ll be launching turn your passions into profits. So super excited about that and let’s see restart to complete. And, oh, it’s so I guess when I clicked on try tonight with the installation of the new OS, it took that as 3:00 PM Eastern time. Oh, well. Yeah. So the next live is not how to steal your competitor’s affiliates. We talked about that last week, Alan. No live next week.

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And then two weeks from now, I’m going to be sharing something about a new share. I am trying to remember now, oh my top five affiliate promotion emails ever. And why they worked. I do remember that. So I’m gonna actually walk you through my top five. So the best five affiliate emails that I have ever sent for affiliate promotions. And I’m just going to psychoanalyze them basically until you guys, why, you know why we use this word, why we use that word, things like that, you know, and walk you through all that. And of course, anytime you guys, if you have any questions about this or anything that we’ve talked about today, just text me anytime at 2 6 0 2 1 7 4 6 1 9. I’ll be the one to respond. Just feel free to text me anytime and sorry for the little glitch there. But I’m glad I was able to get back on within about a minute.

Otherwise it’s just be like, well, I guess that was done. So you got focus back how cool is that? Yeah, like I said, I have no idea what you’re saying. It’s kind of funny. Here’s my right ear. So, all right guys. Well, we’ll see you in two weeks until then. Bye.


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