Our four-year old daughter, Aracelli, recently decided to build a new smoothie machine for her smoothie business. She asked to be interviewed. This is the result.

Top 10 Office April Fool’s Pranks

April Fool’s Day is almost here and you know what that means:
Time to plan some creative office pranks.
Office April Fools Prank for Cubicle
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Now, before you write this off as childish or meaningless, let me remind you of the four benefits to office pranks. I shared them before in my post, Top 10 Office Practical Jokes.

When you play practical jokes or pull off a successful April Fool’s prank, you will develop four important skills:

1. Planning

April Fool’s pranks require significant planning to pull off.

2. Teamwork

Personally, I’ve never pulled off a successful office prank on my own. These require teamwork and are often a great bonding experience for co-workers.

Top 10 Office Practical Jokes

This post is not a laughing matter. It’s an important piece to building better teams.

I had a conversation with a friend recently that went like this:

Friend: “We don’t play practical jokes in our office.”

Me: “You hate your job don’t you?”

Friend (glancing down pathetically): “Yes.”

Office prank - airhorn under chair

OK, so the conversation didn’t really go like that, but you get the idea. I am pretty sure he used words like “uppity,” “stuffy.” and “corporate” to describe his office environment.

Since the dawn of time practical jokes have been a critical part of bonding and enjoyment in life…seriously remember that practical joke the snake played on Eve? Well that might not be the best example. But they are important.

When is Fear OK?

Fear is usually the enemy, but sometimes it is OK. The story below illustrates when.


Cobra eye

I’ve written before about talking back to fear, the benefit of fear, and even how fear gets in your head. These are all great posts and the second one even shows how fear can be used to show you your true purpose.

But generally, fear is negative. It’s the enemy to be confronted, battled with, and destroyed.

Except where there are cobras.

That’s right. Cobras. When there are cobras, fear is OK.

A Humorous Look at When a Presentation Goes Horribly Wrong

This is the humorous, painful, and probably not very instructional story of a presentation gone horribly wrong.

I recently tweeted this and Erik Fisher gave me the idea to post about this:


Below is how things went down. What came from the debacle was a side chat with one colleague and a group chat with the rest. I have changed their names but the comments are copied and pasted from our Skype windows.

I hope that you laugh. I hope that you cringe (in a good way). And I hope that you learn something. I’ll settle for laughing and cringing though.

12oclockTime for the meeting to begin. I’ve cleared my schedule for an hour and I am ready for some learning. The topic is dealing with fraud in affiliate marketing and how this particular vendor can help.

We chat amongst ourselves for two minutes then settle down in expectation of the arrival of the presenter. No arrival.