How to Keep Your Holiday Momentum ALL Year Long

The Affiliate Guy Episode 386

You’re going to put a LOT of effort into making this holiday season your best ever for your affiliate program (and your affiliate marketing). Don’t waste that effort and let the momentum stop when Christmas passes or the new year begins. Today, I’ll share some of my top strategies to keep the holiday momentum going all year long!

Behind the Scenes Look at Our Email Writing Process

Do you want to see how I write emails – from concept to completion and everything in between? That’s the question I asked a few weeks ago and the answer was an astounding YES! So in this live lesson my team and I share the exact process we use for writing emails. From coming up with the idea or concept, the actual writing, the review, and editing process, loading and sending, we share EVERYTHING! Don’t miss out on this chance to see our exact process.

What Top Affiliates are Doing to Close Sales in 2020

Every year, we do an extensive survey of the marketing methods that affiliates are using to succeed with their promotions. When we do this, we focus on the affiliates who have small to medium-sized lists (2,000-50,000 subscribers) but who compete with the “big dogs” of the internet marketing world. These are the folks who have lists 3 to 100 times smaller than their competitors and yet they find themselves in the top 20 on major affiliate leaderboards.

[LIVE LESSON] How to Get Affiliates to Promote More & Go All-In

Do you know what the biggest problem with affiliate programs is? Tell me if this sounds familiar you get an affiliate to sign-up. You go through all the hard work of finding them. You bust your butt communicating with them, getting them to agree to promote, and setting them up and after ALL that they flake out on you and either barely promotes or they don’t promote you AT ALL. That USED to happen to me all the time. But then I learned how to get affiliates not only to sign-up but to fully COMMIT to promoting me and our clients (that really is the key) and now I’m sharing exactly how to get your affiliates to go ALL-IN in this live-lesson.

Full Review of Stu McLaren’s Tribe Course (Plus Over $10,000 In Bonuses)

Thinking of buying Stu McLaren’s TRIBE? Make sure to read this first. You’ll kick yourself later if you don’t. Full review and $4,781 $10,216 (Updated May 6, 2020 at 1:35pm ET) in bonuses below.

Tribe Course review and bonuses

So…the big question…what’s up with Stu McLaren’s new course, Tribe? I hope this review answers any questions you have.

[LIVE LESSON] My Biggest Affiliate Marketing Secret

I’ve never shared this publicly before, but I just did…and it was AWESOME! I’m revealing my biggest affiliate marketing secret. Something that has made me literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. Something that my students have used to make millions WITHOUT a list or following. This is one live lesson you do not want to miss (I’ll leave it up for a few days only…) Download your free report to follow along.

How To Reduce Refunds In Your Affiliate Promotions [VIDEO]

I recently got an email from Chrissy Johnson asking about return rates on affiliate promotions. Chrissy wanted to know what she could do to reduce her return rates in affiliate promotions. In response to her question, below I share with you 5 ways to reduce returns and effectively increase your commissions by retaining those buyers.

The Rise of YOU – An Interview with Chris Ducker (Part One) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 177

Today I have a special treat…an interview with one of my favorite people in the world…Chris Ducker. His new book, The Rise of the Youpreneur, is destined to be the manifesto for a new breed of independent, creative, business owners. If you want to build a personal brand (or even THINK you might) listen up…Chris will show you how.

Black Friday Sale!!

80% Off Today Through Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving was yesterday. Today is Black Friday, and we have an AMAZING Black Friday deal just for you! Like 80% off – amazing! From Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 27th) we are offering you 80% off an exclusive affiliate marketing training bundle!