Episode 063: What to do When Your Business is at the End of its Rope

Have you ever been told to “keep both eyes on the ball”? A friend of mine said that very thing a while back. His business is struggling and he is battling the constant fight to maintain balance between the future (vision) and the present (day-to-day responsibilities). He, and his business it seemed, was at the end of their ropes.

What to do When Your Business is at the End of its Rope

According the Small Business Administration, almost 90% of all businesses in America fail. My friend was about to become a statistic. In today’s episode I share with you what I shared with him.

While it’s geared towards the struggling entrepreneur, it applies to everyone, whether your business is struggling, wildly successful, or you have no business at all.

The 4 Steps to Post Traumatic Growth | Positive Psychology

Imagine for a moment that you are twenty-two years old, your entire life in front of you…and you’re headed for combat.

Maybe that’s not hard to imagine. You’ve been that kid headed off to war, scared out of your mind, not knowing what lies ahead. Most of us haven’t and we salute you for your service.

Before you go, you meet with a psychologist. It’s normal to do so. Their job is to prepare you for the horrors you’re about to face and, eventually, the return home. The psychologist tells you that when you return, there are only two options:

Return “normal.”

Return with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Post Traumatic Growth PTG Trauma can be a perfect opportunity for growth. Don’t just make a comeback. Use it as a catalyst forward. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

This well-intentioned psychologist has pigeon-holed this impressionable kid into forming only two paths in his mental map, average and bad.

We do the same things to ourselves.