How Successful Marketers Constantly Innovate in 2020

The Affiliate Guy Episode 368

If you are a marketer, you’re an innovator. Plain and simple. All successful marketers are constantly innovating. There are three reasons that marketers are constantly innovating, and in today’s episode, I share those reasons and show you how to innovate more. Listen to this episode and ask yourself what new twist you can put on an old framework in your industry!

The “F” Word – The Most Powerful Lesson I’ve Learned in Business in 2020

The Affiliate Guy Episode 367

Few people in the online marketing space have had a greater impact on my business than Jeff Walker. If you aren’t familiar with Jeff, he is the creator of Product Launch Formula (PLF) and has revolutionized the online marketing world. I owe much of my success in my business to the things that I have learned from Jeff’s course, book, videos, and emails. Today, I share the most powerful lesson I have ever learned from Jeff Walker (and, I promise, it’s not what you think!).

The #1 Key for ANY Business

The Affiliate Guy Episode 361

For the longest time, I ran my business pretty much by the seat of my pants. Maybe you can relate. One of my biggest faults was that I wasn’t CLEAR on who I served. Once I got crystal clear on who I served, business was a heck of a lot easier! I realized later that getting that clarity was by far the #1 key to my success…in fact, nothing else was even CLOSE! If you want that clarity, too, listen up to this episode!

The Toughies Are the Teachers [VIDEO]

Changing Your Customer Service Mindset

What if your most difficult prospects could actually be your most valuable ones as well? In today’s video, I share a recent experience I had that completely changed my mindset for handling difficult customer service interactions.

Life-Changing Trip…And You Get All the Lessons

Binge Listen to the Blackberry Farm Sessions Now

In late March 2019, I spent an amazing four days at Blackberry Farm in the mountains of Tennessee. The trip was a prize for the top affiliates of Michael Hyatt. My wife, Tara, and I spent this time with Michael, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, and their spouses. I left with so many new ideas, strategies, and stories…and I shared them ALL on my podcast.

Below, you can binge-listen to all 12 episodes of “The Blackberry Farm Sessions” now.

Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, and Amy Porterfield at Blackerry Farm