The Toughies Are the Teachers [VIDEO]

Changing Your Customer Service Mindset

What if your most difficult prospects could actually be your most valuable ones as well? In today’s video, I share a recent experience I had that completely changed my mindset for handling difficult customer service interactions.

Life-Changing Trip…And You Get All the Lessons

Binge Listen to the Blackberry Farm Sessions Now

In late March 2019, I spent an amazing four days at Blackberry Farm in the mountains of Tennessee. The trip was a prize for the top affiliates of Michael Hyatt. My wife, Tara, and I spent this time with Michael, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, and their spouses. I left with so many new ideas, strategies, and stories…and I shared them ALL on my podcast.

Below, you can binge-listen to all 12 episodes of “The Blackberry Farm Sessions” now.

Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, and Amy Porterfield at Blackerry Farm

The “DIY” Mindset is KILLING Your Business [VIDEO]

Why You Need to Avoid the DIY Mindset in Your Business

The “DIY” mindset can completely destroy your business. It leads to stress, frustration and ultimately giving up and quitting. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this video, I share WHY the DIY mindset is killing your business, and what you should be doing instead. If you are frustrated with your business, you HAVE to watch this video. If you aren’t frustrated with your business now, make sure you watch it so you don’t get frustrated in the future!

Do For One What You Wish You Could Do For Many [VIDEO]

This Andy Stanley Quote Has Completely Changed My Business!

I heard Andy Stanley tell a story once about buying paper cutters. And in that story, Andy taught a principle that has completely changed my business – “Do for one what you wish you could do for many.” In today’s video, I share that story from Andy Stanley, as well as how you can apply this principle in your life to achieve greater success!

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How I Tripled my Income in 3 Years…After Getting Fired

I still remember the horror, the helplessness, and the hatred I had in my heart. I’d just been fired from a job I hated but felt that I needed to keep. We’d just moved into a new home, with a new mortgage and our six-month-old daughter was asleep upstairs.

How I Tripled my income after getting fired

My first reaction was panic. I was absolutely terrified. New dad, new house, single income.


My next emotion was helplessness. I literally had no idea what to do. Sure, I hated my job. In fact, just the night before, my wife Tara essentially told me I needed to find a new job…or else.