20 Affiliate Program Mistakes that Almost Destroyed Me (Pt 2)

The Affiliate Guy Episode 342

When I started my first affiliate program 15 years ago, I was totally ignorant about how to run an affiliate program. I made a bunch of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons the hard way…and still built a $12.6 million affiliate program in just two years. In the last episode I shared the first 10 mistakes and today I’m sharing mistakes 11-20 so YOU don’t have to make them!

[LIVE LESSON] How to Get Affiliates to Promote More & Go All-In

Do you know what the biggest problem with affiliate programs is? Tell me if this sounds familiar you get an affiliate to sign-up. You go through all the hard work of finding them. You bust your butt communicating with them, getting them to agree to promote, and setting them up and after ALL that they flake out on you and either barely promotes or they don’t promote you AT ALL. That USED to happen to me all the time. But then I learned how to get affiliates not only to sign-up but to fully COMMIT to promoting me and our clients (that really is the key) and now I’m sharing exactly how to get your affiliates to go ALL-IN in this live-lesson.

20 Affiliate Program Mistakes that Almost Destroyed Me (Pt 1)

The Affiliate Guy Episode 341

When I started my first affiliate program back in 2005…I literally knew NOTHING about how to run an affiliate program. Through a LOT of trial and error…and some huge mistakes, I built a $12.6 million affiliate program in the next two years. Some of those mistakes were nearly fatal to our affiliate program (and our business) at the time. The GOOD news for you is that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. In today’s episode, I share the first 10 of 20 mistakes I made in those early years of my first affiliate program.

5 Reasons You NEED an Affiliate Program [Podcast]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 335

Sixteen years ago, my business faced a crisis. Not unlike the situation that so many are facing today. We had a great idea. All the right intentions. We even had the right team in place. But we’d just lost HALF of our money…and we needed a solution. We needed QUICK CASH NOW! Our solution was an affiliate program…one that grew that brought in $12.6 million in only its second year. Today, I share 5 reasons why YOU need an affiliate program right now!

How to Dramatically Boost Your Sales with Affiliate Leaderboards

The Affiliate Guy Episode 324

I received an email the other day asking if affiliate leaderboards actually work? Do they really motivate affiliates to promote more and do they result in more sales? Well, today I share exactly why they are one of the best tools for an affiliate program to use…and how to use them to boost your affiliate sales!

7 Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Affiliates to Go All-In

How to Get Them to Promote More Often, Send More Emails, and Fully Commit to Your Launches

So you’ve got your affiliates lined up for your next big product launch or promotion. Now what? Getting a certain number of affiliates to mail once or twice for your promotion is one thing, but getting them to send an extra two, three, or even FIVE more emails than they planned is what will take your affiliate program to the next level.  Today I am going to share seven guaranteed ways to get your affiliates to promote more often, send more emails, and go ALL-IN promoting you.

How to get affiliates to promote more and send more emails

Promoting Online Courses with JV Partners (Part 2) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 297

PART TWO: Devin Slavin interviewed me for his Online Course Creation Summit and I shared how you can sell more online courses with JV Partners (Affiliates). In the second part of this two-part interview, I share the exact strategies we use to find, recruit, and motivate affiliates for our clients and our own products.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing