This might sound weird, but there’s likely something holding you back in your business that you haven’t thought about. Or maybe you think about it every day. Maybe it consumes your thoughts and energy and you know it’s holding you back…but you’ve never done anything to address it. Well, today is that day.

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The Surprising Thing That Might be Holding Your Business Back

This might sound weird, but there’s likely something holding you back in your business that you haven’t thought about. Or maybe you think about it every single day.

Maybe it consumes your thoughts and your energy and you know it’s holding you back, but you’ve never done anything to address it. Well, today is that day.

Welcome to the Affiliate Guy Podcast. If you want to grow your income, serve your tribe, and enjoy all the benefits of affiliate marketing and having your own affiliates, you’re in the right place. Thanks for joining me today. Let’s get started.

So this is not a typical episode. Not a typical episode. Today the surprising thing that might be holding you back in your business. What the heck is that? What could possibly be holding your business back that you don’t know? And as I said at the beginning, maybe you do know. Maybe you’re like me and you knew it and you knew it for years and years and years and it consumed your thoughts every single day. And yet you didn’t solve the problem.

I want to be clear that today’s episode is not for everyone, but I promise you that you know someone that this episode is for. So I want you to do yourself a favor. Do a friend a favor. And if you know someone, just give me three minutes. Let me tell you what this episode is about. And if you know someone, I want you to share this with them.

I want you to send them a text, send them an email, Facebook message, whatever, and just share this episode with them. Because we’re going to be talking about the wait, today, W-E-I-G-H-T. I’ve got a special guest on today named Alan Thomas. You may know him. He’s been on before talking about his affiliate strategies and what he’s done to attract good partners. And we’re actually going to be talking again with him in a few months because he took an idea of mine and added just a little extra layer to it. And I was like, “oh my gosh, that is amazing.” Like when he said it, I was like, “dude, that is a seven-figure idea by itself.”

You got to share this. So he’s going to come on in a few minutes and share that. But his story is he went from 304 pounds down to 175 pounds in less than a year. And he has kept it off now for six, seven years. I know for me, over the past three years, you may have noticed that I have radically changed physically. And this all happened because of Alan and his rethink dieting program. And the results speak for themselves.

If you’ve seen the before and after pictures, we affectionately refer to the left side as the Bee sting picture because my friend Hunter said it looks like you got stung by a hive of bees. And the thing is, this is why I say it’s holding you back in your business. After working with Alan on this one area, my business has improved dramatically.

Yeah, I owe Alan my life. I don’t mean this to be hyperbole, but the statistics show that COVID the number one risk factor is obesity. Well, I got coveted a year or so ago. What would have happened if I’d been still obese? Might it have killed me? It took me down for two weeks. It was pretty bad. Might it have killed me? I don’t know. I’d like to think it wouldn’t have. But you know what? I’m going to give Alan some credit and say it certainly made it better.

It made me able to beat it. Like a week after I got over it, I was fine. I was back to normal, but I was low energy when I was a lot heavier. I was worried about how I looked on stage and how I looked on camera. And ultimately, since working with him, my business has grown dramatically. I feel better. We’ll talk about that.

My relationships are better, my family is better. My future is brighter. What he shares today works. If you think it might be holding you back or you go, you know what? “Hang it, Matt. You’re right. That’s something that’s been holding me back. I didn’t even think about it. That’s what’s been holding me back.” What he shares today works. If you know it’s been holding you back, then what he shares today works.

The time for this to be something that’s holding you back. Like it held me back for years. It stops now. I truly believe this is the 486 episode. Go back ten episodes and whatever the heck I talked about there go up to seven episodes. I talked to a thing or five or six or whatever. I talked about how to decide to accept an affiliate. Could that help you? Absolutely. Can that help your business? No doubt.

I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t, but do I think it was going to be transformative to your life? I don’t. Indirectly, maybe. But this today could transform your life. So listen up with an open mind. If you say, “Matt, you know what? I’m as healthy as I can possibly be. Weight has never been an issue.” That’s awesome. But you know somebody; you know somebody that this episode could completely transform their lives and transform their future.

So share it with them. Share it with them, will you? What Alan shares today works. It will work for you. If this is you, it will work for your friend or your family member. So share it with them and listen up here to Alan Thomas.

Matt: Alan, welcome.

Alan: Thank you, Matt. Glad to be here, man.

Matt: So this is like we’re turning the tables. Normally you’re the host, you host our lives, and then all of a sudden now I’m hosting you, which is kind of cool. And this is not the first time we’ve done this, I think have you been on the podcast, is this your second or third time?

Alan: It’s the second time.

Matt: Second time. Yeah, So last time we talked about a strategy that you got from us, from me, that you’ve used to really grow your business and in terms of affiliates and actually you were sharing with me before you went live, you got another strategy that we’re going to share. So I’m just going to tee that one up.

Sometime in the next few months, Alan is going to share something is going to blow your minds, guys. So here’s my advice. Hit subscribe and then make sure you check out every Tuesday. Every Tuesday morning, we release a new episode. So make sure you’re checking those out, because what Alan is going to share is something that I shared with him privately that I have never shared, not once we’re here.

We’re close to 500 episodes, and I’ve never shared it publicly. So if that’s not enough to tease out, I’ll let that one go. But we’re talking today about the surprising thing that holds you back in your business. And I said before we went live when I was introducing the episode that this episode is not for everyone.

There’s a pretty good chance, though, that we all know someone. It’s kind of like if you’re talking about cancer, you may never have cancer, and I hope you never do. Statistically speaking, if you’re a normal person with a few friends, you know somebody who has cancer or has just recently gotten over cancer.

Unfortunately, we have a family who just passed away from cancer. We all know somebody. And what we’re talking about today is kind of in that same category. So my advice would be if you’re starting to listen to this as we get into it and you go, this is not for me. I want you to shift gears for just a moment and think, who is this for? Just think, who is this for? Who do I need to share this with? And if you think of somebody, then don’t fiddle around with that.

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Just send off a quick text, send it to them, tell them about it, and share it with them. Because statistically this is going to affect about half the population. What we’re talking about today, is 50% of people who work in retail. That’s 50% of entrepreneurs. That’s 50% of people who make $100,000 a year and 50% of people who make 50. It’s 50% of teachers and 50% of engineers. Right? This is 50% of pretty much everybody.

Certainly, there’s a little bit of variance there. But most people, about half the people we know in this episode is going to impact them dramatically. But we’re going to come at it from the angle of entrepreneurs, business owners, and my audience. Aspiring entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, etc. And this thing that’s holding them back is something that held me back for a long time, Alan, which was my weight. Very interesting.

It wasn’t my intelligence, it wasn’t my know-how. It wasn’t a lack of affiliates or lack of a business plan or even money. It was my weight. So I’m going to talk about that. The big question, of course, is how in the heck can weight hold you back in business? So I’m going to let you talk about that for a little bit. We’ll kind of go back and forth on that and then we’ll see where this goes because I just want to preface again by saying I believe wholeheartedly this might be the most important episode that we’ve ever done in terms of lifelong impact to everyone who listens.

So let’s start there. How in the heck does weight hold you back in business? I have some thoughts I don’t want to hear from you.

Alan:   Well, it is the big question so many people when you start talking about weight and you and I both have our weight loss stories, I mean, that’s how we met when I reached out to you that day in June of 2019. But at the end of the day, it’s not just your health that clearly is important.

I’ve narrowed this down to five different areas that really do impact, but you think about it somebody who, and by the way, it’s more like 70 plus percent of your audience is 50% or obese. 70% of overweight is very likely and number one It’s just the simple piece. It affects your energy. That’s something people kind of expect. But if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot of work to do and you’ve got things to go. It is not for the faint of heart.

When you start thinking about coaching, you start thinking about affiliate marketing, you start thinking about doing launches all these things. It is a big amount of energy that you need. And if you’re carrying around 25, 50,100, 200 pounds of excess weight, are you kidding me? It is a massive blow to your business. You can ignore it and talk about it like I did for so many years. That’s what led to me being over 300 pounds.

I ignored it for all those years because it was so common. But at the end of the day, the energy component, it’s like this morning I’m up early and I’m biking and Angie and I are biking. We do it every day. We’re going to bike again this afternoon, we decided we’re going to do it again because the weather is beautiful in Florida right now.

It’s two times a day, but your motion drives your emotions too. And we’ve all heard that at some level. And if you can’t get out of bed because of the extra 25, 50, 100 pounds, if your body aches, that’s the simple one. That’s the one I think everybody who’s listing was expecting me to say first, most likely, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. That’s the part that everybody expects. Like I said, go ahead.

Matt: I think it’s expected. I think it’s obvious. I mean, I don’t think anybody is listening to this conversation and “Wah..! Carrying extra weight lowers energy.” But there’s more to it than that. And I can attest to this, I mean sleep. It’s very interesting when you have not just the weight but the physical shape. I noticed like my hip pain is dramatically lower. And as you know, I haven’t actually lost an astronomical amount of weight because I put on a lot of muscle.

Alan:   But you lost a ton of fat though.

Matt: But the weight that was on my knees because I stand, I mean, how about energy? I just remember at the end of the day, 4 o’clock, I would just be like my knees would hurt. Now there are days where from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed, I sit for less than 90 minutes. Half of that’s in a car, driving to kids, soccer, or something.

Even today, like, as much as I wanted to, I actually didn’t sit. And I know this isn’t healthy, but I didn’t sit down for lunch because I was making something else and I was in a hurry. And it used to be like, oh, lunch, I get to sit down, but you sleep better. And I’ve noticed that while this isn’t for everyone, I wake up after six and a half to 7 hours of sleep, perfectly refreshed versus before seven and a half to eight. And kind of like a little bit on the sluggish, like why? Because I’m sleeping better. And so we go, okay, what is that?

Like if you can get an hour less of sleep and still have the same energy and I’ve shown, like, no negative rep. I’m not purposely sleeping an hour less, I’m just waking up. I’m like, oh, it’s time to wake up. My body is saying I’m done with the sleeping thing versus before because I was up during the night and I was uncomfortable. And I mean, it sounds crazy, but literally rolling over would wake me up because I was rolling over 280 pounds. I tried doing that if, you know, it’s tough. And now I roll over and I don’t even know it. So I’m waking up an hour earlier.

Well, I mean, practically speaking, that’s an hour more to do the things that I want to do or need to do, whether that be work-related or whatever it is. And so I think there are aspects to the energy side that we don’t necessarily account for. I think the other thing about just carrying that less weight, even the very as simple as it is if you’re doing anything physical and it could be just going to the mailbox and back.

I’m not saying I was never thankfully that bad. Like where I was like, “Oh, gosh, I don’t know if I can go to the mailbox and back.” But I’ve noticed it is less. It’s considerably less going for a six or seven-mile walk with the family. I’m like, whatever, because it used to be like, at the end, my feet hurt and so there are all those factors. But I would say the biggest one that most people don’t think about is the sleep side, because either you will sleep better, which means you can sleep less or you will sleep better, which just means you’re getting more sleep actually asleep.

Alan:   Yeah. You bring up a great point. I had sleep apnea when I wore one of those Darth Vader masks every night when I went to bed because of my obesity. It was so interesting. When I lost 129 pounds, the side effect to sleep apnea is stopping breathing. Just let’s be clear, that means death. And so it’s a big, big deal. And while everybody that has sleep apnea and I’m no doctor, I’m just a guy that failed miserably with my weight.

I’m not trying to give any medical advice here, but at the end of the day, my doctor took me off of my sleep apnea machine. He just said you can throw that thing away. Now that you’ve gotten rid of all that weight and changed the sleep. Here’s what’s interesting too. And this is something that you brought up a great point about sleep.

When you have energy, when you’re able to sleep, all that goes together. But it also keeps you out of this vicious circle of needing a stress relief. If you’re highly stressed, don’t have energy, can’t sleep, you end up reaching for your drug of choice, which the drug of choice for most people that are overweight is junk food, whatever it is, or just more food. And they continue mounting on the problem, which is what I did for decades. So the energy piece is huge, but it really leads to the next piece, which is the middle (inaudible).

Matt: Before we get into that one, I don’t want to gloss over two things. No number 129 pounds. I want to get back to that in just a second, then we’ll get back on track. But sleep up in a deadly condition. It can be. And at that time, and I’m not disagreeing with, okay, the doctor’s saying, here’s the thing, we don’t want you to die right now. But if you think about the extremes that people go to, there’s a meme that I pulled up, I was looking for it because I remembered seeing this. And there’s this lady with her hand in her head and the doctor says, you have a disease caused by your diet. Lady says, Should I change my diet? And the doctor says, not at all.

Here’s a pill and the extremes that we’ll go to bed wearing a mask. Man was not meant to go to bed wearing a mask. Now, are there some people who get sleep apnea when they’re perfectly normal weight? Absolutely. But you had a problem that had and I’m not saying easy, but a simple solution. And then rather than do that, we will put on masks and we will take pills. I know a guy, a family member, I’m not judging him, but he went into a full panic attack the other day because he had forgotten his diabetes medication. His diabetes.

His doctor says this is not genetic diabetes. There are people who have that. I’m not judging. Yes, his is 100% because he’s about 90 pounds of overweight. And the attitude that he had freaked out about that while drinking a milkshake. I’m not exaggerating and I’ve been there. I’m not judging him. I was sad. I was just sad because I’m going, “Oh, my God, you should be freaking about out what you’re putting in your mouth right now whether or not you forgot a bottle of pills.” Alan:   Matt, here’s the thing for your listeners, your weight could be costing you a fortune in your business, you could be costing you a fortune. It’s not whether you might not have type two. I didn’t have any of that yet. I had the sleep apnea, but I was of the mental condition that I was healthy, just went to sleep at because I didn’t have type two diabetes yet.

I didn’t have high blood pressure yet, I didn’t have high cholesterol yet, and I didn’t have a heart condition yet. But at the end of the day, it was costing me a fortune in my energy. It was costing me a fortune in that. Because you know this. I mean, you’ve got an amazing business and you were on your way to have an amazing business even though you carried a lot of extra weight. But could you have sustained the business with the energy level you had before is my question?

Matt: No, and I honestly don’t know about that, Alan. I had a level of success. But actually, if you look back a lot of that, what got me to the point where I could kind of be in that position was actually before the wait. And if you look at what’s happened since then, I should just look at triple the number of team members, not since it started, but since it got to the more of the maintenance position.

We’ve tripled the number of members, our team members, our revenue last year we hit our we hit our yearly revenue goal by end of July. This year, we set a pretty ambitious one. And I think, I honestly think we could hit it before October. We could hit it before Q4. Well, those are the things that are happening. The number of clients that we work with a schedule, that I maintain.

If I were to have tried to have maintained this schedule, excuse me. And I’m not advocating like work yourself to death. That’s just it. I’m working more. I work roughly eight to eight and a half hours per day, most weeks, five days a week, 40 42 hours a week is my typical work schedule. Occasionally a little bit more when I’ve got like a book or something casually a little bit less, and then I take plenty of time off. I take about six weeks of vacation a year. I’m not advocating that you work yourself to death. It’s just that in those 8 hours, I’m accomplishing what used to take me a day and a half so I don’t have to work 60 hours.

In fact, if I work 42 hours compared to what I used to work because I’ve always been pretty good about managing my time and not overworking. I am a workaholic, but I’ve been good about managing it. But I used to work 50 hours a week, but now I work 40 to 42 and I get 60 hours comparably done, which means I’m working 10 hours less than getting 10 hours more done. How is that even possible? It goes back to, well, it goes into, first of all, the energy. But also the second thing that I know you already said, I do want to just park real quick at 129 pounds.

You didn’t have diabetes, you had to wear a mask at night. My understanding is it was probably annoying for the first couple of weeks, but eventually, it became like the crack in the mirror that you just no longer even noticed and you were fine. So that wasn’t a big motivator. What was the motivator to go from 300 plus pounds down to 175?

Alan:   Well, I mean, really mad. It was never about health and I wanted good help. But what it was about is when I stepped on the scale in 2017 on March 2. I have been in the life insurance business, mainly dealing with the senior market that’s men and women over the age of 65 selling better insurance had a team of agents. And you’re familiar with the insurance industry.

I stood on the scale. I didn’t weigh very often back then. I stood on that scale and I saw 300 pounds for the first time. It was 304 to be exact. It ran through my mind that I was 55 years old at the time, that the odds of me making it to 65 were almost zero. And if I didn’t change, even though I didn’t have it. And here’s what I meant. It meant three things. It meant my family would be going on without me my wife would likely be remarried.

I’d be known as the first husband because I couldn’t put down the stinking fork. But it also meant that all these hopes and dreams that I had because I had hopes and dreams of coaching, I didn’t know I was going to be a weight loss coach in a million years. That was the last thing on my mind. But all these hopes and dreams of coaching, of having an impact, of building a legacy, would be gone because I could not put down my fork. And that was it. When people think a diet starts with that, you have to start a diet with a food plan. That’s not true.

You start the diet like you start a business with. what the heck are you doing it? And when the wide is big enough, the how-to shows up and 260 days later accomplish something I haven’t been able to accomplish in 30 plus years. In probably five dozen diets, six dozen diets, I lost count. You name it, I’ve done it. And by the way, I use the nutrition strategy and exercise strategy.

I’d failed on about six or seven times before. But you said something, too, earlier. I want to piggyback on something you said. You talk about the six weeks of time you get off. I don’t believe you could take that six weeks off if you didn’t have the energy during the week that you thought, absolutely not. You’re able to be a coach for your kids’ soccer team. You’re able to do all these extra things because you’re able to accomplish so much in the time. So it’s not just financial abundance. It’s also family abundance that you get.

Matt: Yeah. Just to be clear, I started coaching when I was obese, but it was always a struggle because we’d have to live here. And I never had enough time. I used to work three, or four nights a week for an hour. Last night, the extent of the work I put in was I answered a question for my wife because she was working because she home schools during the day and works a little bit at night. She asked me a question.

Very rarely do I work at night. It is literally to the tune of ten days a year, typically with big launches, big client launches, and it’s predetermined. I can’t tell you the last time I hit 05:00 and went, “oh, no, I still have to work tonight.” That doesn’t happen anymore. In fact, the most common thing to be going on since I hit 4:40 and go, kind of done.

Sometimes I’ll look at my next day and go, if they’re like, let’s play it safe. I’ll flip to the next day and go, you know what? There’s that thing I need to do tomorrow that only takes about ten minutes. I’ll do it now. But sometimes I’m like, I’m done. And I’ll just go upstairs and it’s 4:40 and I’m like, well, who wants to go for a walk? Let’s take the dog out. Let’s do something.

That is a cool thing. And you’re right, there’s no way to take six weeks off. That actually has nothing to do with Laziness. It has to do with the fact, honestly, I just don’t need to work for six weeks and I can recharge my batteries and I can do like that. ADHD kicks in, of course. And for me, as much as I love occasionally going to Florida and just sitting in a hot tub for hours at a time, usually my vacation still involves, like, some sort of project, so they’re not lazy.

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It’s just that I completely disengage from work. But I want to go back to that second thing we talked about, energy. The second thing you said was mental clarity. Tell us about that.

Alan:   Yeah, well, the energy and the mental clarity go hand in hand when you’re carrying extra weight and you’re not able to sleep as easily and you’re carrying extra pounds.

I mean, just imagine taking a 20 or 30 or 50 or 100-pound dumbbell and put it in a backpack and carrying that all day, every single place you go, and it pulls the energy down, which goes into your mental clarity, because that’s all you’re thinking about, too, by the way, people who struggle with weight, like I did, how many times a day, Matt, before you got fit, were you thinking about your weight?

Matt: Yeah. And then add on to that. Like I said, thinking about knee pain and ankle pain and I had severe plantar fasciitis. What healed it was some treatment and some stretching. But what kept it away is the fact that I’m not putting 70 pounds of downforce on my plantar fascia all the time now. And certainly, the strength and things like that down there have helped. But yes, all those things like when you have plantar fasciitis, anybody who knows what it’s like, it’s just like any injury, you’re thinking about it constantly.

There’s no amount of pain like Advil, no amount of rubs that would make the pain completely go away. And it’s just like a really annoying if you ever had a cricket. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a cricket get into your office, but we played a prank on one of our CFO. This was back in 2007. And we put a little cricket thing, fake cricket in his office. Absolutely drove him nuts. And it was random. Like, it would go off, like completely random intervals, but we could also control it with a little quicker.

So it was like you could change the thing and it would go off periodically, but then we would actually move it around. Like, we go into his office every day or two and move it to a different location. And then we actually, finally, after months of this, no exaggeration months, we put it in the conference room where we were having a meeting.

He’s like, it followed me in here and finally, we finally went over and picked it up and told him about it, but it’s that kind of thing. I’m just thinking, how much did that prank as funny as it was, how much money did that cost us as a company? Probably tens of thousands of dollars. And it was worth every month because we were distracting him.

That’s the same thing. It’s like if you’ve ever had that annoying sound, you don’t get used to it. It’s not like a humm in the background that you finally just drown out. It’s always there. It’s always there. Whether it be the pain, whether it be just thinking about it. I remember very vividly I’ll share a true confession about where I’m standing right now. I actually stand about two inches closer to three inches closer to my desk than I used to because there’s no gut there anymore.

There were times where I’d be like here and it’d be like I’d bump into it and I’m like, oh, and you think, oh whoops you do your stomach bumped into the desk, but it was like, reminder, it an hour later it would happen again and I would feel bad about myself and then I’m not thinking about what I’m supposed to be thinking about. I’d sink into a little bit of a depression.

Alan:   And when you go from a 42 to 34 or below a 34, whatever you ended up at, it’s huge. But it does speak also to the clarity. Here’s what’s so crazy is that most people that I work with this, was myself. I don’t know if it’s you Matt in this particular situation, but we don’t have the mental clarity because we like sleep, we like the energy.

We’re distracted by all this. And then what do we do? We go reach for two candy bars because we think it’ll make us feel better. And we add to the problem, it becomes the circle of insanity that goes on just it’s so much like the frog and the boiling pot. If you put a frog in hot water, a hot pot will jump right out, but you bring the temperature up slowly but surely, he’ll bowl himself to death without getting out. And it’s the same thing.

The clarity in the mind share really the third thing, this is to me, really one of the biggest. And we talk about distraction. But the mental clarity in this third point of mind sharing and distraction that obesity and overweight has is just mind-boggling. I mean, you think of the number of times that you walk into a business meeting, even if you’re on Zoom.

I mean, you’re on Zoom and you’re trying to hide your extra weight. You’re trying to hide something. That energy that you’re expending, all these ties together, you’re using energy because your mind is being shared with that cricket. I love that story, by the way, with that cricket that just keeps showing up. But this particular situation you’re thinking about, you may not be worried about what other people think of you, but most people, at some level, I mean, how many times have your listeners struggled with the weight? Have they been in a business meeting, wondered if they didn’t get the deal because of their weight, wonder if it spoke to because I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of men and women that this comes up a lot.

There’s actually, from a Jov perspective, there are 49 States that can discriminate against obesity. Michigan is the one that can’t that has a law on the books. 49 other States can discriminate against it. So whether it’s legal discrimination or something, that is just somebody looks at who was like, they looked at me and said, well, I wonder if that guy is really disciplined.

Matt: I would have said that about myself. So if there’s a project that needs to get done, it’s due to the client at 07:00 p.m.. And what that means is for the next six and a half hours, we all have to be just head down.

That guy is obese. I’m going to discriminate against him. I’m saying this about myself. Okay? So I’m not speaking to anybody, just to be clear. And I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m being insensitive, but if I didn’t have the discipline to not eat an entire bag of chips on the couch in front of the TV at night, am I going to have the discipline for one day out of every six months when I have to just put my head down and work for six and a half hours with a quick bathroom break halfway through or in all sorts and Am I going to get hungry at 04:00 p.m.? Am I going to get hungry or am I just not going to have the discipline? I would imagine I’m going to throw this out because again, there is a discipline angle there perceptual sure.

I would be willing to bet that if you predicted someone’s ability to show up on time. I don’t know if there’s a statistic that shows that obese people are overweight. People show up late more. I don’t know if that exists. But I bet perceptually we judge people differently.

When somebody shows up late, that’s carrying an extra 80 pounds versus somebody who shows up late. That is average weight, right? There are all those things. It’s just reality. I’ve said this to you. It’s hard. When I was 280, some odd pounds, 286 I think at my peak, it’s hard not to look sobbingly. There’s nothing I could do to look good.

Alan:   It sounds like we’re fetched. We’re not fetched.

Matt: Exactly. That’s just reality. What I’m saying is I want to make something very clear on that. Because I’ve been there, done. No, my point is that the world like we talk about it, whether it’s getting a job or getting a deal or videos on YouTube. That is the reality. This isn’t about whether or not that’s right or not. But I know I’ll put it into perspective.

There are people that came into interviews back in the day and they smell like cigarette smoke. My view of that is clear I don’t think anybody reaches a certain I think when you’re like 17 years old and you’re like, oh, I look cool, right? If you’re 35 and still think you look cool smoking a cigarette, you’re an idiot. So if you’re listening right now and you’re 35 and you smoke, I think you look like a moron.

I’m sorry, you can just stop listening. I don’t really care. Went out and said, that’s great, just lost like one listener who cares. Alright, my point, there is nobody at 35 who thinks they look cool because they’re smoking. They’re smoking because they’re addicted. Okay, I’m judging you as an interviewer.

As a business owner, I am judging you going, alright, so again, if we got to push through in an office building or even in just wherever and I need you to maybe you smoke, but you go outside and smoke. You don’t smoke in your house. Okay, good for you. Whatever. What does that mean? That every hour you have to take a break. Now we have to push through this. It’s doing six and a half hours.

Everybody has to be head down working, you know because you’re on our team. I don’t treat our team like that. But about once a year we do have to get something done and it’s all hands on deck and we have to be head down. I don’t need somebody who has to take a smoke break every hour.

I’m judging that person who smells like I’m judging the person who comes into the office and has a ketchup stain on their shirt. Because I will tell you right now when I was interviewing for jobs back in a long time, but 2008, nine, when I would go to job interviews and I knew I was going to be eating, you better bet that I had an extra shirt in my car. What does that show me? You didn’t prepare. Again life happens, right?

If somebody sideswiped you at an intersection and you’re late. I understand. But we’re judging people based on those things. It hurts you. It impacts you big time.

Alan: Well, you said a couple of things that the discipline factor is we cannot hide it. I mean, this is the one area of our lives a smoker might be able to hide it in most situations. I’m in certain situations, but you cannot hide this. And I love a quote, Byron Katie, that she said that “I don’t argue with reality.

I choose not to argue with reality because I lose, but I only lose 100% of the time.” I love that end because we argue with reality as though people don’t realize that this is a real problem. But when you start lifting up the hood and saying, where is this costing you and your business? It’s astronomical what it costs. And I’m not just talking the help costs.

The health costs are huge. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing. I mean, you can’t be with your family, you can’t make money, you can’t build a life-changing business. You can’t do all of those things. But it really just speaks to the fact that do you really want to be a leader? And that’s really my fourth piece. If you really want to be a leader, you’ve got a lead from the front.

Matt: I want to go back real quick. Just to be clear, what was number three?

Alan:   Mindshare distracting, having that distraction of the weight they all tie together and inter meant to. But you’ve got that distraction. You’ve got that the cricket in the office. But it pulls from the leadership side, too, because I think everybody listening here at some level wants to be a leader.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have signed up to be a leader. There’s no question whether you have a team of one yourself or whether you have a team of thousands that are working with you. But at the end of the day, if you want to lead, you’ve got to lead from the front and if you’ve got a situation that you’re dealing with your weight, is it possible to lose weight? Well, there’s probably like one 10th of 1%, there’s some disease out there that you cannot lose weight, but everybody else is possible for okay? And so if we choose not to have that discipline and it is a choice, it shows and we miss out on being a leader and being able to attract the kind of people that I was telling you this story recently, one of my clients who he’s not in sales.

He’s with an international hotel chain. Okay, he’s not in sales. But guess what? Since he dropped 135 pounds they created a term for him and he’s still going by the way.

His company has created a name, a verb out of his name, literally, they call it because of his tenacity and his committedness commitment, rather. But he also was also so interested. Interesting is he’s now one of their top sales guys and he doesn’t work in sales.

He’s attracting people around him in a different way. And it is so interesting. He came to me and he said, Allen, because I told him crazy stuff would happen. But I wanted just to be him to tell me what happened because it’s really the biggest joy I get in my business. And he said people are coming to me.

They just all of a sudden want to know what I think. All of a sudden this is a very humble, soft spoken individual. He’s not a boisterous, out loud guy, but he won the largest award that his company offers. And it was never been given to the division that he’s in because he’s leading. And the CEO of this company is recognizing his job change.

One of the ladies that we work with, she just got a job with arguably the most recognizable name, one of the two or three most recognizable names out there in business. I won’t say it because for Privacy sake for her, but she’s lost £20. She has a lot more weight to go. But all of a sudden she’s seen as this leader now that she wasn’t seen as before because she’s doing something about it.

So hint to everybody listening, you’ll get benefit before you get all the weight off the benefits I want to talk about because I don’t think he would mind the guy that you were just talking about. I don’t think you’d mind if he said his name, would he? I want to go back to something that you talked about earlier with the plans. Right. And it’s just such an amazing story with Sean, £135. Just tell us about him real quick because this is a guy that was successful in business.

He’s an employee, but he was successful in business, if I remember, like morbidly obese to the point of some serious health challenges. So tell us about that story real quick. Yeah. He had struggled with his weight. Shawn and I actually met online. He came to me through an ad that I ran. And Ironically, his parents live a mile from me, which is so crazy. So that’s just how things work out sometimes. But he came to me for help. And when he came to me, it was five years after he slipped and fell on black ice up at Niagara Falls.

He had a back injury. He ate his weight to about £450. And he was in a wheelchair if he had to walk more than 10ft. He was one of those guys, but he just had to he couldn’t even move. And he’s a very soft spoken, humble guy. But it’s just so interesting with Sean. Everybody thinks it’s about this magical diet. We’re all looking for it because I was looking for one. I mean, are some diets better than others? Probably so. But here’s what’s interesting.

The old Skills diet is not good. Yeah, that’s the one. We’re going to work on that one next tried it didn’t work. But what was so interesting about Sean? This really speaks to anything as possible. He’d never been on a diet, but I have a belief I never tell my clients what to eat or what exercise to do. And he said, but Allen, what am I going to eat? When we first started working together, I said, well, if your wife and two children, they’re life was on the line. And you had to lose £1 and you had to lose it in a healthy way.

You couldn’t cut off a body part, you couldn’t stop eating, and you had to lose £1 in the next week. What would you do? And Shawn is real soft-spoken. And he said, maybe I could eat less. I said, that’s where you start. And he just started. And what was so crazy is the weight began falling off. But as it fell off, his career started skyrocketing. He’s over 300 right now, and he’s going to £190. And if you ask Sean, if you don’t believe Sean’s going to 100 and 9185, whatever it is, pounds, just ask him. He’ll tell you to watch him.

He’s going and he’s riding his bike. He doesn’t use a wheelchair, hadn’t used it in gosh months and months. He’s walking 8 miles. He’s doing all this stuff, but he’s living again. And this is the thing to get. He not only increased his personal energy and increased his attractiveness kind of energy, you know, the people you want to be around, I mean, they have this energy about them. That’s what we all want.

We want to be attractive in that way, not from a beauty standpoint, but just from attractive way. He’s attracted crowds. He did a LinkedIn post that got half a million hits, but it’s crazy. But it all started with a decision and it led to now he’s a leader. He didn’t see himself as a leader. I mean, he did literally. The CEO is following him on some of the stuff, too, of his company. He’s told stories. It’s just so neat to listen to it. And I think part of the power in that is put him in a position to kind of own his health. That’s certainly a big part of it.

When I hear a story like him, first of all, it’s inspiring and we see all that. I think it’s a lot more visible with somebody like that because for me, it wasn’t a matter of like, yeah, I saw myself in a negative light, but I know other people probably saw like guys kind of chubby, but, you know, it wasn’t like the, you know, I didn’t walk into a room barely able to do anything. I didn’t go halfway up the steps and go. So it wasn’t that right. And the reality is, like, a lot of my blood work was pretty good.

It wasn’t great. It was pretty good. And I was still under 40, so I had all those things. It’s like I remember one of my friends, Hunter Ingram, we played College golf together, and he was playing in a tournament with his later with his former coach was there not the coach that we played together, but his University of Memphis before. And this coach came up to, man, wow, Hunter, you put on a little weight there. And he goes, yes, coach, you’re 40 years older. That gives me 40 more years to lose it.

You’re going to be dead. You’re going to be dead soon. Tell me what you think. The coach was like 70 years old, and it was just one of those things like, yeah, we have that philosophy like, oh, we got time. I’m only 38 at the time. I got time. But I think one of the important things about Shawn’s story, well, I could eat less great. That’s our starting point. That’s our starting point.

We don’t need to know the perfect things. There are different. Part of that comes from experimentation, in my opinion, is what’s going to work best for you. We all have different dietary needs. You and I talked about it like I had a specific diet that I did follow for a while. It worked, and then I had to change it for some medical reasons. I won’t get into that, but I didn’t let that be an excuse.

Did it make it a little bit more challenging? I would say for a period of time, it did. It made it more challenging because I was so comfortable in what I was doing and my body took time to adjust. But it’s like I just said, no, the change in this to add a few things and take a few things away and altered. At no point was that a license for me to just pop open a bag of chips at 11:00 at night and stuff my face with them.

At no point was that an invitation for me to eat four cupcakes. That was not what it was. That was not the change in the diet. Effectively. The change was I just had to eat a lot more fiber. It wasn’t a big deal. Here’s what happened. Your identity changed. That was the thing I wrote down. I wrote down and circled right on my notes here, identity.

Is that number five? Is that number five? No, it’s not number five speaks to it, but it really is. Your identity has changed. And this is what I work with so many people about. And I’m going to give you another example of a guy who’s equally inspiring, Sean. Now he’s retired. He came to him at 70 years old. He’s got two fused vertebrae, walks with a Walker.

So he’s got one of those walkers that has tennis balls at the end and he’s the first guy that I’d ever met that was over 65 that had more than £100 to lose. He weighed £354 when he came to me and I just talked to him this morning and he’s like 280 right now and he couldn’t even now people say, oh, I got to exercise. Well, that’s better.

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I want you to exercise and he plans to one day. But there’s always a way for the committed. And now he’s believing that he planned positively is going to under 200. There’s no way he won’t. He knows how to do it. He’s figured it out. But his identity has changed. His whole. And the fifth one is confidence because it sounds so overused, but it’s really not.

When you look at the amount of confidence that you pick up, when you just get going in the right direction, you get momentum. I mean, you don’t have to lose every pound that once you get it, you step into this version of yourself that it’s like I was talking about Sean. He’s walking into meetings.

All of a sudden people just want to be around because they see this confidence that wasn’t there before. He’s changed his whole identity. And I talk a lot about superheroes to the people in our program and the rethink dieting program. But at the end of the day, the confidence that you gain is priceless from a business standpoint.

I want you just to think about this for a minute. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re trying to become a successful thought leader, affiliate, marketer, whatever that is, if you lack confidence, if you waiver on this one, oh, man, life gets really hard to make it. So it could be costing you your dream. That’s my point.

Without the confidence that you get, it could be costing you your dream. What’s that worth? How much money is that is on the table when you talk about your dream and people say, oh, it’s just wait, I’ll do it later. But you said it over and over. Later might not happen. I mean, literally, the lady was talking about they got hurt by the major corporations.

She had a heart attack at 47. 50% of the people that have a first time heart attack don’t wake up. She was one of the lucky ones. Now she’s a single mom by the way too, and she’s winning and so who. And it could be £20. That is all it takes. I know one of the men that I worked with, £21 all he had to lose, but it was stopping him.

He just quit a very successful career in public education and he stepped into a dream that he’s had for years and leaning into it in a way that is amazing to watch. And he joined a band. I actually had people join a band. What is it costing that confidence? Oh, man, it’s such a big one. I mean, I could park there for 2 hours.

Well, I mean, it’s above and beyond, just appearance and things. Like I told you, one of the things that I love is like the identity. There’s just something about it. The word I’m looking for eloquent better. What I’m trying to say, I can’t. It’s an identity that identity changes. It’s like I remember in 7th grade, about a month into 7th grade, I’d grown up with a single mom.

I often joke we lived on the right side of the tracks, but she had to work three jobs just to keep us barely there. I could see the tracks from my bedroom window. I never lived in a house until I got married. Well, let’s just say I lived in a house when I was up until two years old. I always lived in apartments or trailers. And then later I lived in nicer apartments in a nicer trailer.

Then eventually I lived in a trailer on land that’s when you really know you made it when you grew up in kind of a redneck. But anyway, there’s another trailer for half a mile away. And I grew up with a single mom. And then I moved to live with my dad. And one of the things that happened as I was growing up was I was exposed to kind of both sides. My dad wait, when I moved to live, my dad, when he started to hit it big in his career.

Right after that, we moved. He got a job at a golf course in Atlanta where all the Braves and the Hawks and the Falcons played. So suddenly I’m starting to hang out with athletes. And then we moved to Nashville. And if you know anything about Nashville, if you’re at a golf course in Nashville, you’re going to be around a lot of famous people.

I had been exposed to both these extremes in life. And when I was in 7th grade, though I remember very specifically, I had always been not one of the dumb kids. I just kind of want to like the kids who just I was never in the gifted program or anything like that is what they used to call it. And Mrs. Smallwood comes and grabs me and says, come with me. And we start marching toward the principal’s office.

That can only mean one thing. I am in trouble again because I have a history of detention, suspensions, fighting all these things. I’m in trouble again. Oh, crap. And even at this time, I’m going, okay, what did I do? A, what did I do? B, is it one of these seven things that I did do, but nobody caught yet. I’m thinking through my inventory. I’m thinking of, like, excuses. Okay, I know we did actually set that fire in the boys bathroom last week, but nobody knew it was me. Did somebody squeal? I’m thinking all these things in my head, right? She walked me into the principal’s office, sit here. It’s about five minutes later. Longest five minutes.

She comes out and says, come in. And actually what it was was she was requesting to the principal that they moved me into honors English. How cool is that? You talk about identity change, though. Yeah. From that moment for Alan, when I left high school, I had like a four or four GPA. From that moment, here’s what it did.

It never occurred to me to ever take a regular class again. If honors was available, I took it. If AP was available, I took it. The next year, I went from in 6th grade, I was a slightly below average student. I was like, right? At average, in 8th grade, I went to a magnet school in Nashville. There’s only two magnet schools and all I got accepted into that magnet school. And now all of a sudden, when I got to high school, I was a year ahead of everybody in every subject except for English.

So now I was always the young kid, like the whiz kid, smarter than anybody in the school. In two years, my identity completely shifted. That’s what this does. Something else shifts, too. And I’m glad you were talking, because it made me think about it, really. Your standard shifted. It wasn’t just your identity. Your standards just completely changed. And what you’re willing to tolerate, it’s just like your weight.

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You’re not going to tolerate the 286 pound guy that has no muscle anymore. What you told me that first conversation we had, I want to be strong. Not so I can kick somebody’s b***, just so I can feel strong, so I can get confidence. And so your standard change before the actual event happened of you losing all the weight you lost, just like Sean. Sean, if you’ve met Shawnright now, you say, Gosh, he’s still got a lot of weight to lose.

He’s still really obese. But when you get to know him, his standards are changing immediately. You know, there’s something different about him and the other guy that you meet, or you name them when you take over this area and say, here’s what’s so cool, it’s 100% possible it’s not something out of reach. It just has to start with a decision, really that quote.

I know you know this quote because I was the one that shared it with you, I believe. But from Malcolm X, that which you do not hate, you will eventually tolerate. That’s exactly right. This isn’t like don’t love yourself. It’s just I think let me back up. In the Christian world. I’m a Christian. I know you know that, Allen, but I’m sure listeners. And this isn’t me selling you on that or anything. It’s just that’s my worldview; the concept is you love the sinner but hate the sin. You hate the sin but love the sinner, and you can do both.

You see somebody ruining their life with drugs, and you can wish and pray and want drugs to just wish that meth was just completely like somehow God could wave a magic wand and make it go away. That’s what we pray for. Right? But just because somebody is addicted to it does not mean I hate them. I think there are aspects of yourself that you have to get to that point where you hate it if you tolerate it, if you just go, think about that.

If you beat your children and you just go, well, it’s not as bad as my dad did, then what you’ve done is you’ve tolerated that. And it’s an extreme example, like, oh, okay, well, what if you die when you’re 58 because of obesity and I’m trying to be extreme. But like if you don’t it’s not extreme.

That thing you hate that one thing you hate the fact that you don’t have the discipline you hate the fact I’ll just say I hated the fact that I did it again fourth night this week popped open thing of Pringles and ate the whole dad gum thing. I hate it. I had three pieces of cheesecake. I hated it and it finally got to the point where I just had to just hate it so much that there was no longer any chance of me tolerating and it does change your identity.

You begin to see yourself differently. I’m going to tell you even dropping Shawn probably a size plus 50, right? Even dropping to a size 48. 48 is in striking distance 48 is totally different than a size 56. You know, even when I was at I remember specifically when I dropped, I don’t know, like £28. And I told you this, Allan, I could go to Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world, and I could buckle all the rides myself.

I didn’t need that freaking template faced 17 year old kid going, just so get on that ride and be in pain the whole time. I put on all the things I’m like, I’m a big boy now. I put on all the things I buckled things. And I remember there was a guy I was with that needed help and I just remember going, Man, I remember what that was like. It was only three months ago. I remember what that was like, 390 days.

I hadn’t even lost them much weight. I lost like maybe £22 at that point. I think I was like 262 to three inches to be able to buckle my own thing. I hate to say it was life. It changed my life that day. The other thing was from an identity standpoint was like, I remember when I dropped down to a 38, but there were 38 skinny jeans, just saying. And I wore them. And for the first time ever, this sound like the weirdest thing, but the first time that I can remember in ten years, I could bend over in a pair of jeans, pick something up and not show the whole world a half moon.

I’m just being transparent here, guys. To me that changed my identity. To be able to put on a large from Axx to an L, to be able to just fit into that large. It’s a little tight at first, but to be able to fit into it, I was like, it changed my identity. To be able to go out in public and just wear jeans and a white T shirt and know that I didn’t look like I was homeless was a big identity shift for me.

Your weight and obesity was not a permanent renter in your brain anymore either. That’s what happened. I love that. I love the roller coaster lets you back. This is the big thing to take this kind of full circle with you, Allen. When you reached out to me and said, what is your weight holding you back from? And I was honest with you, I said, Allan, I want to say that it scares me that I might die at the age of 60 I want to say that I want to have more energy to chase the kids around.

I want to say that I want to be there for the kids and be there for my wife. And all those are true. But I know for a fact that the most immediate thing at the age of 39, I actually have 38 when we talk, I turn 39 right after that. At that age, the thing that I hated the most was that it was holding me back in my business.

In all of those ways you talked about energy, mental clarity, the mind, share the distraction. I mean, if you look at it, beginning of journey, two team members today, 15. Wow, that’s leadership. There are things we’re doing starting this agency. But all those things, the energy, the mental clarity, the confidence. I resisted starting an agency for a decade. No exaggeration since 2011 was the first time that somebody brought it up to me.

We didn’t start it until this year. Why all of those things? All of those things. In fact, probably the one was leadership. I’m a confident leader now, that’s a mental model that I have in my head. I’m a confident leader and I project myself in that way. And I attract people who are you look at the people on our team, even one of them who I know will listen to us.

Since he started working for us and it was just a couple of months ago, he’s like, Matt, I realized my energy was low. He’s like, since I started work here, he’s on weight training three times a week. There you go. I’m going for walks. I’m doing stuff. I mean, that’s the kind of impact that it impacts everybody around us. Oh, that’s so I love that. I love that story.

So, Allen, we’re doing something fun here, depending upon when you’re listening to these guys. When this episode released a couple of days from now, we’re doing a live master class. Alan, I want you to tell us about that and we want to tell people how to get on that.

Now, if you’re listening to this, like in the future and we know roughly about 75% of my listeners will listen to this after this masterclass, when you go to the URL, we’ll share with you in a moment. It’ll take you to the ability to register for the replay. So if you can make it live, come live because you’ll be able to ask Alan questions. But if not, you were to watch the replay of this and get what Allen sharing. So tell us real quick about this master class and where people can get signed up for it.

Matt : Absolutely. It’s really the five step strategy that I personally use to drop £129 in 260 days back in 2017. And you say that it’s like, Holy crap. And what’s crazy. And Angie’s going to be on it to start to include her a little more in it because she dropped £63. Just to be clear, Angie is your wife. Angie’s your wife.

Alan: Angie is my wife. Angie is my wife.

Matt: Just want to be clear.

Alan: Yeah. We’re newlyweds. We’ve been married 36 years. So normally just a short while. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to walk through that process and it really is. I got an email just about a week ago,

Matt: from a lady that just watched that training. She emailed me that she lost over £30 since watching that training. So the principles we’re going to apply or not, probably what you’ve heard at your last weight loss meeting, I can tell you they’re going to be something different.

Alan: I have a unique approach that is obviously work with Matt and work with our clients. And so I hope you’ll join us for that. Matt and I are going to be there together and you can go to transformmyfuture.com/matt. That’s for Matt. No spaces in there and you can register for that because the seating is limited to it.

We’ve only got a spot for about 100 people on there. And so if you want to be able to ask me questions and that questions during that, you definitely want to be there. Live. Love it, Alan. I can’t wait for that. I’m excited because I’ll share a little bit more of my story on there as well. If you want to read a little bit more, it’s either before and after photos for both Alan and me, you can look go to that if that’s all you want to do.

If you just want to go to that URL row and see the before and after, like you’re curious if you want to see what I look like when I got stung by a herd of bees. That’s what my friend he’s like. It looks like you got stung by a hive. A hive. Not heard hive of bees there. I was like, yeah, it sure does. But if you want to see the before and after for both of us, go there. While you’re there, click the register button.

If you’re there after we’ve already gone live, just click the register button. It will take you to the replays. You can watch that. Check that out, guys. That’s the playbook. This is all about the why today and some of the benefits and all that. If you want the playbook, get in on that master class.

So transformmyfuture.com/matt. We’ll put that link in the show notes. Alan, this has been awesome and I can’t thank you enough for sharing so openly with all of our listeners today. Thank you so much, buddy. Oh, man, it’s been a blast. Dream come true for me, too. Every time I talk with Alan, it changes me. And this conversation was no different.

I had not thought of some of these things. I agree with everything you said, but I hadn’t thought of them. And so I believe that today, like I said at the beginning, could be a day that you look back on, just like I look back on that day in June 2019 and go, that changed my life. Mark it down. Mark it on the calendar right now.

Today is the day that your life changed. At least I hope so. If you’re not there yet, you need a little bit more. Come join Alan and I on this training. He’s going to share the five step strategy that I’ve used. I’ve lost over £50 over £88 of fat. Now, I’ve actually put on quite a bit of muscle. But he personally used to lose £129 and how he helps other clients do the same thing. If you struggle with weight your entire life, this still works.

If you just started struggling a year ago, this works. So we’ll put the URL in the show notes. But go to transformmyfuture.com/matt. You’re going to learn how I’ve literally taken almost ten inches off my waistline. You’re going to learn why it’s not about dieting. It’s not how you stick to these things right.

How you can do all of this without killing yourself in the gym, without restricting yourself to the point of their issues. When you go really restricted, there are issues you don’t need to do that. You’re going to learn why. It’s not about genetics. Genetics play a role in everything. There are people who are genetically predisposed to be smarter. But you know what, if you never open a book or listen to anything or study anything, you aren’t going to be smarter than somebody who does that every single day.

So you’re going to talk about that. You’re going to talk about why diet and exercise are not the root cause of being overweight. And even if you’ve been overweight for 25 years, Alan can show you in this one training how to overcome that, how to lose the weight faster than you ever thought possible.

So go to transformmyfuture.com/matt. We’ll put that link in the show notes; get signed up for this training. I’ll be on as well. I’ve got some special surprises for you so make sure you register for the training, at transformmyfuture.com. And like I said in the beginning If you know somebody who could benefit from this just while you can right now, click on Share.

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Click on Share and just share this with them. This could completely change somebody’s life. So next week we’ll be back on track talking about affiliate marketing and podcasts, right? How to make money, get affiliates and build a brand through podcasting. So a lot different next week we’ll be back in the affiliate world.

Hope you don’t mind the detour that we took this week because I just felt like I was called to share this week and have Allen on. I felt like it’s too important. So make sure you hit subscribe so you don’t miss next week and beyond.

See you then.


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