Embrace Your Inner Competitor with Jake Thompson Part One

The Affiliate Guy Episode 405

What if the key to reaching your full potential in your business wasn’t about what talents you were both with but something more? What if you could tap into something that we’re all born with? An inner drive to achieve new levels of success in your business and your life? It’s possible and today’s guest will show you how.

The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks with Joe Federer

The Affiliate Guy Episode 403

What in the heck do evolutionary biology, neuroanatomy, and anthropology have to do with Facebook? And how do Freud’s Id, Ego and Superego influence our use of Twitter? Well, the internet is nothing more than a reflection of how our human brains work, how they have evolved, and how we see life through digital eyes. Today, I have a fascinating conversation with an expert in social media about how to create viral content, how to fit natively into different social media networks, and the art and science of memeology.

How to Avoid Devastating Tech Setbacks in Your Online Business

The Affiliate Guy Episode 402

Imagine for a moment something horrible…you have 200 affiliates and your affiliate system has wiped out every single one of them. Nothing left. Now, what do you do? Well, in today’s episode, I’m going to share a few of these doomsday scenarios in your business, what to do if they happen, but more importantly how to avoid them in the first place!

How to Fascinate Your Audience and Create Amazing Content with Kim Walsh-Phillips

The Affiliate Guy Episode 401

Today I have a super special guest who is going to blow your mind. She’s sharing how to fascinate your audience and create amazing content whether it’s email or social media or whatever. And we’re going to talk about how to get actual results – meaning you actually make money – from social media marketing. This is so good you don’t want to miss it!

The Surprising Truth About Leading Your Tribe

The Affiliate Guy Episode 400

The word leadership has a lot of misconceptions. We think of leaders as older, smarter, more qualified, and deemed worthy of the title of “leader.” As a result, we shrink back from our own ability to lead. We diminish our own qualifications and consider ourselves unworthy of such a title. We play small. But here’s the exciting and hopefully encouraging reality: You are a leader. Today I’ll share the surprising truth about leading your tribe.

The 3 Types of Entrepreneurs

The Affiliate Guy Episode 399

After more than a decade of being an entrepreneur, working with entrepreneurs, and now coaching entrepreneurs, I’ve found there are 3 types of entrepreneurs. In today’s episode, we’ll explore all 3 types, discover which one you are, and how to get to be a Type 3 Entrepreneur (that’s what we all want).

Online Marketing Lessons from My Father

The Affiliate Guy Episode 398

My father never owned a computer. Never owned a cell phone. That I know of he never got on the internet a moment in his life. Yet he taught me almost everything I know about online marketing and business. He was never famous and never had a following but left a legacy that lives to this day…Today I’m sharing some of the most powerful lessons my dad taught me about online marketing.

How Successful Businesses are Built on Failure

The Affiliate Guy Episode 396

Most successful businesses are built on ONE thing…and it’s not the right idea, talent, or timing. It’s FAILURE. And the reason why most businesses don’t succeed and don’t make it past their first year or two is very simple…they don’t fail enough. Today, I’ll share how successful businesses are built on failure, how to use your failures as a catalyst to success, and how to test, test, test your way to success.