I’ve used multiple variations of the following email in dozens of launches. It is always my #1 email in terms of sales.

The key is to use it right after midnight ET if the cart closes at midnight PT.


SUBJECT: you still up?


…me too.

I just realized that a lot of folks think they MISSED their chance to get into .

I kept saying it “ends at midnight Friday.”

But in what TIME ZONE?

Turns out it’s Midnight PACIFIC (I just checked).

Which means you still have about 3 hours from the time I’m sending this to get into (before it closes).

So if I were you, I’d go grab it now!


SUBJECT: “Sorry you missed out”
SUBJECT: “Well, I tried to tell you…”
SUBJECT: tick-tock


Don’t be mad at me if you miss this…

The enrollment closes in less than one hour.