How to Create Contagious Positivity (And Be More Productive)

Emotions spread like wildfire. Every emotion is contagious, whether we like to admit it or not. One negative person can ruin an entire team, but the good news is that one positive person can affect the attitude and performance of an entire team, too.

How to Create Contagious Positivity

More than a decade ago, I went through some leadership training at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC. One of the exercises was particularly powerful. Unfortunately it took me more than ten years to understand the lesson it taught me.

Each of the members of the training were asked to order the steps in a manufacturing process from one to twenty. None of us knew manufacturing and that was the point. Since none of us was an expert, we would all end up with different processes.

Who do you Need to Know? | Networking Tips for a New City or Industry

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You have big dreams.

Great, now who do you need to know to make them happen?

Networking - Who do you need to know?

Success almost always starts with who. Rarely does it start with what.

Too often, when we set on a course of achievement, the first thing we do is look up how-tos on Google or buy a book on the subject. Very rarely do people think of or look up who they need to know.